Capitalist Networks and Social Power in Australia and New Zealand

Capitalist Networks and Social Power in Australia and New Zealand Author Georgina Murray
ISBN-10 0754647080
Year 2006
Pages 252
Language en
Publisher Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

It is often asserted that the ruling elite in Western capitalist economies now consists of liberal intellectuals and their media sympathisers. By contrast, this book looks at the real elite in Australian and New Zealand society and shows that there is still a ruling class based upon economic dominance. From an analysis of corporate and public records, interviews, and other primary and secondary data, it develops a picture of networks of power that are changing but are as real as any network in the past.

The Internationalisation Strategies of Small country Firms

The Internationalisation Strategies of Small country Firms Author Howard Dick
ISBN-10 1782542469
Year 2007-01-01
Pages 394
Language en
Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing

'This research project combines contemporary and historical analysis to trace the evolution of Australian multinationals. It provides unique insights into how firms from a small economy achieved global competitiveness in their niche markets, while examining the barriers that inhibited others. The evidence is presented in comparative, industry and firm-case studies, and tells the story of international business made in Australia. The longitudinal and multi-level analysis in this research provides new insights that challenge the predominance of cross-sectional analytical framework dominating strategic management. Any scholars sincerely interested how companies from small countries can succeed on the global stage ought to read this book.' - Klaus E. Meyer, University of Reading Business School, UK The international business literature often struggles to depict a universal experience of internationalisation from the perspective of large countries. This book seeks to enrich the literature by providing a nuanced overview of the little-known Australian experience, being an atypical case of a small- to medium-sized economy which liberalised rapidly from the 1980s outside any trading bloc. Six data-rich survey chapters explore Australia's mixed success in founding its own multinationals. The experience of Australian firms is set in historical and comparative perspective, including interactions with inward and specifically American FDI. Five industry studies next consider why firms in retail, wine and professional services were more successful than in financial services and shipping. Nine detailed case studies of firms then identify the elements of administrative heritage, strategy and learning that have been the key to success or failure. The book concludes by outlining what can be learned from Australia's example and presenting implications for future research. The Internationalisation Strategies of Small-Country Firms will appeal to scholars, researchers and postgraduate students in international business and international economics.

The Russian Far East and Pacific Asia

The Russian Far East and Pacific Asia Author M. J. Bradshaw
ISBN-10 9781136849701
Year 2013-07-04
Pages 294
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This major study assesses prospects for economic recovery in the Russian Far East, evaluating foreign trade and investment, political and economic forces, patterns of resource supply and needs in Pacific Asia, and potential competitors. It concludes that this unfulfilled potential has as much to do with conditions in Russia as the downturn caused by the Asian crisis.

Inside Lawyers Ethics

Inside Lawyers  Ethics Author Christine Parker
ISBN-10 9781139461283
Year 2007-02-22
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Legal ethics is often described as an oxymoron or contradiction in terms - lay people find the concept amusing and lawyers can find ethics impossible. The best lawyers are those who have come to grips with their own values and actively seek to improve their ethical practise. This book is designed to help law students and new lawyers understand and modify their own ethical priorities, not just because this knowledge makes it easier to practise law and earn an income, but because self-aware, ethical legal practice is right and feels better than anything else. Packed with case studies of ethical scandals and dilemmas from real life legal practice in Australia, each chapter delves into the most difficult issues lawyers face. From lawyers' part in corporate fraud to the ethics of time-based billing, Parker and Evans expose the values that underlie current practice and set out the alternatives ethical lawyers might follow.


Management Author Danny Samson
ISBN-10 9780170192705
Year 2012
Pages 883
Language en
Publisher Cengage Learning

This 4th Asia-Pacific edition of Management maintains its comprehensive theoretical base while bringing the challenges of management to life with hundreds of real-world examples.

