Covenant Holiness and Infant Baptism

Covenant Holiness and Infant Baptism Author Thomas Blake
ISBN-10 9781938721984
Year 2013-01-27
Pages 155
Language en
Publisher Puritan Publications

This work by Blake is a second treatment on covenant theology that was widely circulated during his time outside of his magnum opus work “The Covenant of God.” This book is a combination of two treatises he wrote, one concerning the covenant holiness of infants under the ordinance of baptism, and a second treatise covering answers to questions surrounding whether there is sufficient ground in scripture to warrant the conscience of a Christian to present his infants to the sacrament of baptism. Both are excellent Scriptural treatments of the subject, with exegesis surrounding passages such as Galatians 2:15, Genesis 17, 1 Corinthians 7, and Ephesians 4:1-3. This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

Forty Years in The Wilderness Moses Leads the Bible s Lost Generation

Forty Years in The Wilderness  Moses Leads the Bible s Lost Generation Author Sue Sandidge
ISBN-10 1453583475
Year 2005-12-22
Pages 409
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

The escape from Egypt is the pivotal event in the Old Testament. Through it God gave his people their freedom. For forty tumultuous years God and Moses and a chronically rebellious people suffered and fought and established the foundations of a legal system and a system of ethics that changed the world. The Old Testament reminds us that we must never forget the Exodus, or we will forget who we are. And as we learn about the Exodus, we learn who we are.

The Dangerous Man

The Dangerous Man Author Karen Sawyer
ISBN-10 9781782790235
Year 2012-11-01
Pages 492
Language en
Publisher John Hunt Publishing

A collection of controversial research and alternative worldviews, presenting new and exciting ways of thinking about life as we know it.

Covenant Making

Covenant Making Author Charles J. Conniry
ISBN-10 9781625642240
Year 2014-05-29
Pages 198
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

This collection explores the central theological notion of covenant. It has been produced in honor of Dr. R. Larry Shelton, respected scholar and beloved husband, father, colleague, and friend. Covenant--the unifying theme of this book--is a subject to which Dr. Shelton devoted considerable attention over his forty-five-year career as a scholar and teacher. His 2006 book, Cross and Covenant: Interpreting the Atonement for 21st Century Mission, stands as one of the most incisive treatments of the atonement from a covenantal perspective. The contributors of this volume consist of Shelton's current colleagues at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, those with whom he served in other institutions, and friends and former students whose vision of covenant Shelton inspired. These writers demonstrate that whether one considers such diverse subject matter as atonement theory, the church's mission, the discernment of (prophetic) spirits, non-western ontologies, soteriology, biblical interpretation, sanctification, theodicy, family life, or theology proper, one's understanding is deficient without giving due consideration to the role of covenant relationality.

66 Love Letters

66 Love Letters Author Larry Crabb
ISBN-10 9781418584009
Year 2011-05-09
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Thomas Nelson

Forever change the way you look at the Bible . . . and your own life Have you ever read the Bible only to come away confused? Ever wondered if God actually had you in mind when He began telling His story? Though life may not be going according to your plan, God has another one, far better than you can imagine. From Genesis to Revelation, experience His invitation to get you dancing with joy. In 66 Love Letters Larry Crabb offers a fresh, relational look at Scripture: “When you finish reading my first love letter to you, I want you to realize that I never underestimated how thoroughly you’d mess up your life or how painfully you would struggle and suffer, and I don’t want you to underestimate your failures or struggles either. They’re all part of the story I’m telling. “But neither have I underestimated my determination or ability to enter both the mess you’ve made and the pain you feel, then turn everything around. I can, and I will, make everything good again. Never underestimate me.” Larry’s intimate conversation with God asks deeply honest questions such as: “God, what is it you wanted me to see in Obadiah?” “And what’s up with Leviticus? Is there anything there for me?” “This one verse in Galatians has always frustrated me. Why is that?” “The way you wrote Revelation makes it difficult to understand—why didn’t you just describe what will happen in a straightforward way?” Listen to the story of God unfold through these chapters, and you’ll fi nd not only His redeeming love but His plan and provision designed especially for you.

NIV True Identity The Bible for Women

NIV True Identity  The Bible for Women Author Zondervan,
ISBN-10 9780310442042
Year 2011-07-30
Pages 200
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

True Identity: The Bible for Women helps you see yourself as God sees you and become who you are in Christ through your relationship with him. Imagine having an incredibly wise friend who is always available to hear you share your struggles and challenges. This Bible will show you that, like a wise and compassionate friend, God cares deeply about your story and speaks truth into your life through Scripture. Inside this Bible are various notes and articles designed to help you live out who you are in Christ in practical ways as a woman living in today's world. Drawing on the truths of Scripture, True Identity: The Bible for Women will strengthen you with insights and encouragement for the issues you face. 'Myth' articles refute society's myths with the truth of God's Word; 'Ask Me Anything' notes profile women from the Bible in an interview format, allowing you to hear the biblical woman's perspective on the real-life issues she faced; 'Conversations' ask penetrating questions for reflection, which you can do alone or with a friend or mentor; 'He Is' callouts highlight the attributes of God as shown in Scripture and what they reveal about your identity as a woman; 'At Issues' notes discuss important life topics such as money, sex, and pride; and book introductions, a topical index, and articles on relevant topics make this Bible a helpful tool for you or any woman. NIV 2011. The New International Version (NIV) translation of the Bible is the world's most popular modern-English Bible---easy to understand, yet rich with the detail found in the original languages.