Le Coeur Island Boxed Set Lesbian Romance

Le Coeur Island Boxed Set  Lesbian Romance Author Heidi Lowe
Year 2016-03-24
Pages 145
Language en
Publisher Heidi Lowe Books

Skylar (Book One) – It's spring break and Hope is headed to the private Le Coeur Island with her family, for what she is sure will be a week of boredom. Legend has it that the island is home to succubi – beautiful demon women driven by passion. Hope doesn't believe any of that nonsense. She just wants the trip to be over so she can get back to her life. But her mood changes when she meets the mysterious and stunning redhead Skylar, a woman who seems almost too good to be true...or human. Astral (Book Two) – In a last ditch attempt to save her marriage, freelance journalist Jennifer agrees to accompany her husband on a week-long vacation to Le Coeur Island. They think that the time away will bring them closer together. But any plans to reconnect with her husband are thwarted when Jennifer meets beautiful Astral, an island resident who seems to know all about succubi. Her exclusive interview comes at a price, though. A price Jennifer is only too happy to pay... Jordana (Book Three) – As Le Coeur Island's newest succubus, Jordana is finding it hard to settle into her new role. She chose this life, but it's a decision she's regretted ever since. Unlike the others, she gets no joy out of meaningless flings with unsuspecting women. She longs for something real. She isn't prepared for Carrie's arrival on the island. Carrie has been hurt before, and doesn't want to open her heart to the possibility of love again. Jordana thinks she can restore her faith in it and sets out to do just that, unaware that she's crossing a line she'll never be able to come back from. The Le Coeur Island series is a 3-book lesbian paranormal romance collection. All books stand alone and can be read in any order.

Kataomoi Lesbian Romance

 Kataomoi    Lesbian Romance Author Hildred Billings
Year 2013-03-29
Pages 242
Language en
Publisher Barachou Press

The REN'AI RENSAI (Serial of Love) series is an ongoing look into one lesbian relationship over the span of decades, told in non-chronological order in novel, novella, novelette and short story formats. "KATAOMOI." Approximately 66,000 words The day Aiko and Reina move into their own home together is supposed to be a joyous occasion. However, with Reina working five to six days a week, Aiko the budding housewife finds solitude tough to handle. She jumps headlong into making friends at the nearest lesbian get-together but meets one person not interested: Reina's bitter ex-girlfriend, who fills her emotional void with activism and her love for all-female musicals. While Aiko establishes herself as the queen of domesticity, Reina is nominated for a promotion at work. She soon discovers that being a woman in the professional world is rife with injustice, and begins to resent her gender and the way society treats it. With her ex-girlfriend now hanging around, it is a cold reminder as to what happens when Reina becomes a thorn in other women's families. Living together will give Aiko and Reina challenges never dreamed of before, yet it gives them the chance to build a life together, other women notwithstanding. Their first trial is to navigate the first few months of coming out, disappointment, glamorous show tunes, and a dark cloud of kataomoi, or "unrequited love," hanging over the city. "KATAOMOI." takes place from July - Oct. 1997. NOTE - This book contains the following: Graphic language Sexual situations Polyamory A lot of love for women who love women. Intended for mature audiences only.

That Girl Lesbian Romance

That Girl  Lesbian Romance Author Scarlett Cantrell
Year 2013-12-14
Pages 260
Language en
Publisher JAF Publications

Your ideal woman doesn't exist? Create her. Best friends Tiffany Burke and Kara Mascotti are in the same predicament: they're perhaps the only twenty-five-year-old lesbians in Chicago who have never been with women! They're convinced they will never get laid this side of thirty. They're ready to try anything. Even Your Love Creator, a dodgy looking website that has scam written all over it. It isn't like any dating website they've encountered before. They're being asked to design their ideal woman, right down to the smallest detail. But it's just some harmless fun. Of course nothing will ever come of it... So who is the gorgeous (and slightly crazy) woman who has turned up on their doorstep matching all of their requirements? And why does it look as though she's here to stay? Whoever she is, Tiffany and Kara can be sure of one thing: their tidy lives are about to get very messy. This wacky lesbian romantic comedy contains some strong language.

My Lesbian Affair

My Lesbian Affair Author Lisa D. Vaughn
ISBN-10 9781477181447
Year 2011-10-27
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

This is a fiction romance novel about a woman named Lucy. Lucy is in a 7 year relationship with Michael. However, she cannot commit to marriage with Michael and she does not know why until she meets Tina

Set Dreams Boxed Set Lesbian Romance

Set Dreams Boxed Set  Lesbian Romance Author Heidi Lowe
Year 2015-05-13
Pages 120
Language en
Publisher Heidi Lowe Books

