God for Us

God for Us Author Catherine M. Lacugna
ISBN-10 9780060649135
Year 1993-06-11
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

An extraordinary work that revitalizes theology and Christian life by recovering the early roots of Trinitarian doctrine and exploring the enduringly practical dimensions of faith in God as a community of persons.

God With Us

God With Us Author Greg Pennoyer
ISBN-10 9781612618197
Year 2015-09-01
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Paraclete Press

Christmas is the season most difficult to grasp and understand in all its spiritual richness. The sentimentality and commercialism that dominate the season tend to obscure the profound mystery at its heart: the Incarnation. God with Us provides the perfect way to slow down and reconnect with the liturgical and sacramental traditions that illuminate the meaning of Christmas and the Incarnation. In daily meditations for the complete seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, the contributors offer a tapestry of reflection, Scripture, prayer, and history. God with Us—which has sold more than 25,000 copies in its original, illustrated, $30 edition—will make anyone's journey to the stable in Bethlehem and the child in the manger unforgettable. This new "Reader's Edition" is designed to make the book more affordable, able to reach an even wider cross-section of readers.

God Has Been God for Us

God Has Been God for Us Author Mary Diane Langford
ISBN-10 9781467098083
Year 2012-01-01
Pages 152
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

GOD HAS BEEN GOD FOR US In 1929, just at the onset of the Great Depression, San Antonio diocesan priest, Peter Baque, pastor of St. Peter Prince of the Apostles Catholic Church on North Broadway, found himself unable to meet the needs of a segment of his parish then known as "Cementville." This small village was a company town under the auspices of the Alamo Portland Cement Company whose residents all worked in the cement quarry on the northern edge of Baque's parish. Baque, believing that the people of Cementville would be receptive to the ministry of women religious, decided that this was the time to begin a community of women who would be especially ready to "reach out with a loaf of bread in one hand and the love of Christ in the other." With the help of Eugenie Olivier Edwards, the widowed mother of nine living children who professed her vows as Mother Theresa, Baque began the Missionary Servants of St. Anthony. God Has Been God for Us chronicles the eighty-year history of this religious community. From the depression years until the present day, the Sisters have supported Father Baque's dream to foster devotion to St. Anthony de Padua through the Shrine to St. Anthony which is now an adoration chapel on their property in front of St. Anthony de Padua Parish. Other ministries of the Missionary Servants established during these 80 years include a home for Catholic working girls in downtown San Antonio; a day nursery now celebrating 75 years of service; Padua Place, a home for infirm or aging priests in its 50th year of operation; and a retreat center located at the motherhouse property at 100 Peter Baque Road. Relying solely on the providential care of God, the Missionary Servants of St. Anthony evidence the character of missionaries instilled in them by Father Baque and the humility and simplicity of servitude modeled for them by Mother Theresa. Their story will inspire the reader to say with them "God has been God for me." Sister Diane Langford, CDP, a Sister of Divine Providence for 30 years, writes, gives retreats, and teaches adult Catholics who want to grow in the faith. This is her third book. She has written a manual to be used in teaching adults who are preparing to be Catholics and The Tattered Heart, a historical fiction biography of Mother St. Andrew Feltin, Texas foundress of the Sisters of Divine Providence of San Antonio, Texas.

The Holy Trinity God for God and God for Us

The Holy Trinity  God for God and God for Us Author Chung-Hyun Baik
ISBN-10 9781606089989
Year 2011-01-01
Pages 234
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

In this important book, Chung-Hyun Baik explores one of the central issues in contemporary Trinitarian theology: the relationship between the economic and immanent Trinity. Engaging a wide variety of Trinitarian theologians and contemporary philosophers, Baik offers a vital analysis of the ontological and epistemological issues that bear on a proper understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity. Noting that the meaning of mystery in the New Testament is Jesus Christ himself, Baik argues that, in order to rightly approach the question of the relationship between the immanent and the economic Trinity, it is necessary to understand the mystery of the divine being as centered in Christ himself. Moreover, Christ is not merely a device for resolving epistemological or ontological tensions, but rather the fullness of the divine mystery, and as such, must be determinative of all such theological and philosophical questions.

God in Us

God in Us Author Anthony Freeman
ISBN-10 0907845177
Year 2001
Pages 78
Language en
Publisher Imprint Academic

This text is a radical representation of the Christian faith for the 21st century. It overturns received ideas about God. God is not an invisible person "out there" somewhere, but lives in the human heart and mind as "the sum of all our values and ideals" guiding and inspiring our lives.

God Is for Us

God Is for Us Author Simon Ponsonby
ISBN-10 9780857213280
Year 2013-04-22
Pages 480
Language en
Publisher Monarch Books

Simon Ponsonby presents 52 weekly chapters focused around the book of Romans, bringing Paul’s greatest letter to life. Blending careful theological and historical detail with illuminating application, this work is somewhat more substantial than most devotionals. No other New Testament epistle has such scope and depth: Touching on every major theological theme, Romans is intellectually and theologically massive. This remarkable epistle has had a huge impact on the Church over the Centuries: Augustine of Hippo, the great architect of Western theology, was converted while reading Romans. Martin Luther’s encounter with the text led to a personal revival and the European Reformation. and Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones refused to teach on Romans for decades until he had grappled with and understood chapter 6. This passionate, illuminating devotional will prove to be a potent means of grace and growth.