Procurement Strategies

Procurement Strategies Author Derek Walker
ISBN-10 9780470680360
Year 2008-04-15
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Construction has been an industry characterised by disputes, fierce competitiveness and fragmentation - all major obstacles to development. Now, however, a relationship-based approach to project procurement, through partnering and alliancing, aims to bring about a fundamental change. This book addresses the critical relationship issues for a more collaborative and sustainable construction industry. It looks at how project procurement and project alliancing partner selection works, and how risk and crisis resolution are managed. It provides readers with guidance and models on how to put a relationship-based approach to procurement into practice, drawing on specific prototypes from an actual, successful project that can be adapted.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics Author Gael McDonald
ISBN-10 9781107674059
Year 2014-10-29
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Business Ethics will equip students with the strategies necessary to analyse and improve the broad scope of business ethics today.

The Best Australian Humorous Writing

The Best Australian Humorous Writing Author O'Keefe, Andrew
ISBN-10 9780522859195
Year 2008-12-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Melbourne Univ. Publishing

In The Best Australian Humorous Writing, Andrew O'Keefe and Steve Vizard corral our funniest minds and canniest observers into one entertaining anthology. The writers bring a unique antipodean mirth to everything that has touched our lives in recent times-from Sir Ian McKellen disrobing on stage to busting up the Logies, from the privatisation of Telstra to the curves of Nigella Lawson, from the perils of entertaining children to the perennial outrage that modern telecommunications offers. Whimsical, acerbic, energetic, witty, thought-provoking, absurd and downright funny, this diverse selection is not to be missed. Contributors include Phillip Adams * David Astle * Graeme Blundell * The Chaser * Barry Cohen * Ian Cuthbertson * Mark Dapin * Catherine Deveny * Frank Devine * Alexander Downer * Larissa Dubecki * Suzanne Edgar * Dame Edna Everage * Charles Firth * Germaine Greer * Gideon Haigh * Marieke Hardy * Matthew Hardy * Wendy Harmer * Clive James * Danny Katz * Malcolm Knox * Peter Lalor * John Lethlean * Mungo MacCallum * Shane Maloney * Shaun Micallef * Paul Mitchell * Les Murray * Olga Pavlinova Olenich * Guy Rundle * Roy Slaven * Steve Vizard * Garry Williams * Tony Wilson * Julia Zemiro

Entrepreneurs in Family Business Dynasties

Entrepreneurs in Family Business Dynasties Author Laura Hougaz
ISBN-10 9783319139180
Year 2015-02-23
Pages 253
Language en
Publisher Springer

This book is a longitudinal story of seven Italian-Australian family business dynasties, spanning over a hundred years across three generations, and starting with the founding generation who migrated to Australia in the first half of the 20th century. With hard work and sacrifices, they set the foundations of a long-lasting family culture, and the values that form the glue of a multigenerational family business. The book focuses on the personal, family, and business values that keep family members, across generations, continuing to engage together and successfully, as a family and a business. The book elaborates on the complexity of ‘what is a family business’, what it represents for the generational members that are part of it, how these family businesses have emerged, consolidated and expanded, and finally, how they continue to survive into the third generation, enabling the dynasty to flourish.

HBR s 10 Must Reads on Making Smart Decisions with featured article Before You Make That Big Decision by Daniel Kahneman Dan Lovallo and Olivier Sibony

HBR s 10 Must Reads on Making Smart Decisions  with featured article  Before You Make That Big Decision   by Daniel Kahneman  Dan Lovallo  and Olivier Sibony Author Harvard Business Review
ISBN-10 9781422191439
Year 2013-03-05
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Harvard Business Press

NEW from the bestselling HBR’s 10 Must Reads series. Learn why bad decisions happen to good managers—and how to make better ones. If you read nothing else on decision making, read these 10 articles. We’ve combed through hundreds of articles in the Harvard Business Review archive and selected the most important ones to help you and your organization make better choices and avoid common traps. Leading experts such as Ram Charan, Michael Mankins, and Thomas Davenport provide the insights and advice you need to: • Make bold decisions that challenge the status quo • Support your decisions with diverse data • Evaluate risks and benefits with equal rigor • Check for faulty cause-and-effect reasoning • Test your decisions with experiments • Foster and address constructive criticism • Defeat indecisiveness with clear accountability Looking for more Must Read articles from Harvard Business Review? Check out these titles in the popular series: HBR’s 10 Must Reads: The Essentials HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Communication HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Collaboration HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Innovation HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Leadership HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Strategic Marketing HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Teams