Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet Author Ellen Davis
ISBN-10 1943721033
Year 2016-06-15
Pages 180
Language en
Publisher Ellen Davis

The ketogenic diet is a natural, non toxic, science based cancer diet which can be used for cancer prevention and treatment. It works because cancer cells are dependent upon a constant supply of blood sugar (glucose) to stay alive. Normal cells can use ketones as an alternative fuel, cancer cells can't. A ketogenic diet lowers blood glucose while increasing ketone levels, a metabolic state which effectively starves cancer cells while nourishing normal cells. This essential, well referenced book is based on cutting edge research on ketogenic dietary therapies from Dr. Dominic D'Agostino at the University of South Florida and Dr. Thomas Seyfried at Boston College, with their generous permission. The book offers the latest information on:* How and why a low carb, high fat ketogenic diet works to stop cancer cells, how to implement the diet and how to monitor your progress* Blood glucose and ketone level targets recommended to destroy cancer*What foods to choose and how much to eat *Why certain foods must be restricted*Use of calorie restriction and fasting*Whether alcohol is allowed *The debate between acidity vs alkalinity*Appropriate supplementation and much more.

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease Author Thomas Seyfried
ISBN-10 9781118310304
Year 2012-05-18
Pages 438
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

The book addresses controversies related to the origins of cancer and provides solutions to cancer management and prevention. It expands upon Otto Warburg's well-known theory that all cancer is a disease of energy metabolism. However, Warburg did not link his theory to the "hallmarks of cancer" and thus his theory was discredited. This book aims to provide evidence, through case studies, that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease requring metabolic solutions for its management and prevention. Support for this position is derived from critical assessment of current cancer theories. Brain cancer case studies are presented as a proof of principle for metabolic solutions to disease management, but similarities are drawn to other types of cancer, including breast and colon, due to the same cellular mutations that they demonstrate.

The Cantin Ketogenic Diet

The Cantin Ketogenic Diet Author Elaine Cantin
ISBN-10 1477567593
Year 2012-07-02
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Pub

This book is about my son's journey with type I diabetes and my own journey with aggressive breast cancer. It is about how I linked type I diabetes with epilepsy and how this helped me link cancer with epilepsy as well. I modified the traditional ketogenic diet used at Johns Hopkins Medical Center to treat epilepsy. I then used my own version of the diet to make my breast cancer tumor disappear in about two weeks. It is also about using my modified ketogenic diet for my son who is a type I diabetic, and him being able to eat without needing any insulin and without doing any calorie restrictions. This is my diet of hope -along with the research that comes from my heart- that I am sharing with you. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

The Ketogenic Kitchen

The Ketogenic Kitchen Author Domini Kemp
ISBN-10 9781603586931
Year 2016-09-02
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing

Cancer survivors Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly offer the first comprehensive ketogenic cookbook based on the most exciting new research on nutritional approaches to the prevention and management of cancer. For decades, the ketogenic diet—which shifts the body’s metabolism from burning glucose to burning fat, lowering blood sugar and insulin and resulting in a metabolic state known as ketosis—has been used to successfully manage pediatric epilepsy. More recently, it has been used by the Paleo community as a weight loss strategy. Now emerging research suggests that a ketogenic diet, in conjunction with conventional treatments, also offers new hope for those coping with cancer and other serious disease. With endorsements from leading researchers and oncologists such as Dr. Thomas Seyfried (Cancer as a Metabolic Disease), The Ketogenic Kitchen offers more than 250 recipes, as well as meal plans and comprehensive scientific information about the benefits of a ketogenic diet, with sensible advice to help readers through periods of illness, recovery, and treatment. This North American paperback edition has been updated to include U.S. customary units of measure appearing side-by-side with metric measures.

