Technique Builders for Piano

Technique Builders for Piano Author Hazel Cobb
ISBN-10 1457406861
Year 1999-12-13
Pages 52
Language en
Publisher Alfred Music

The ultimate objective is to train the student through repeated patterns and precise exercises, to acquire a conscious control in these techniques: the use of the whole arm for lateral freedom and arm weight, the forearm for rotation (Alberti bass and similar patterns) the wrist for flexibility in phrasing and the fingers for dexterity in passage work.

Jumping Jelly Beans

Jumping Jelly Beans Author Chris Goldston
ISBN-10 0739015893
Year 1998-10-01
Pages 4
Language en
Publisher Alfred Publishing Company, Incorporated

This is a sweet surprise from composer Chris Goldston. Staccato playing in both hands is reinforced throughout this lively piece for the Early Elementary student. The whimsical cover featuring acrobatic jelly beans has youthful appeal.

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom Author Delaine Moore
ISBN-10 9781580053860
Year 2012-02-14
Pages 296
Language en
Publisher Seal Press

Recounts the physical and spiritual self-discovery of the author as she tests her limits, reclaims her body, and takes control of her life along the way.

Tchaikovsky Album for the Young Op 39

Tchaikovsky    Album for the Young  Op  39 Author Peter Tchaikovsky
ISBN-10 0739003631
Year 1976-06-01
Pages 64
Language en
Publisher Alfred Music Publishing

A wonderful collection of miniature pieces reminiscent of childhood, similar to Schumann's Album For The Young. Each selection is delightful and entertaining for students and audiences of all ages.

The Art of Piano Pedaling

The Art of Piano Pedaling Author Anton Rubinstein
ISBN-10 9780486318950
Year 2013-09-03
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher Courier Corporation

With Rubinstein considered Liszt's only possible rival on the concert stage, and Carreño as the foremost woman pianist of the late nineteenth century, it is an unexpected gift that both have left behind insights into that supremely important — but grossly neglected — aspect of performance called "the soul of the piano": the art of piano pedaling. Their treatment of pedaling is of the utmost importance, not only from a historical standpoint, but for what it can still teach even the most sophisticated player. Rubinstein's pedaling technique is explored using specific examples from a vast repertoire of works he performed in 1885-6. Carreño's observations — written in a warm, non-academic style — explore her sensitivity to the most subtle keyboard colorings made possible through combinations of touch and pedal.

A History of Keyboard Literature

A History of Keyboard Literature Author Stewart Gordon
ISBN-10 0534251978
Year 1996
Pages 566
Language en
Publisher Schirmer Books

A History of Keyboard Literature: Music for the Piano and Its Forerunners presents a comprehensive and easily accessible history of literature for all stringed keyboard instruments.

Introduction to chemical processes

Introduction to chemical processes Author Regina M. Murphy
ISBN-10 0072849606
Year 2007
Pages 684
Language en
Publisher McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math

Introduction to Chemical Processes: Principles, Analysis, Synthesis enhances student understanding of the connection between the chemistry and the process. Users will find strong coverage of chemistry, gain a solid understanding of what chemical processes do (convert raw materials into useful products using energy and other resources), and learn about the ways in which chemical engineers make decisions and balance constraints to come up with new processes and products. The author presents material and energy balances as tools to achieve a real goal: workable, economical, and safe chemical processes and products. Loaded with intriguing pedagogy, this text is essential to a students first course in Chemical Engineering. Additional resources intended to guide users are also available as package options, including the Engineering Equation Solver (EES) software, ChemSkill Builder and the well-known Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook.