The Book of Creation

The Book of Creation Author J. Philip Newell
ISBN-10 1853115398
Year 2003
Pages 120
Language en
Publisher Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd

For many Christians, the world equates with "worldliness" and it is to be avoided for fear of damage to their spiritual health. Celtic Christianity differs from this in that it sees in all creation the reflection of God's goodness and beauty which sin might mar, but can never destroy. This book explores the Celtic view of creation and each chapter focuses on an aspect of God revealed in creation to transform our view of created matter. J Philip Newell is a leading author in the field of Celtic spirituality including Celtic Benediction, Sounds of the Eternal, Listening for the Heartbeat of God and other popular titles. Previously Warden of Iona Abbey, and Warden of Spirituality in the Diocese of Portsmouth, he is presently based in Edinburgh and is engaged full time in writing and speaking.

Listening for the Heartbeat of God Reissue

Listening for the Heartbeat of God Reissue Author Newell
ISBN-10 0281060932
Year 2008-09-01
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Listening for the Heartbeat of God presents a spirituality for today, modeled on the vital characteristics of Celtic spirituality throughout the centuries. The emphasis is on the goodness of creation and of humanity made in the image of God.

A New Harmony

A New Harmony Author J. Philip Newell
ISBN-10 9780470554678
Year 2011-07-26
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

The author of Christ of the Celts describes how to overcome divisions and find common ground in a “new harmony” of integrated Christianity that combines the best of ancient Christian spirituality and a more holistic, natural approach to faith.

Celtic Treasure

Celtic Treasure Author J. Philip Newell
ISBN-10 080282983X
Year 2005-10-04
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

Newell's family prayer book engages the reality of family life with sensitivity and imagination, providing both starting points for reflection and deeper nourishment for authentic Christian life.

Celtic Christian Spirituality

Celtic Christian Spirituality Author Mary C. Earle
ISBN-10 9780281067084
Year 2012-02-16
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher SPCK

The Celtic Christians beheld the world around them and perceived the divine life of God upholding every aspect of the material universe. Their prayers and poems, their liturgies and their theological texts give Christians a sense of faith that is confident in a merciful and infinitely creative, healing God. In this introduction to Celtic Christian spirituality, Mary C. Earle presents the primary texts from the Celtic Christian tradition - selections from the writings of Pelagius, Eriugena and St Patrick, as well as prayers and poems from Wales, the Outer Hebrides and Ireland. These essential texts direct humanity to read the 'book of creation' as well as the book of scripture, and call us to remember that 'matter matters'. The author's engaging facing-page commentary explores how faithful Christians and spiritual seekers use the writings of this lively tradition as ways of embodying and living the gospel.

Celtic Christian Spirituality

Celtic Christian Spirituality Author Mary C. Earle
ISBN-10 9781594733024
Year 2011
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher SkyLight Paths Publishing

The Celtic Christians beheld the world around them and perceived the divine life of God as upholding every aspect of the material universe. Their prayers and poems, their liturgies and theological interpretations give Christians a sense of faith that is confident in a merciful and infinitely creative, healing God.

The Globalization of God

The Globalization of God Author Dara Molloy
ISBN-10 9781491760437
Year 2015-11-10
Pages 330
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

• Roman Catholicism was the first multinational corporation • Preaching was the forerunner of advertising • Roman Catholicism created the template for the spread of commercial globalisation through multinational corporations • For global Christianity to succeed all local expressions of Christianity had to be suppressed. These included Celtic Christianity. For 800 years the Roman church tried to break the independent spirit of Celtic Christianity • Despite being defeated in 1014 at the Battle of Clontarf, the Irish Vikings, through their urban bishops, were key actors in the imposition of Roman episcopal structures of church throughout Ireland in the 12th century • There was an ‘invasion’ of Norman monks to Ireland which began in 1142, twenty-five years before the military invasion in 1167 • The ecclesiastical colonisation of Ireland meant that: – a Roman episcopal and diocesan structure replaced the Celtic monastic structure – Norman colonisers destroyed Celtic monasteries and replaced them with imported European religious orders – Cistercian monasteries in Ireland were required to have French abbots and sometimes these were imposed by force – no Irishman was allowed to become a bishop or attain any ecclesiastical high office • St Malachy of Armagh betrayed his own Celtic heritage and was a key figure in bringing about the ecclesiastical colonisation of Ireland • Monotheism is the mythical container for globalization • Humans will fail to return to a sustainable way of living on this planet until the mythological container of monotheism is replaced by new bioregional spiritualities that go beyond both monotheism and polytheism

Beautiful Quest

Beautiful Quest Author Peter Volkofsky
ISBN-10 9781483558172
Year 2015-07-31
Pages 170
Language en
Publisher BookBaby

Whether we know it or not, we are on a perilous and beautiful quest. We are told in this book, for example, that we “must follow love,” which conjures up images of sentimental songs, flowers and dishonesty. But the love being talked about here turns out to be something far more practical and mysterious. So, exactly what is this quest all about? It emerges that it’s about home and family, community and neighbourhood, and in particular, about God, which involves sacrifice. Unfortunately, these sacrifices can be wrongheaded and we can get badly hurt and lose hope. Beautiful Quest understands this and leads us to places of clarity and new hope. Having enabled us to find our way again, it dares us to once more walk with God in a world deep with love, light and danger. We re-discover why knowing God is so irresistible.