God Is for Us

God Is for Us Author C. Baxter Kruger
ISBN-10 0964546515
Year 1995
Pages 71
Language en

"That God should be 'for us' will be a remarkable and transforming discovery for those who have grown weary under the whiplash of a theology that drives us to 'do something for God!' I wish that overburdened pastors could read this book before ever preaching another sermon and uninspired Christians could inhale its fragrance before going to church!" - Ray S. Anderson Professor of Theology and Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary "When I picked up "God is for Us" I read it through in one sitting, in an hour. I could not tear myself away from the sheer goodness of the triune God that Baxter Kruger conveys in this short book. But then I had to go back and read it carefully through again, in order to allow the deep truths to penetrate my life afresh. Here is a clearly presented exposition of the profound truth that we are created to be with God forever!" - Graham Buxton Senior Lecturer and Head of Ministry, Tabor College, South Australia ""God is for Us" is a must read for those working with damaged people. As flowers open up to the sun, so wounded souls open to the light of God's goodness. Many mentally unwell patients have been transformed by the reality of God's goodness to us in Jesus Christ as laid out in this little book." -Dr. Bruce Wauchope Medical Practioner, Bedford Clinic, Adelaide, Australia C. Baxter Kruger is the Director of Perichoresis, an international ministry sharing the good news of our adoption in Christ with the world. He and his wife Beth have been married for 25 years and have four children. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree under Professor James B. Torrance in Aberdeen, Scotland. Baxter is the author of seven books, including "The Great Dance" and "Across All Worlds, " and teaches across the United States, Canada and Australia. He is an avid outdoorsman and holds two United States patents for his fishing lure designs. He is the founder and President of Mediator Lures.

God s Love for Us

God s Love for Us Author Renay Montoya
ISBN-10 9781628387407
Year 2014-08-08
Pages 20
Language en
Publisher Page Publishing Inc

“God is knocking at the door to your heart to love you, to take all the pain, hurt, or sorrow you carry and love you.” Renay Montoya shows you the overflowing fountain of the Almighty’s love and bids you to come drink from it. God’s Love tells of how much you are cherished by the Lord. More than that, it is a loving reminder for you to channel your time to the worship of his name, the imitation of his generous deeds, and to become an even worthier vessel of his unconditional love.

Sovereign God

Sovereign God Author David Eells
ISBN-10 0975994190
Year 2006-02
Pages 324
Language en
Publisher Faithful Pub

A faith building revelation of God's power and purpose to use everything to mature and empower us for His use. Book Description The purpose of this book is to give you confidence in an all-powerful God who lovingly works all things together for your good to the end that you will be the vessel He so desires. As a vessel of God, you will see that faith in God will work for you and through you for others. Included in this book are many exciting testimonies of God's sovereignty manifested in power and grace. The questions in the last three pages of this book and many more are answered from the Word of God. This study and experience of the sovereignty of God has born much fruit in my life in the area of rest, peace, faith, and respect for Him. Others have told me the same thing and urged me to make a book of it. This study has sharpened my fear of God and removed my fear of man's conspiracies by the devil. It has given me a strong sense of the awesomeness of God. I feel it is my commission to share this with anyone who has the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Knowing the purpose and omnipotence of God lays a foundation for faith in the promises that removes the struggle from it. We will see how to cooperate with God in the process of His plan and so be vessels for it. When we discuss something as controversial as this we have to make sure we are based in the Scriptures, not adding or taking away. We must "contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints," not the apostate faith of our day. The reason this subject is so controversial is because Christians as a whole tend to pick and choose verses to align with what they wish to believe. But truth can only comeby accepting and fitting them all together for "the sum of thy word is truth." Many of the Scriptures we are going to look at have been ignored because they are contrary to human sentiment and reasoning, but they are there to bring us into the full knowledge of God that sets free. I realize that I am writing to a cross-section of Christianity and you may see some things that you cannot accept. However, I am sure that if you will not throw the baby out with the bath water, you will see things that will change your life. If you will read this book slowly and prayerfully, I am sure God will bless you. Your servant in Christ, David Eells About the Author Sovereign God, first offered as a self-published POD (Print On Demand) in 2002, even without the standard media attention, has acquired a phenomenal ground swell following of faithful readers across the US and has been changing the traditionally held concepts of God as the Creator in charge.

God Suffers for Us

God Suffers for Us Author J.Y. Lee
ISBN-10 9789401020480
Year 2012-12-06
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, writing in his cell in a Nazi prison, expressed a most remarkable idea. "Men go to God in His need. " This is the insight, he observed, which distinguishes the Christian faith from all other religions. It is a universal belief that God, or the gods, should come to help man in his mortal, human need. But this is not the God and Father of Jesus Christ. Even as Jesus in Gethsemane chided his disciples for their sloth in not keeping watch with him during his agony, so God the Father must look to His creatures for their faith and sympathy. Therein lies the basis for the Christian answer to man kind's perennial complaint: Why do men suffer? Not all theologians, believing Christians, or believers in a personal God can share this idea. Traditionally the Eastern Orthodox thinkers have adhered to the rule of apophatic theology: that is, there are boundaries of knowledge about God which the human mind, even when enlightened by revelation, cannot cross. So who can say that God the Eternal One is susceptible to what we call suffering? It is better to hold one's silence on so deep a mystery. Still others are loathe to acknowledge God's passibility for varying reasons. God is ultimate and perfect; therefore he cannot know suffering or other emotions. God is impersonal; therefore it is meaningless to ascribe personal, anthro popathic feelings to Him. Many angels may fear to tread on the ground of this most difficult question.