Set Dreams Boxed Set - The complete 3-book set Book 1 - Nyla Rossi – brunette beauty, once voted Sexiest Woman Alive. Former action star, now my co-star. Hobbies include being an unapologetic homophobe, and hating me! She's made no secret of her dislike for me and my “lifestyle”. The whole world knows about it. What the whole world doesn't know, however, is what goes on when the cameras stop rolling, and when we're alone together... Being hated never felt so good. Book 2 - I was foolish to think that what happened between us would change things. If anything it made things worse. Knowing me intimately gave Nyla power over me.And worst of all, I can't stop thinking about her. She's made it difficult to move on. But luckily for me, I don't have to. Book 3 - After what she did and said to me, I wanted her dead. I regretted ever letting her touch me. I couldn't stand being in the same room as her. The show started to suffer. I'd finally seen the real Nyla Rossi, and I hated her. But then she did something that made me question my opinion of her. She showed me a side of her I never knew existed. A side the rest of the world had never seen. And then, what started off as hate-sex became something more. So much more.

Sexual Identity and Lesbian Family Life

Sexual Identity and Lesbian Family Life Author Iris Erh-Ya Pai
ISBN-10 9789811040054
Year 2017-07-01
Pages 287
Language en
Publisher Springer

This new book illustrates how Taiwanese lesbians negotiate their lives outside patriarchal families, while seeking varying ways to maintain working relationships with their families of origin, as their notion of family distinguishes them from same sex couples in other countries. This ambivalence has a strong influence on their relational decisions as they deal with contradictions between family ties, filial piety and lesbianism. Based on individual and couple interviews with self-identified lesbian couples in stable relationships, the book offers vivid narratives of different ways in which Taiwanese lesbians have been able to make sense of their families without recognition by legislation or their families of origin. Specific issues in Taiwan raised in the book challenge the taken-for-granted understandings of same-sex relationships and review the dramatic transformations that have profoundly changed womens' position. It also offers a sensitive analysis of GLBT issues and heteronormativity, arguing that Chinese familialism can cohabite with lesbianism in the context of contemporary Taiwan.

The Special

The Special Author Olivia Hampshire
ISBN-10 9781537875132
Year 2017-06-29
Pages 64
Language en
Publisher Pronoun

Allison was drop dead beautiful, and she still is. She married her high school sweetheart, the captain of the football team, Lester. They had 3 kids and lived in small town, USA. Lester drank, and beat Allison regularly when he came home from his job, stocking shelves at Walfart. Allison had a dream of working with animals, far away in a game preserve in Kenya. What a silly dream for a small town, USA girl. And then she met Harriet Rothchild. Bonus Blockbuster “House of Romance,” title included. “Olivia! I have read all of your Lesbian Billionaire books and I always wondered about Harriet. You never really came out and told us anything about her. Well this was my big surprise and I thank you very much. This told me a lot about Harriet and the book was excellent. Another excellent read and please excuse me for saying thank you, thank you, thank you too many times.” Ava, Kalamazoo, MI “That Lester. What a jerk. He got just what he deserved and big time. And that Allison. What a charmer. What a wonderful person with such a great heart. And what vision she had. If she is a real person, I wish her and her children the best in whatever that do down the road. Thank you very much Olivia for another great lesbian romance story. Bravo!” Violet, Nashville, TN “Hi Olivia. You just out did yourself with this one. I have been wondering about Harriet through this whole series and I have had so many questions. Harriet is just the best billionaire ever. I don´t know any, but she really seems to be the best that I know of. If I ever get money, I want to be just like her. And Debbie Brown. Ha, Brown, Debbie Brown. She always comes through and she came through really big in this one. I love you Olivia!” Megan, Eau Clare, WI “I thought Allison was down the tubes. I didn´t think that things would work out. But in the end, well, I don´t want to blow it for people that haven´t read the book yet. All I can say is, “Read the whole thing.” I have not found any lesbian romance books like your’s Olivia. I just love them. I also like your House of Romance books with Grace and Claudia. Anyway, thank you so much for this great first time lesbian book. It was one of your best pieces of work.” Stella, Glasgow, MT

A Queer World

A Queer World Author Martin Duberman
ISBN-10 9780814718759
Year 1997-04-01
Pages 705
Language en
Publisher NYU Press

Despite the widely accepted view that formal treatment and twelve-step groups are essential for overcoming dependencies on alcohol and drugs, each year large numbers of former addicts quietly recover on their own, without any formal treatment or participation in self-help groups at all. Coming Clean explores the untold stories of untreated addicts who have recovered from a lifestyle of excessive and compulsive substance use without professional assistance. Based on 46 in-depth interviews with formerly addicted individuals, this controversial volume examines their reasons for avoiding treatment, the strategies they employed to break away from their dependencies, the circumstances that facilitated untreated recovery, and the implications of recovery without treatment for treatment professionals as well as for prevention and drug policy. Because of the pervasive belief that addiction is a disease requiring formal intervention, few training programs for physicians, social workers, psychologists, and other health professionals explore the phenomenon of natural recovery from addiction. Coming Clean offers insights for treatment professionals of how recovery without treatment can work and how candidates for this approach can be identified. A detailed appendix outlines specific strategies which will be of interest to addicted individuals themselves who wish to attempt the process of recovery without treatment.

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers Author Lillian Faderman
ISBN-10 9780231530743
Year 2012-01-03
Pages 373
Language en
Publisher Columbia University Press

Lesbian life in America continues to evolve. As Lillian Faderman writes, there are “no constants with regard to lesbianism,” except that lesbians prefer women. In this book, Faderman reclaims the story of lesbian life in twentieth-century America, tracing the evolution of lesbian identity and subcultures from early networks to today’s diverse lifestyles. Faderman samples from journals, unpublished manuscripts, songs, media accounts, novels, medical literature, pop culture artifacts, and rich firsthand testimony with lesbians of all races, ages, and classes, uncovering a surprising narrative of unparalleled depth and originality.

Fun Home

Fun Home Author Alison Bechdel
ISBN-10 0618871713
Year 2007
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A memoir done in the form of a graphic novel by a cult favorite comic artist offers a darkly funny family portrait that details her relationship with her father--a funeral home director, high school English teacher, and closeted homosexual.

A lesbian love advisor

A lesbian love advisor Author Celeste West
ISBN-10 0939416271
Year 1989-11
Pages 190
Language en
Publisher Cleis Pr

Gives sage advice on getting, defining, keeping, enjoying, and maybe, leaving a loving relationship

2015 Writer s Market

2015 Writer s Market Author Robert Lee Brewer
ISBN-10 9781599638607
Year 2014-08-05
Pages 922
Language en
Publisher Writer's Digest Books

The most trusted guide to getting published! Want to get published and paid for your writing? Let the 2015 Writer's Market guide you through the process with thousands of publishing opportunities for writers, including listings for book publishers, consumer and trade magazines, contests and awards, and literary agents. These listings include contact and submission information to help writers get their work published. Beyond the listings, you'll find all-new editorial material devoted to the business and promotion of writing, including advice on pitching to agents and editors, managing your freelance business, and building a readership. This edition also includes the ever popular--and updated--pay-rate chart, plus dozens of articles and essays like these: Kate Meadows, freelance writer and editor, shares seven habits of financially savvy writers. Carol Tice, professional writer, teaches you how to build your writing career with social media. Dana W. Todd, public relations professional, explains how to successfully pitch you and your work like a PR pro. You also gain access to: Lists of professional writing organizations Sample query letters A free digital download of Writer's Yearbook featuring the 100 Best Markets Finally, NEW TO THIS YEAR'S EDITION is an exclusive webinar "How to Find More Success Freelancing," taught by Robert Lee Brewer, editor of Writer's Market. It takes a lot more than flawless writing to be a freelance writer. This hour-long webinar will help you to increase your chances of success. You'll learn the current freelance landscape, how to find freelance opportunities, how to secure assignments, negotiating strategies, and more. Whether the goal is to publish a book, write a magazine article, or freelance for local businesses, this webinar is for writers looking to find more success with their freelancing and ultimately make more money. "Every writer needs a toolbox filled with craft, a drop of talent, and hope. Successful writers know they must add the Writer's Market. You should too." -Barbara O'Neal, author of The All You Can Dream Buffet, 7-time RITA award-winner, and RWA Hall of Fame member "The business of writing is unnecessarily intimidating. Editors want good writing, so why can it be so hard to get published. Writer's Market helps make sense of that big question, offering the kind of straight-shooting advice writers needs. I bought my first copy over a decade ago and still feel grateful that I was able to send my first submissions without embarrassing myself. Writer's Market is an invaluable tool that I find myself recommending again and again." -Erica Wright, author of the novel The Red Chameleon and poetry collection Instructions for Killing the Jackal, as well as Senior Editor for Guernica Magazine

The Spanish Pearl

The Spanish Pearl Author Catherine Friend
ISBN-10 9781602823792
Year 2007-05-01
Pages 310
Language en
Publisher Bold Strokes Books Inc

When Kate Vincent and her partner travel to Spain, Kate is accidentally transported back in time...way back in time...to 1085. What does a woman like Kate do in a world of no antibiotics, no feminism, no Diet Coke? She denies it as long as possible, then sets her mind to getting home. Tricky with her now useless twenty-first century skills. Things don't go well. Kate is captured by a band of mercenary soldiers and becomes an unwitting pawn in the violent conflict between the Catholic kings and the Islamic Moors. In her struggle to stay alive and return to the future, Kate must flee exotic harems, filthy dungeons, and treacherous Moorish courts. But when a sword-brandishing woman with an astonishing secret sweeps into Kate's life, Kate is suddenly torn between two women, and between two centuries. The Spanish Pearl is an epic adventure spiced with humor, lust, and danger—a story with surprising twists that will capture your imagination just as Kate's dilemma captures your heart.