East of West Volume 5: All These Secrets

East of West Volume 5: All These Secrets Author Jonathan Hickman
ISBN-10 1632156806
ISBN-13 9781632156808
Year 2016-04-05
Pages 152
Language English
Publisher Image Comics
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The fifth volume of EAST of WEST marks the last days of peace before the final great war of the Apocalypse

The Walking Dead Book 13

The Walking Dead Book 13 Author Robert Kirkman
ISBN-10 1632159163
ISBN-13 9781632159168
Year 2016-10-11
Pages 296
Language English
Publisher Image Comics
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After a devastating encounter with the Whisperers Rick must rally the communities to take action But have they already reached their breaking point Collects issues 145 through 156

Blackest Night

Blackest Night Author Geoff Johns
ISBN-10 1401229530
ISBN-13 9781401229535
Year 2011-07-19
Pages 304
Language English
Publisher DC Comics
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Comics hottest writer Geoff Johns GREEN LANTERN SINESTRO CORPS WAR THE FLASH ACTION COMICS JSA and superstar artist Ivan Reis raise the dead in this hardcover collection of the most anticipated comics event of the year Throughout the decades death has plagued the DC Universe and taken the lives of heroes and villains alike But to what end As the War between the different colored Lantern Corps rages on the prophecy of the Blackest Night descends and it s up to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps to lead DC s greatest champions in a battle to save the Universe from an army of undead Black Lanterns made up of fallen Green Lanterns and DC s deceased heroes and villains This collection of the best selling epic is the culmination of the events that Geoff Johns has been leading to since he relaunched the Green Lantern franchise in 2006 Collects BLACKEST NIGHT 0 8From the Hardcover edition

The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity

The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity Author F. Sehnaz Bac
ISBN-10 0486808939
ISBN-13 9780486808932
Year 2017-01-18
Pages 96
Language English
Publisher Dover Publications
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A helpful guide for creating mini masterpieces Looking for a Good Book A fantastic book The Classy Chics This is a gorgeous book and I found so much inspiration reading through it The Gingerbread HouseTransform ordinary stones into colorful works of art with this easy to follow guide Popular stone artist F Sehnaz Bac a seasoned archaeologist who markets her painted Sassi dellAdriatico Stones of the Adriatic on Etsy presents step by step instructions for creating 30 fantastic designs Full color photographs accompany directions for painting themes that range from trees flowers and animals to mandalas geometric patterns holiday motifs and more Starting with the basics including finding and choosing stones as well as tools and materials the guide offers a variety of techniques including painting stones with colors or inks painting on natural stone and sealing the finished work Projects range from simple to advanced and include suggestions for indoor and outdoor display as well as instructions on how to style wearable objects such as pendants A complete selection of templates provides motifs for every project as well as ample inspiration for developing your own designs The instructions are clear and engaging while the photos are lovely and inspiring Rock painting has become a really fun family activity for us all Sharing Craft Ideas This is brilliant fun and truly inspirational Highly recommend it splashesintobooks

Law in a Flash Cards: Constitutional Law I

Law in a Flash Cards: Constitutional Law I Author Steven L. Emanuel
ISBN-10 0735598029
ISBN-13 9780735598027
Year 2011-04-05
Pages 425
Language English
Publisher Aspen Publishers
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Study anytime anywhere Law in a Flash comprehensive flash cards are ideal for reviewing legal topics point by point Each card has a concise question on one side and an accurate answer on the reverse side These cards are the only product of their kind Law in a Flash Card Features Only product of its kind Test your knowledge of black letter law Apply the law to hypothetical examples Use individually or in group sessions Use them anywhere anytime Great for exam prep

Until Today! : Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind

Until Today! : Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind Author Iyanla Vanzant
ISBN-10 0684859971
ISBN-13 9780684859972
Year 2001-08-14
Pages 432
Language English
Publisher Touchstone
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Shift your attitude and live your best life with this inspiring collection of 365 daily devotionals from New York Times bestselling author and star of the OWN Networks hit show Iyanla Fix My Life If there are situations circumstances or perhaps relationships in your life that you have been struggling to overcome trying to work through or doing your best to work around throw your head back and declare to the universe Until Today Whatever has been going on in your mind your life or your heart can stopright now if that is truly what you desire However you must be willing to do a new thing You must spend a little time each day in devotion to the truth about yourself and your life You must make a conscious approach to what you think what you feel and what you do Devotion will clear up misconceptions that may have obscured your vision until today Bestselling author Iyanla Vanzant presents a new book of devotions for anyone on the path to spiritual empowerment These daily devotions will create powerful changes in the circumstances of your life that have held you back and will place you on the road to personal strength and peace of mind

The Couple Next Door: A Novel

The Couple Next Door: A Novel Author Shari Lapena
ISBN-10 0735221103
ISBN-13 9780735221109
Year 2017-05-30
Pages 336
Language English
Publisher Penguin Books
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An instant New York Times bestseller Look out for Shari Lapena s next thriller A STRANGER IN THE HOUSE coming August 2017 The twists come as fast as you can turn the pages PeopleProvocative and shocking Lisa Gardner New York Times bestselling author of Find HerI read this novel at one sitting absolutely riveted by the storyline The suspense was beautifully rendered and unrelenting Sue Grafton New York Timesbestselling author ofXIt all started at a dinner party A domestic suspense debut about a young couple and their apparently friendly neighborsa twisty rollercoaster ride of lies betrayal and the secrets between husbands and wives Anne and Marco Conti seem to have it alla loving relationship a wonderful home and their beautiful baby Cora But one night when they are at a dinner party next door a terrible crime is committed Suspicion immediately focuses on the parents But the truth is a much more complicated story Inside the curtained house an unsettling account of what actually happened unfolds Detective Rasbach knows that the panicked couple is hiding something Both Anne and Marco soon discover that the other is keeping secrets secrets they ve kept for years What follows is the nerve racking unraveling of a familya chilling tale of deception duplicity and unfaithfulness that will keep you breathless until the final shocking twist

Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home

Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home Author Joshua S Becker
ISBN-10 0991438604
ISBN-13 9780991438600
Year 2014-01-18
Pages 198
Language English
Publisher Becoming Minimalist
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Children add joy purpose and meaning to our lives They provide optimism hope and love They bring smiles laughter and energy into our homes They also add clutter As parents balancing life and managing clutter may appear impossibleor at the very least never ending But what if there was a better way to live Clutterfree with Kids offers a new perspective and fresh approach to overcoming clutter With helpful insights the book serves as a valuable resource for parents Through practical application and inspirational stories Clutterfree with Kids invites us to change our thinking discover new habits and free our homes It invites us to reevaluate our lives And it just may inspire you to live the life youve been searching for all along Praise for Clutterfree with Kids Clutterfree with Kids is a wonderful guide that any parent will find both practical and inspirational If reducing clutter creating more time and raising more aware children are your goals this book is not to be missed Peter Walsh Author of It s All Too Much Highly recommended for all parents Leo Babauta Zen Habits This book is wrecking me All I want to do is de clutter everything Eileen Donaruma Mother Clutterfree with Kids is a splendid resource that teaches a better way to live and shows us that true joy comes from owning less and spending more time pursuing things that matter most Kimberley Blaine Executive Producer TheGoToMom TV Joshua Beckers Clutterfree with Kids is filled with practical strategies and deep wisdom It is a must read for professional organizers and parents He brings an important message to the world His easy to read style clear ideas and inspiring personal journey provide a great catalyst for reconsidering our lives Linda Samuels CPO CD Clutterfree With Kids is a great motivating read for any family Simple steps to set your family free from clutter and leave a lasting legacy for your children Jeff Pope Father

Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python

Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python Author Craig Richardson
ISBN-10 1593276702
ISBN-13 9781593276706
Year 2015-12-10
Pages 320
Language English
Publisher No Starch Press
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You ve bested creepers traveled deep into caves and maybe even gone to The End and back but have you ever transformed a sword into a magic wand Built a palace in the blink of an eye Designed your own color changing disco dance floor In Learn to Program with Minecraft you ll do all this and more with the power of Python a free language used by millions of professional and first time programmers Begin with some short simple Python lessons and then use your new skills to modify Minecraft to produce instant and totally awesome results Learn how to customize Minecraft to make mini games duplicate entire buildings and turn boring blocks into gold You ll also write programs that Take you on an automated teleportation tour around your Minecraft worldBuild massive monuments pyramids forests and more in a snap Make secret passageways that open when you activate a hidden switchCreate a spooky ghost town that vanishes and reappears elsewhereShow exactly where to dig for rare blocksCast a spell so that a cascade of flowers or dynamite if you re daring follows your every moveMake mischief with dastardly lava traps and watery curses that cause huge floodsWhether you re a Minecraft megafan or a newbie you ll see Minecraft in a whole new light while learning the basics of programming Sure you could spend all day mining for precious resources or building your mansion by hand but with the power of Python those days are over Requires Windows 7 or later OS X 10 10 or later or a Raspberry Pi Uses Python 3

Fluent Python: Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming

Fluent Python: Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming Author Luciano Ramalho
ISBN-10 1491946008
ISBN-13 9781491946008
Year 2015-08-20
Pages 792
Language English
Publisher O’Reilly Media
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Pythons simplicity lets you become productive quickly but this often means you arent using everything it has to offer With this hands on guide youll learn how to write effective idiomatic Python code by leveraging its bestand possibly most neglectedfeatures Author Luciano Ramalho takes you through Pythons core language features and libraries and shows you how to make your code shorter faster and more readable at the same time Many experienced programmers try to bend Python to fit patterns they learned from other languages and never discover Python features outside of their experience With this book those Python programmers will thoroughly learn how to become proficient in Python 3 This book covers Python data model understand how special methods are the key to the consistent behavior of objectsData structures take full advantage of built in types and understand the text vs bytes duality in the Unicode ageFunctions as objects view Python functions as first class objects and understand how this affects popular design patternsObject oriented idioms build classes by learning about references mutability interfaces operator overloading and multiple inheritanceControl flow leverage context managers generators coroutines and concurrency with the concurrent futures and asyncio packagesMetaprogramming understand how properties attribute descriptors class decorators and metaclasses work