Our Time

Our Time Author Josh Seefried
ISBN-10 9781101563052
Year 2011-10-13
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Penguin

Active-duty LGBT soldiers share their stories of serving under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," revealing an intimate portrait of military life Our Time marks the end of more than a decade of silence, giving voice to the LGBT men and women who served under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." These individuals enlisted knowing that the military would ask them to bury an integral part of themselves and yet joined because of their deep belief that the values of the military were worth the tremendous sacrifice. Our Time is their story. Edited by air force officer J. D. Smith, a cofounder of the underground LGBT military organization OutServe, Our Time is a collection of remarkable depth and diversity. We witness the abuse-physical and mental-endured at the hands of fellow soldiers and superiors. We see the hardships faced by their families and partners and feel the pain of the choice between military and self. There are also examples of humanity at its very best: leaders with the courage to support their comrades in the face of tremendous pressure, friendships forged and minds opened, and love that endures the very toughest of odds. Throughout we are reminded of the bravery and selflessness of the men and women who chose to serve our country and defend our liberties while their own freedom was withheld. At once a testament to the wrongs of the policy and a celebration of the good that endured in spite of it, Our Time marks the start of a new era in our national history.

Don t Ask Don t Tell

Don t Ask  Don t Tell Author Aaron Belkin
ISBN-10 1588261468
Year 2003-01
Pages 201
Language en
Publisher Lynne Rienner Publishers

Conservatives and liberals agree that President Bill Clinton's effort to lift the military's gay ban was perhaps one of the greatest blunders of his tenure in office. In this text, experts of both persuasions come together to debate the critical aspects of the gays-in-the-military issue.

United States Military s don t Ask Don t Tell Policy

United States Military s  don t Ask  Don t Tell  Policy Author Melissa Sheridan Embser-Herbert
ISBN-10 0275991911
Year 2007
Pages 163
Language en
Publisher Praeger Security International Reference

Embser-Herbert explores the history of the policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, (DADT) the federal law restricting the military service of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. In this narrative overview, she traces the policy from its origins in the early 1990s, through its evolution and implementation into law in the United States military, before evaluating the impact of post-9/11 events on the military, the policy, and the ongoing debate surrounding the existence of the policy itself as lawmakers consider its repeal. Her three-part history of DADT begins with a brief look at earlier policies that preceded it, a discussion of events in 1992-1993 that resulted in the passage and implementation of the new law, and an examination of the law's impact on the military. She also compares the policy to that of other nations, such as Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, that eliminated similar restrictions as they sought ways to avoid a potential manpower shortage in their armed forces. The War on Terror has returned DADT to the public spotlight. Embser-Herbert examines U.S. experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan and what they can teach about gays and lesbians in the military. She concludes Part I with an analysis of whether the law might be repealed or overturned. Part II of the handbook provides summaries of key legal decisions, and Part III contains key documents, such as the language of the law itself and excerpts from current military regulations and training manuals.

Don t Ask Don t Tell

Don t Ask  Don t Tell Author M.T. Pope
ISBN-10 9781599832807
Year 2012-03-01
Pages 496
Language en
Publisher Urban Books

Private Kyle Sullivan is a happily married man who thinks he's left his homosexual experiences in his past. What he didn't count on was the high-ranking officer who forces a sexual relationship with him. After breaking off a relationship with her abusive girlfriend, Lauren Burns has finally made her dreams come true by becoming a member of the U.S. Army. Anji Foster is looking at her entrance into the military as a way out of her small town and a place to meet lots of men. What will happen when these two very different women cross paths? Sky Love is engaged to be married to a handsome and wealthy man, but she's not ready to let go of her woman on the side. Lela is willing to keep their secret because if it gets out, she's not sure how her fellow soldiers will react. When Four Star General Orpheus Beauregard Roulette III finally acts upon the homosexual urges he's been suppressing for years, he gets more than he bargained for. Now he finds himself caught between the crosshairs of his scorned wife and the young man who's blackmailing him. The Don't Ask, Don't Tell law may have been repealed, but what if there are some members of the U.S. armed forces who still have reasons to keep their sexuality a secret? Urban Books authors M.T. Pope, Tina Brooks McKinney, Brenda Hampton, and Terry E. Hill explore this subject with their own trademark dramatic style.

