The Contradictory College

The Contradictory College Author Kevin James Dougherty
ISBN-10 079141955X
Year 1994
Pages 365
Language en
Publisher SUNY Press

Annotation This book systematically analyzes the evidence on four key issues that have divided commentators on the community college: The community college's impact on students, business, and the universities; the factors behind its rise since 1900; the cause of its swift vocationalization after 1960; and what direction the community college should take in the future.

Understanding Community Colleges

Understanding Community Colleges Author John S. Levin
ISBN-10 9781136312458
Year 2012-09-10
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Understanding Community Colleges provides a comprehensive review of the community college landscape—management and governance, finance, student demographics and development, teaching and learning, policy, faculty, and workforce development—and bridges the gap between research and practice. This contributed volume brings together highly respected scholars in the field who rely upon substantial theoretical perspectives—critical theory, social theory, institutional theory, and organizational theory—for a rich and expansive analysis of community colleges. The latest text to publish in the Core Concepts in Higher Education series, this exciting new text fills a gap in the higher education literature available for students enrolled in Higher Education and Community College graduate programs. This text provides students with: A review of salient research related to the community college field. Critical theoretical perspectives underlying current policies. An understanding of how theory links to practice, including focused end-of-chapter discussion questions. A fresh examination of emerging issues and insight into contemporary community college practices and policy.

Gateway to Opportunity

Gateway to Opportunity Author Beach, Josh M. Beach
ISBN-10 9781579225315
Year 2012-03-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Community colleges hold immense promise if they can overcome their historical legacy and be re-institutionalized with unified missions, clear goals of educational success, and adequate financial resources. This book presents the history in all its complexity so that policy makers and practitioners might better understand the constraints of the past in an effort to realize the possibilities of the future.

Higher Education Handbook of Theory and Research

Higher Education  Handbook of Theory and Research Author John C. Smart
ISBN-10 9789400729506
Year 2012-04-25
Pages 568
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

Published annually since 1985, the Handbook series provides a compendium of thorough and integrative literature reviews on a diverse array of topics of interest to the higher education scholarly and policy communities. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of research findings on a selected topic, critiques the research literature in terms of its conceptual and methodological rigor, and sets forth an agenda for future research intended to advance knowledge on the chosen topic. The Handbook focuses on twelve general areas that encompass the salient dimensions of scholarly and policy inquiries undertaken in the international higher education community. The series is fortunate to have attracted annual contributions from distinguished scholars throughout the world.

The Diverted Dream

The Diverted Dream Author Steven Brint
ISBN-10 9780199878802
Year 1989-09-07
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

In the twentieth century, Americans have increasingly looked to the schools--and, in particular, to the nation's colleges and universities--as guardians of the cherished national ideal of equality of opportunity. With the best jobs increasingly monopolized by those with higher education, the opportunity to attend college has become an integral part of the American dream of upward mobility. The two-year college--which now enrolls more than four million students in over 900 institutions--is a central expression of this dream, and its invention at the turn of the century constituted one of the great innovations in the history of American education. By offering students of limited means the opportunity to start higher education at home and to later transfer to a four-year institution, the two-year school provided a major new pathway to a college diploma--and to the nation's growing professional and managerial classes. But in the past two decades, the community college has undergone a profound change, shifting its emphasis from liberal-arts transfer courses to terminal vocational programs. Drawing on developments nationwide as well as in the specific case of Massachusetts, Steven Brint and Jerome Karabel offer a history of community colleges in America, explaining why this shift has occurred after years of student resistance and examining its implications for upward mobility. As the authors argue in this exhaustively researched and pioneering study, the junior college has always faced the contradictory task of extending a college education to the hitherto excluded, while diverting the majority of them from the nation's four-year colleges and universities. Very early on, two-year college administrators perceived vocational training for "semi-professional" work as their and their students' most secure long-term niche in the educational hierarchy. With two thirds of all community college students enrolled in vocational programs, the authors contend that the dream of education as a route to upward mobility, as well as the ideal of equal educational opportunity for all, are seriously threatened. With the growing public debate about the state of American higher education and with more than half of all first-time degree-credit students now enrolled in community colleges, a full-scale, historically grounded examination of their place in American life is long overdue. This landmark study provides such an examination, and in so doing, casts critical light on what is distinctive not only about American education, but American society itself.