Crossing Myself

Crossing Myself Author Greg Garrett
ISBN-10 9780819233059
Year 2016-10-24
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Church Publishing, Inc.

Honest story of pain, heart-ache, and hope

As My Own Soul

As My Own Soul Author Chris Glaser
ISBN-10 1596272201
Year 2009-07-01
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Church Publishing, Inc.

With the removal of sexual orientation as a bar to ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), pending approval of a majority of presbyteries, and the Episcopal Church’s 2009 General Convention calling for the development of theological and liturgical resources for same-sex blessings, sexual orientation—especially with regard to marriage—is a central issue. Secularly, too, the topic is front-page news with the recent California same-gender marriage ruling and subsequent Proposition 8 vote and the update of the Massachusetts same-gender marriage law. This book sets forth the case for religious institutions’ blessing of same-gender marriage, positing that same-gender marriage does not detract from the sacredness of heterosexual marriage, but rather enhances and nourishes the institution. Chapters include: • Claiming the Blessing • Deeper Than Scripture • Traditional Family Values • The Sacred Source of Marriage • Sex and the Body of Christ • Marriage As a Spiritual Discipline “Marriage is a spiritual discipline in which we come to know ourselves as beloved, trustworthy, redeemed, forgiven, and blessed, and at the same time learn how to love, be faithful, redeem, forgive, and bless the partner as well as the community.” —Chris Glaser

The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality

The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality Author Peter Tyler
ISBN-10 9781441109422
Year 2012-08-30
Pages 356
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

What is Christian Spirituality? How does it relate to non-Christian traditions? Where does it arise from and where is it going? These are some of the key questions addressed in this innovative new guide from Bloomsbury. The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality is written by foremost academics in their fields who distill their knowledge for a wide intelligent audience. They do this with huge skill and attention to the needs of modern readers. Appealing equally to those studying the tradition for religious formation or those wishing to acquaint themselves with this fascinating subject, this guide is destined to become an essential text in the field.


Soulfaring Author Cintra Pemberton
ISBN-10 9780819217806
Year 1999-10-01
Pages 233
Language en
Publisher Church Publishing, Inc.

In the past few years pilgrimage-going to ancient holy sites in search of God-has become increasingly popular for people seeking to deepen their relationship with the Holy. Sister Cintra Pemberton seeks to enrich the experiences of today's pilgrims by helping them draw on the history of pilgrimage itself, as well as by suggesting particularly rich sites to visit. Part One of Soulfaring explores the history of pilgrimage, beginning in Celtic times, and moving through the early Christian period, the Middle Ages, and even the revival of pilgrimage today. Part Two explores fifteen sites in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. Each of the descriptions of the various sites includes not only suggestions of what may be seen there, but the author's personal meditations on the experience of the Holy in each place.

Confronting Religious Denial of Science

Confronting Religious Denial of Science Author Catherine M. Wallace
ISBN-10 9781498228749
Year 2016-07-05
Pages 138
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

Confronting Religious Denial of Science: Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination traces the cultural backstory of contemporary conflicts between biblical literalists who oppose evolution and "New Atheists" who insist that religion is so pernicious it should be outlawed, if not exterminated. That's a clash of fundamentalisms. It's a zero-sum game derived from high Victorian misunderstanding of both religion and science. The God whom science supposedly replaces is the Engineer Almighty sitting at his keyboard, controlling every event on earth. But that's not a viable concept of God. Far better, Wallace argues, to understand Christianity in Clifford Geertz's terms as a system of symbols that both constitutes a worldview and, according to David Sloan Wilson, encourages prosocial behavior. That reframing makes it possible to reclaim what biblical scholars have said for decades: the miracles of Jesus were confrontational symbolic actions. They contradicted the political status quo in colonial Palestine, not the laws of biology. Prayer, she explains, is not magical thinking. It's a creative, highly disciplined introspective process, most familiar to many people in forms like mindfulness meditation. Wallace offers an intriguing exploration of issues that believers seldom discuss in ways that make sense to the religiously unaffiliated. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Praying with Celtic Saints Prophets Martyrs and Poets

Praying with Celtic Saints  Prophets  Martyrs  and Poets Author June Skinner Sawyers
ISBN-10 1580510949
Year 2001-01-01
Pages 215
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

The ancient Celtic tradition has taken the modern world by storm. Over the past decade seekers have collected all things Celtic-books, art, music, toys, clothing. But how much of it is authentic or lasting? In this highly distinctive book, June Sawyers has culled from a diverse pool of sources to offer readers a weekly dose of Celtic wisdom and witness. Beyond the famous trio of Patrick, Brigid, and Brendan, contemporary seekers will find kindred souls in famous and not-so-famous saints, prophets, martyrs, and poets who make up the fabric of the Celtic tradition. This book features short entries describing the lives, temptations, insights, and struggles of Celtic saints but also Celtic prophets, martyrs, and poets. Arranged weekly by either feast day, birth date, date of death, or alphabetically, each selection is preceded by a quotation from or about the saint, prophet, martyr, or poet and concludes with a thought to ponder. When appropriate, each entry is accompanied by a descriptive listing ofsignificant sacred sites, museums, or other important landmarks. From Patrick and Columba to Seamus Heaney and William Butler Yeats, this is a timeless and timely, practical and wise book. Use it as your spiritual guide throughout the year.