The Forthcoming EC Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices

The Forthcoming EC Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices Author Hugh Collins
ISBN-10 9789041122247
Year 2004
Pages 293
Language en
Publisher Kluwer Law International

To encourage cross-border transactions in the Single Market of the European Community, the Commission has proposed general framework legislation to set general standards that forbid unfair marketing practices towards consumers, thereby increasing consumer confidence when deciding whether or not to shop abroad in the Community, either in person or through modern methods of electronic purchasing through the Internet. The essays in this volume critically examine the proposed Directive that prohibits unfair commercial practices, and in particular they consider the potential legal and economic implications of a legal duty to trade fairly in the context of general contract law, the protection of consumers, and the needs of competition policy. The distinguished authors of these essays, from Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom, explain the different approaches of national legal systems to the legal regulation of marketing practices, and assess the compatibility of the proposed Directive with national law and its likely success in achieving the promotion of trade in the Single Market. About the authorHugh Collins is Professor of English Law at the London School of Economics. He studied law at Oxford and Harvard. He has published extensively in the field of contract law including The Law of Contract 4th ed (London, Butterworths, 2003), and Regulating Contracts (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1999).


Forthcoming Author Jalal Toufic
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105110450397
Year 2000
Pages 275
Language en
Publisher Atelos Press

Cultural Writing. Jalal Toufic is a writer, film theorist, and video artist presently living in Lebanon. His video and installation works, which include Radical Closure Artist with Bandaged Sense Organ (1997), have been shown at the San Francisco Cinematheque; the Pacific Film Archive; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels; and elsewhere. He edited the special Discourse issue Gilles Deleuze: A Reason to Believe in this World. FORTHCOMING is a fascinating blend of political theory, film theory, and cross-genre writing -- an essential book for those interested in contemporary thought and culture.

Publishing Culture and Power in Early Modern China

Publishing  Culture  and Power in Early Modern China Author Kai-wing Chow
ISBN-10 9780804733687
Year 2004
Pages 397
Language en
Publisher Stanford University Press

This path-breaking book argues that printing—both with woodblocks and with movable type—exerted a profound influence on Chinese society in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Taking Our Country Back

Taking Our Country Back Author Daniel Kreiss
ISBN-10 9780199936786
Year 2012-08-16
Pages 230
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Taking Our Country Back presents the previously untold history of the uptake of new media in Democratic electoral campaigning over the last decade. Drawing on open-ended interviews with more than fifty political staffers, fieldwork during the 2008 primaries and general election, and archival research, Daniel Kreiss shows how a group of young, technically-skilled internet staffers came together on the Howard Dean campaign and created a series of innovations in organization, tools, and practice that have changed the campaign game. After the election, these individuals founded an array of consulting firms and training organizations and staffed prominent Democratic campaigns. In the process, they carried their innovations across Democratic politics and contributed to a number of electoral victories, including Barack Obama's historic bid for the presidency. In revealing this history, the book provides a rich empirical look at the communication tools, practices, and infrastructure that shape contemporary online campaigning. Through a detailed history of new media and political campaigning, Taking Our Country Back contributes to an interdisciplinary body of scholarship from communication, sociology, and political science. The book theorizes processes of innovation in online electoral politics and gives readers a new understanding of how the internet and its use by the Dean campaign have fundamentally changed the field of political campaigning. Kreiss shows how these innovations, exemplified by the Dean and Obama campaigns, were the product of the movement of staffers between industries and within organizational structures. Such movement provided a space for technical development and incentives for experimentation. Taking Our Country Back is a serious and vital analysis, both on-the-ground and theoretical, of how a small group of internet staffers transformed what campaigning means today and how cultural work mobilizes and motivates supporters to participate in collective action.

Interlibrary Loan Practices Handbook

Interlibrary Loan Practices Handbook Author Virginia Boucher
ISBN-10 0838906672
Year 1997
Pages 249
Language en
Publisher American Library Association

Advises libraries on implementing and maintaining interlibrary loan policies, discussing reciprocal borrowing, out-of-system loans, and the use of bibliographic utilties

Documenting the Early Modern Book World

Documenting the Early Modern Book World Author Malcolm Walsby
ISBN-10 9789004258907
Year 2013-10-18
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher BRILL

This volume examines a number of different book lists from a variety of European countries during the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It offers a wide-ranging re-evaluation of one of the most interesting and underused resources for early modern book history.

Buzz Books 2013

Buzz Books 2013 Author
ISBN-10 9780985491062
Year 2013-02-05
Language en
Publisher Publishers Lunch

A sampler of 28 forthcoming titles to coincide with Winter Institute 8

Keyguide to Information Sources in Museum Studies

Keyguide to Information Sources in Museum Studies Author Peter Woodhead
ISBN-10 0720121515
Year 1994
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

This revised and updated edition provides an integrated guide to the documentation, reference aids and key organizational sources of information about museums and museum studies worldwide. Part One provides an overview of museums and the literature about them. Part Two is an annotated bibliography, and Part Three is an international directory of organizations. A detailed index completes the work.