Cancer Fighting Diet

Cancer Fighting Diet Author Pamela Stevens
ISBN-10 1544717172
Year 2017-03-16
Pages 42
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Well, to put it succinctly, the cause of cancer can be simply called as a mistake! Yes, a mistake in the cell formation process called DNA replication. Now, the further the cycles of DNA replication a cell line goes through, the more mistake is to be expected... that at some point, somewhere, a replication fault will be made somehow! However, the truth is that a huge majority of these so called errors or slips if you like, will be harmless at the end. On the other hand, the truth that we must not overlook is that the more mistakes you have, the more likely that at some point, someplace one of those mistakes will be harmful! Okay, you may say... one harmful mistake need not be the end of the world, but then again, there's an obstinate, snowballing effect to this: yes, look at it this way, there are some of the copying mistakes we make that will make our copying and proofreading mechanisms more error-prone themselves, and the implication is that it will lead to more mistakes. So, the more mistakes you have... the more mistakes you'll have. Other than the proofreading mechanisms, there is also another aspect to it... I mean the suicide aspect of this thing that we need to also take note of. Yes, and that is called the mechanism (apoptosis) in which case, the challenging cell lines destroy themselves! Well, to look at it from this other perspective, I will say it is kind of like the philosophies or the thinking in some cultures where the older individuals, not wanting to be a liability to the other members of the clan, will just die off in a corner someplace. Yes, besides that, there is also the good old impervious system which will normally search and terminate reprobate cell lines. What's more, the tricky thing is that with abundant mistakes, the apoptotic mechanism itself also becomes out of order and the reprobate cell line becomes resistant to the immune system of the body! As a result, what will happen is that such a reprobate cell line for instance, won't stop duplicating itself, in fact, it will propagate into other tissues and body parts, and in the process will divert blood flow to feed itself at the expense of others! Yes, it will be resistant to any attempts to suppress it, and on the final analysis, it won't kill itself like it is theoretically expected to do. As a matter of fact, this psychopathic cell line, which is obviously a reprobate cell line in all sense that has refused to play by the rules as we described above, is what is called cancer! Now, I will like you to get your copy of the book today and avail yourself the full benefit to access all the details of -How to Fight Cancer the Ketogenic Diet Way and Naturally Eliminate Cancer As a Metabolic Disease from a Cancer Fighting Kitchen Today!-

Ketogenic Diet A Treatment for Children and Others with Epilepsy 4th Edition Large Print 16pt

Ketogenic Diet  A Treatment for Children and Others with Epilepsy  4th Edition  Large Print 16pt Author John M. Freeman, MD
ISBN-10 9781458756107
Year 2010-05
Pages 464
Language en

I was pushing my son, Charlie, in a swing when his head twitched and he threw his right arm in the air. That was the beginning of an agony I am without words to describe. Nine months later, ... Charlie's seizures were unchecked, his development delayed,'' and he had a prognosis of continued seizures and progressive retardation. Since Charlie started the (ketogenic) diet, he has been virtually seizure-free, completely drug-free, and a terrific little boy. He has had to remain on a modified version of the ketogenic diet after being on the full diet for two years, but he goes to school and leads a normal, happy life.'' One in five children with epilepsy has seizures that are resistant to medications. Even when seizures are fairly well under control, medication may affect childrenC Us alertness and mental clarity, impairing their ability to learn and reach their full potential. Many parents are looking beyond currently available medications for a satisfying solution to seizure treatment. The ketogenic diet is such an answer. This rigid, mathematically calculated, doctor-supervised diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrate and protein, and strictly limits both calories and liquid intake. The diet helps to control seizures and allows many children to become both seizure-free and drug-free. This extensively updated edition covers the many advances that have been made in understanding how the diet works, how it should be used, and its future role as a treatment for children with epilepsy.

Victory Over Cancer Vol 1

Victory Over Cancer Vol 1 Author Joseph Marx
ISBN-10 0998352241
Year 1916-12-07
Language en