Community College Finance

Community College Finance Author Frederick White
ISBN-10 9781443823579
Year 2010-07-12
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing

This book explores resource development at Mississippi’s Community and Junior Colleges. It determines whether revenue generated from fundraising adequately serves the colleges’ needs. It looks at the various types of fundraising activities used to raise funds as well as the operational integration and organizational structure of resource development at Mississippi’s Community and Junior Colleges. Fundraising in a recession is not fun, but is necessary. As bad as this economic downturn has been for community and junior colleges in Mississippi, those who survive will have learned lessons that will prove invaluable later, whether times are good or times are bad. Community and junior colleges will have to compare strategies used by four year colleges for developing sufficient revenues from fundraising.

Opportunities for Reference Services

Opportunities for Reference Services Author William A. Katz
ISBN-10 1560241373
Year 1991
Pages 213
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

Here is a refreshing new book that takes a unique look at the many aspects of reference librarianship. Written by reference librarians for reference librarians, this new volume explores the changing roles of reference services and offers advice and practical ideas to guide librarians through the increasingly tangled maze of duties being thrust upon the reference staff. Although the everyday work of the reference librarian is often taken for granted, these insightful chapters illuminate the essential service performed by the reference librarians as they facilitate access to information for a wide variety of users. Furthermore, this book helps reference librarians face the future by examining the technological and service developments that will challenge their profession. Opportunities for Reference Librarians addresses unique reference problems such as making use of the telephone as an information gathering tool, selecting reference material for the interdisciplinary field of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER), and helping non-law students with legal research. The fascinating anecdotes and encouraging discussions will be invaluable to reference library professionals for years to come. This important book covers a wide variety of topics of interest to reference librarians. Topics related to information systems are examined such as the limitations of end-user online services, and an evaluation of the Library of Congress Information system. Authoritative contributors make recommendations on how to design services to coordinate with the new technology and how to change librarians’roles so they can assist people in using these systems.

Teachers Can be Fired

Teachers Can be Fired Author Hans A. Andrews
ISBN-10 0812692802
Year 1995
Pages 270
Language en
Publisher Open Court Publishing

What if excellent teaching were guaranteed in every classroom? Teachers Can Be Fired! is an essential guide for anyone who is serious about making that possibility a reality. Dr. Andrews explains how the Total Quality Management movement, so successful in business and industry, can be applied to the most important element in the schools--teachers. He argues persuasively for heavy reliance on supervisory/administrative evaluation practices as the most legally defensible and helpful system.

Global Development of the Community College Model

Global Development of the Community College Model Author Carmen L. McCrink
ISBN-10 9781119404392
Year 2017-03-27
Pages 120
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

This is the 177th volume of this Jossey-Bass quarterly report series. Essential to the professional libraries of presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other leaders in today's open-door institutions, New Directions for Community Colleges provides expert guidance in meeting the challenges of their distinctive and expanding educational mission.

The Community College Baccalaureate

The Community College Baccalaureate Author Deborah Lee Floyd
ISBN-10 9781579221300
Year 2005
Pages 228
Language en
Publisher Stylus Publishing, LLC.

"An important point to make early in this review is that the editors have taken care to present both supporting and opposing views to this trend. This comprehensive perspective is one of the strengths of this work, as all individuals concerned with the community college baccalaureate can use the book to consider both sides of the issue. In fact, one entire chapter is dedicated to presenting both positive and negative perspectives regarding the community college baccalaureate. This book...will contribute greatly towards future research and policy decisions regarding the mission and role of the community college."--Community College Journal of Research and Practice

Unearthing Promise and Potential Our Nation s Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Unearthing Promise and Potential  Our Nation s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Author Gasman
ISBN-10 9780470635100
Year 2010-06-21
Pages 152
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Born out of extreme racism and shepherded through the centuries by enduring hope, the nation's historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have educated countless African Americans. These institutions, which boast great diversity, are treasures that illuminate the talent and potential of African Americans. This volume provides an overview of the salient issues facing HBCUs as well as the many contributions that these historic institutions make to our country as a whole. Topics include Historic Origins of HBCUs Desegregation Students Presidental Leadership Faculty and Governance Issues Fundraising Federal and State Policy Curriculum Thoughts about the future With suggestions for additional reading, other references and an appendix of historically black colleges and universities by, this is a comprehensive and much-needed addition to the literature in the field on HBCUs. This is the fifth issue the 35th volume of the Jossey-Bass series ASHE Higher Education Report. Each monograph in the series is the definitive analysis of a tough higher education problem, based on thorough research of pertinent literature and institutional experiences. Topics are identified by a national survey. Noted practitioners and scholars are then commissioned to write the reports, with experts providing critical reviews of each manuscript before publication.