Unfriendly Fire

Unfriendly Fire Author Dr. Nathaniel Frank
ISBN-10 142990271X
Year 2009-03-03
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Macmillan

When the "don't ask, don't tell" policy emerged as a political compromise under Bill Clinton in 1993, it only ended up worsening the destructive gay ban that had been on the books since World War II. Drawing on more than a decade of research and hundreds of interviews, Nathaniel Frank exposes the military's policy toward gays and lesbians as damaging and demonstrates that "don't ask, don't tell" must be replaced with an outright reversal of the gay ban. Frank is one of the nation's leading experts on gays in the military, and in his evenhanded and always scrupulously documented chronicle, he reveals how the ban on open gays and lesbians in the U.S. military has greatly increased discharges, hampered recruitment, and—contrary to the rationale offered by proponents of the ban—led to lower morale and cohesion within military ranks. Frank does not shy away from tackling controversial issues, and he presents indisputable evidence showing that gays already serve openly without causing problems, and that the policy itself is weakening the military it was supposed to protect. In addition to the moral pitfalls of the gay ban, Frank shows the practical damage it has wrought. Most recently, the discharge of valuable Arabic translators (who happen to be gay) under the current policy has left U.S. forces ill-equipped in the fight against terrorism. Part history, part exposé, and fully revealing, Unfriendly Fire is poised to become the definitive story of "don't ask, don't tell." This lively and compelling narrative is sure to make the blood boil of any American who cares about national security, the right to speak the truth, or just plain common sense and fairness.

Don t Ask Don t Tell

 Don t Ask  Don t Tell Author Jody Feder
ISBN-10 9781437922080
Year 2010-02
Pages 11
Language en
Publisher DIANE Publishing

In 1993, after months of study, debate, and political controversy, Congress passed and Pres. Clinton signed legislation establishing a revised policy concerning homosexuality in the armed forces. This compromise, colloquially referred to as ¿Don¿t Ask, Don¿t Tell (DADT),¿ holds that ¿the presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion which are the essence of military capability.¿ Service members are not to be asked about, nor allowed to discuss, their sexual orientation. This report provides a legal analysis of the constitutional challenges that have been brought against DADT.

Don t Ask Don t Tell Rule for Gays in the Military Is Unconstitutional

 Don t Ask  Don t Tell  Rule for Gays in the Military Is Unconstitutional Author Virginia A. Phillips
ISBN-10 9781437939361
Year 2011-01
Pages 86
Language en
Publisher DIANE Publishing

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. Opinion by Judge Virginia Phillips, U.S. Dist. Court, Central Dist. of CA, on Log Cabin Repub. (LCR), Plaintiff, v. U.S. and Robert Gates, Sec. of Def., Defend. LCR attacks the constitutionality of the statute known as the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT)", and its implementing reg¿s. Plaintiff's contends the Act violates its members' rights to due process guaranteed by the 5th Amend., and its members' rights of freedom of speech, guaranteed by the 1st Amend. Judge Phillips strikes down the ¿DADT' rule. ¿In order to justify the encroachment on these rights, defendants faced the burden of showing the 'DADT' act was necessary to significantly further the government¿s interests in military readiness and unit cohesion. Defendants failed to meet that burden.¿

Don t Ask Don t Tell

Don t Ask  Don t Tell Author John D. Laing
ISBN-10 9781620326060
Year 2013-09-16
Pages 242
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

"The repeal of the government's policy on homosexual military service, known as Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT), has caused much concern among Christian military service members, especially chaplains, and has led to much debate about the morality of homosexuality, the ideal of free speech, and the role of clergy in public service. Can it be scientifically demonstrated that homosexuality is normal? What has homosexual political activity shown to be their agenda, if any? What does the Bible say about homosexuality? How can chaplains who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle respond to the repeal in a way that retains their prophetic voice, but protects them from prosecution? How can chaplains minister to homosexual service members and their families in a post-DADT military? These are just some of the questions addressed in this important work by a group of scholars and chaplains, many of whom serve or have served in the academy, the military, and the church."

The End of Don t Ask Don t Tell

The End of Don   t Ask  Don   t Tell Author J Ford Huffman
ISBN-10 016090546X
Year 2012-04-18
Pages 254
Language en
Publisher Government Printing Office

Representing U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force veterans and service members, presents four reports and twenty-five personal essays from both gay and straight service members on the impact of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and its repeal on September, 20, 2011.