After years of living with chronic acid reflux, the author discovered he had a very deadly cancer and set himself on a quest to be healed. This book is a story about his journey and reveals spectacular natural cancer therapies--that any patient can safely do at home--that are scientifically based--that have the potential to prolong life beyond anything conventional treatment can do alone. What distinguishes this book is that the author exposes alternative cancer treatments that are little known by most people and are not part of the conventional cancer treatment system, or part of the national discussion. For instance, this book shows cancer patients how to immediately attack their cancer, slow its rate of growth, reverse its growth and even cure it, using a diet strategy that exploits little known metabolic abnormalities of cancer, and also therapeutic levels of exercise, and targeted natural substances. It fact, it is entirely possible for a patient to literally eat their cancer to death. Discover How To: * Fix poor digestion and inflammation, key factors of cancer. * Use food as medicine in an anticancer diet. * Take control of the treatment plan early on, and how to avoid the many pitfalls with diagnostics, medical records, and insurance. * Integrate alternative cancer treatment remedies with conventional medicine. * Use exercise, alkaline diet, and natural supplements to smartly contain and attack cancer. * Use Sodium Bicarbonate to fight cancer. * Use cancer's metabolic weaknesses against it by using a combination of a low sugar diet, Ketogenic diet, and low methionine diet. * Prevent recurrence and know what to do if it comes back. * Determine if an Alternative cancer center is for you. * The power of faith in healing cancer. AS A BONUS: * A list of extensively researched Alternative cancer centers. * Detailed table of foods by level of methionine. * List of foods by level of sugar content. * Explanation of how to stage your cancer. * Early detection blood and chemo sensitivity tests. * Natural substance sensitivity tests for novel IV Therapy. APPROPRIATE FOR: Breast cancer, Bladder cancer, Brain cancer, Colon cancer, Endometrial cancer, Esophageal cancer, Kidney cancer, Laryngeal cancer, Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Melanoma, Oral cancer, Ovarian cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate cancer, Stomach cancer, Throat cancer, and most other cancers. For more information visit:

Fighting Back with Fat

Fighting Back with Fat Author Erin Whitmer
ISBN-10 9781936303458
Year 2012-12-13
Pages 322
Language en
Publisher Demos Medical Publishing

Written by two mothers who have children on the Ketogenic diet,Fighting Back with Fatprovides essential information to educate parents on every aspect of diet therapy, as well as giving counsel for parents navigating the emotional minefields that often come with attempting Ketogenic diets. Common stress factors such as fear of failure, hyper-responsibility, dealing effectively with a child’s non-compliance, and educating non-supportive relatives, friends and peers, are all addressed in heart-to-heart frankness from mothers who have covered the territory personally. Fighting Back with Fatguides the reader through the Ketogenic Diet, Modified Atkins Diet and The Low Glycemic Index Treatment intrepidly discussing the struggles and emotional bombshells that come with diet therapy. The authors include first-person accounts of the successes and trails of other families as well as a rare glimpse of what kids think of the diets, in their own words. Finally the book closes with the KetoCalculator 101, with tips and advice from the Charlie Foundation’s Beth Zupec-Kania, RD, CD, the Keto Calculator’s creator and moderator and an extensive recipe section offering simple, delicious recipes organized by age group, from infants to adults, each with “Keto Bites,” fun food facts or practical advice that correspond to each recipe.

Defy Conquer

Defy   Conquer Author Mindy Elwell
ISBN-10 9781939454317
Year 2015-08-25
Pages 210
Language en
Publisher Balcony 7 Media and Publishing

This ebook contains over 70 reference links, helping cancer patients and caregivers learn more about Ms. Elwell's professional team at Barrow Neurological Institute, the Ketogenic Diet, and more. According to the American Brain Tumor Association, almost 70,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a primary brain tumor this year alone. If you or someone you care for shares the tragic reality of the above statement, Defy & Conquer will shed valuable light on contemporary cancer care, what to expect, and how to cope, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mindy Elwell offers a captivating memoir, describing three years living with Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Grade III), from initial symptoms to early diagnosis, needle biopsy, adopting the Ketogenic Diet, a lifetime's worth of radiation, chemotherapy, and a craniotomy to finally remove the tumor, located deep within the thalamus. This first-person view of brain cancer spans traditional and adjuvant therapies, and is both educational and informative, with diagnostic and surgical notes disclosing pathology reports, the biopsy procedure, and the tumor resection surgery, which was performed utilizing state-of-the-art, intra-operative brain mapping. Learn about the metabolism of cancer cells and details on how to adopt the Ketogenic Diet through contributions from Ms. Elwell's professional team at the renowned Barrow Neurological Institute: Dr. Adrienne C. Scheck, brain tumor researcher, and Leonora Renda, RDN. Publisher's Disclaimer: As Ms. Elwell states in her Introduction, not all cancer patients will experience cancer the way she did, nor will they respond the same to her treatment regimen or diet. If you are diagnosed with cancer, there is no more important source of information and guidance than your health professional. Defy & Conquer is not a replacement for professional medical care or advice, nor is it intended to be a How To in dealing with cancer. It is merely one brave woman's account against a deadly disease, shared with the public in the hopes of helping others cope and endure a similar situation.

The Alzheimer s Antidote

The Alzheimer s Antidote Author Amy Berger
ISBN-10 9781603587099
Year 2017
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing

A Comprehensive Metabolic & Lifestyle Approach A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease in 2016 is startlingly similar to a half-century ago. Despite decades of research and millions of dollars invested in uncovering the causes and developing treatments for this devastating illness, progress has been slow, with each new "blockbuster" drug proving to be as big a disappointment as the ones that went before it. Today, an Alzheimer's diagnosis is a death sentence. However, there may be ways to prevent, delay, and possibly even reverse the course of this crippling neurodegenerative disease. In The Alzheimer's Antidote, Certified Nutrition Specialist Amy Berger presents a multi-pronged nutrition and lifestyle intervention to combat Alzheimer's disease at its roots. Berger's research shows that Alzheimer's results from a fuel shortage in the brain: As neurons become unable to harness energy from glucose, they atrophy and die, leading to classic symptoms like memory loss and behavioral changes. This is a revolutionary approach--one that has been discussed in the scientific literature for years but has only recently been given credence in clinical settings, thanks to extremely promising studies wherein Alzheimer's patients have experienced complete reversals of the condition. Medical and scientific journals are full of research showing alternate ways to fuel the starving brain, but no one has been bringing this essential information to the people who need it most--until now. In a culture obsessed with miracle medications, the pharmaceutical route for tackling Alzheimer's has been a massive failure. Pills and potions don't address underlying causes, and regarding Alzheimer's, they typically fail to improve even the symptoms. As a metabolic problem, the only effective way to treat Alzheimer's may be a multifaceted approach that fundamentally reprograms energy generation in the brain. The good news is, the secret is as simple as switching to a low-carb, high-fat diet. The Alzheimer's Antidote shows us that cognitive decline is not inevitable, but if it does occur, we don't have to sit idly by and wait helplessly while it progresses and worsens. Amy Berger empowers loved ones and caregivers of Alzheimer's sufferers, and offers hope and light against this otherwise unnavigable labyrinth of darkness.

The Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

The Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Author Miriam Kalamian
ISBN-10 1603587012
Year 2017-10-11
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing Company

A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Practitioners Although evidence supporting the benefits of ketogenic diet therapies continues to mount, there is little to guide those who wish to adopt this diet as a metabolic therapy for cancer. Keto for Cancer fills this need. Inspired by the work of Dr. Thomas Seyfried and written by nutritionist Miriam Kalamian, this is the first book to lay out guidelines that specifically address the many challenges facing those with cancer. Kalamian, a leading voice in the keto movement, is driven by passion from her own experience in using the ketogenic diet for her young son. Her book addresses the nuts and bolts of adopting the diet, from deciding whether keto is the right choice, to developing a personal plan for smoothly navigating the keto lifestyle. It is invaluable for both beginners and seasoned users of the ketogenic diet as well as for health care professionals who need a toolkit to implement this targeted metabolic therapy. The book guides readers to a deeper understanding of the therapeutic potential of the ketogenic diet--which extends well beyond simply starving cancer--emphasizing the powerful impact the diet has on the metabolism of cancer cells. Nutritional nuances are explored in sections such as "Fasting Protocols" and "Know What's in the Foods You Eat" while meal templates and tracking tools are provided in "Preparing Keto Meals". Kalamian also discusses important issues such as self-advocacy. Readers of Keto for Cancer are empowered to "get off the bench and get in the game." To that end, Kalamian offers tips on how to critically examine cancer care options then incorporate what resonates into a truly personalized treatment plan.

Tripping Over the Truth

Tripping Over the Truth Author Travis Christofferson
ISBN-10 1500600318
Year 2014-10-08
Pages 296
Language en
Publisher CreateSpace

"In the wake of the Cancer Genome Atlas project's failure to provide a legible road map to a cure for cancer, science writer Travis Christofferson illuminates a promising blend of old and new perspectives on the disease. 'Tripping Over the Truth' follows the story of cancers proposed metabolic origin from the vaunted halls of the German scientific golden age, to modern laboratories around the world. The reader is taken on a journey through time and science that results in an unlikely connecting of the dots with profound therapeutic implications." --Cover.