Fighting to Serve

Fighting to Serve Author Alexander Nicholson
ISBN-10 9781613743751
Year 2012-10-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Chicago Review Press

Discharged in 2002 from the US Army under the provisions of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Alexander Nicholson was shocked to learn there was no group advocating DADT's repeal that was reaching out to active military or veterans organizations. Nicholson believed the repeal effort needed spokespersons who understood military culture, who could talk about DADT's impact on those who serve to those who serve and served. Someone like him. From this idea Servicemembers United, the largest organization for gay and lesbian servicemembers, was born. Nicholson and several others who had been discharged under DADT toured the United States, where they spoke at American Legion posts, on radio talk shows, and at press conferences across the South and on both coasts. Surprised at the mostly positive reception that the tour provoked, Nicholson and Servicemembers United were propelled to the forefront of the DADT repeal fight. In time Nicholson became the only named plaintiff in the successful lawsuit that ordered the policy overturned, forcing the US Congress to act. "Fighting to Serve" gives a no-holds-barred account of the backstage strategies and negotiations, revealing how various LGBT organizations, the Congress, the Pentagon, and the White House often worked at cross purposes. But in the end, it was the pressure brought by active veterans, a court ruling out of California, and a few courageous senators, representatives, and military leaders that brought the destructive policy to an end.

The End of Don t Ask Don t Tell The Impact in Studies and Personal Essays by Service Members and Veterans

The End of Don t Ask  Don t Tell  The Impact in Studies and Personal Essays by Service Members and Veterans Author J Ford Huffman
ISBN-10 9780160915581
Year 2012-12-03
Pages 274
Language en
Publisher Government Printing Office

Featuring 4 reports and 25 personal essays from diverse voices—both straight and gay—representing U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force veterans and service members, this anthology examines the impact of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and its repeal on 20 September 2011 in order to benefit policy makers, historians, researchers, and general readers. Topics include lessons from foreign militaries, serving while openly gay, women at war, returning to duty, marching forward after repeal, and support for the committed same-sex partners and families of gay service members.

Ask Don t Tell

Ask  Don t Tell Author Angela Peery
ISBN-10 1935588427
Year 2013
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Lead + Learn Press

Artful questioning may be the most powerful tool a teacher has in her instructional toolkit to manage the class, engage students with the subject matter, encourage dialogue, and deepen understanding. Educators are encouraged to break the pattern of low-level daily procedural questioning and instead focus powerful questions that increase student engagement and insure their mastery of content and skills. Powerful questioning may engender deep, diverse, creative, and metacognitive thinking. The authors, all with extensive teaching experience, describe powerful questioning in English Language Arts, Mathematics, History and Social Studies, and Science through both exposition and narration and using vignettes of teacher practice. Their focus is on those moments when teachers and students are engaged in classroom questioning tasks that involve face-to-face interactions and oral discourse, which comprise the great majority of time spent in schools.

Virtual Equality

Virtual Equality Author Urvashi Vaid
ISBN-10 9781101972342
Year 2015-11-18
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Anchor

Since the decade to lift the ban on gays in the military, the emergence of gay conservatives, and the onslaught of antigay initiatives across America, the gay and lesbian community has been asking itself tough questions: Where should the movement go? What do we want? In Virtual Equality, veteran activist Urvashi Vaid tackles these questions with a unique combination of visionary politics and hard-earned pragmatism.

Don t Ask Don t Tell

Don t Ask  Don t Tell Author Brandon A. Davis
ISBN-10 1617289604
Year 2010
Pages 156
Language en
Publisher Nova Science Pub Incorporated

In 1993, new laws and regulations pertaining to homosexuality and U.S. military service came into effect reflecting a compromise in policy. This compromise, colloquially referred to as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," holds that the presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in same-sex acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion which are the essence of military capability. Under this policy, but not the law, service members are not to be asked about nor allowed to discuss their "same-sex orientation." The law itself does not prevent service members from being asked about their sexuality. This compromise notwithstanding, the issue has remained politically contentious. This book explores the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law and its background as well as the issues of gays in the military.