On the Social Contract

On the Social Contract Author Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ISBN-10 9780486111803
Year 2012-03-01
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher Courier Corporation

A milestone of political science, Rousseau's 1762 work argues that all government is fundamentally flawed and that modern society is rife with inequality. He proposes an alternative system for the development of self-governing, self-disciplined citizens.

Evolution of the Social Contract

Evolution of the Social Contract Author Brian Skyrms
ISBN-10 0521555833
Year 1996-06-28
Pages 146
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

In this highly readable book, Brian Skyrms, a recognized authority on game and decision theory, investigates traditional problems of the social contract in terms of evolutionary dynamics. Game theory is skillfully employed to offer new interpretations of a wide variety of social phenomena, including justice, mutual aid, commitment, convention and meaning. The book is not technical and requires no special background knowledge. As such, it could be enjoyed by students and professionals in a wide range of disciplines: political science, philosophy, decision theory, economics and biology.

Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Rousseau and The Social Contract

Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Rousseau and The Social Contract Author Christopher Bertram
ISBN-10 0415201985
Year 2004
Pages 214
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

Rousseau's Social Contract is a benchmark in political philosophy and has influenced moral and political thought since its publication. Rousseau and the Social Contract introduces and assesses: *Rousseau's life and the background of the Social Contract *The ideas and arguments of the Social Contract *Rousseau's continuing importance to politics and philosophy Rousseau and the Social Contract will be essential reading for all students of philosophy and politics, and anyone coming to Rousseau for the first time.

The Social Contract

The Social Contract Author Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ISBN-10 0300091419
Year 2002
Pages 315
Language en
Publisher Yale University Press

For this edition Susan Dunn has provided a new translation of the "Discourse on the Sciences and Arts" and has revised a previously published translation of "The Social Contract".

The Social Contract a Discourse on the Origin of Inequality And a Discourse on Political Economy

The Social Contract  a Discourse on the Origin of Inequality  And a Discourse on Political Economy Author Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ISBN-10 1420926977
Year 2006-01
Pages 148
Language en
Publisher Digireads.com Publishing

Jean-Jacques Rousseau writes, Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains. This statement exemplifies the main idea behind The Social Contract, in other words that man is essentially free if it weren't for the oppression of political organizations such as government. Rousseau goes on to lay forth the principles that he deems most important for achieving political right amongst people. Contained within this volume are also two discourses by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In A Discourse on the Origin of Inequality Rousseau examines the causes of the inequalities that exist among men concluding that it is the natural result of the formation of any civilization. In A Discourse on Political Economy Rousseau examines the nature of politics and their effect on people. These three works lay a solid foundation for the political philosophy of Rousseau and are a must read for any student of political science or philosophy.

The Social Contract Discourses

The Social Contract   Discourses Author Jean Jacques Rousseau
ISBN-10 9781988297378
Year 1913
Pages 287
Language en
Publisher Lulu.com

The role of government and whether it is required was a great topic of discussion around the revolt against the French nobility at the time this book was written. The argument focuses around whether the idea of law and good conscious is written within each of us and that we all know how government should act and be carried out. The work then goes over the various forms of government and of them all which would fit the proposed "Social Contract" the best. Each as its own merits.

Classical Social Contract Theory

Classical Social Contract Theory Author Sebastian Erckel
ISBN-10 9783640327393
Year 2009-05
Pages 28
Language en
Publisher GRIN Verlag

Essay from the year 2008 in the subject Politics - Political Theory and the History of Ideas Journal, grade: 80%= good, University of Kerala (Department of Political Science), course: Political Theory- Liberal Tradition, language: English, abstract: This essay compares the classical social contract theories of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau. Different perceptions of the state of nature resulted in different ideas about the social contract and its emphasis on either security (Hobbes), individual rights (Locke) or the collective freedom of Rousseau's general will. Political philosophy is believed to have started with Plato's "Republic," the first known sophisticated analysis of a fundamental question that humans have probably been concerned with much longer: how should human society be organised, i.e. who should rule and why? Plato believed that ruling required special training and skills and should therefore be left to an aristocracy of guardians who had received extensive training. While the notion that ruling requires expertise can hardly be denied there is also agreement among most philosophers that whoever qualifies for the job of ruling needs to do so with the interest of the people in mind. But what is the interest of the people and how can it be discovered? According to Plato, a necessary precondition for rulers is wisdom and that is why he wanted his guardians to be especially trained in philosophy. One may think that the people themselves should know what is best for them but somewhat surprisingly this idea has been rejected not just by Plato but also by many philosophers following him. Another approach is to link rule on Earth to a mandate received from a divine Creator. However, even the idea that humans could not exist without a government has been questioned, most notably by anarchism. Thus, the question of how political rule, the power to make decisions for others, could be justified is an essential one. Only legitimate rule creates obligation and without o

CCP Declares

CCP Declares Author
ISBN-10 0987597698
Year 2016
Language en

"...These works examine or extend the idea of social contract theory; the idea that moral and political obligations and rights are bound upon an intrinsic agreement amongst the various constituents of a society" -- publisher's website.

The position of Rousseau on the Social Contract

The position of Rousseau on the Social Contract Author Irina Wolf
ISBN-10 9783640414215
Year 2009-08-24
Pages 5
Language en
Publisher GRIN Verlag

Essay from the year 2001 in the subject Politics - Political Theory and the History of Ideas Journal, grade: A, American University of Central Asia, course: Modern Political Thought, language: English, abstract: The example to be examined is the two works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. First one is Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, written in 1754, and the second one is On the Social Contract, written eight years later. The question is whether Rousseau maintains his position on the social contract as a trick of the rich over the poor in the second writing just as he suggested in the first one. Moreover, the clarification of the consequences of the compact in each work is proper to discuss.

Hobbes and the Social Contract Tradition

Hobbes and the Social Contract Tradition Author Jean Hampton
ISBN-10 9781316583258
Year 1988-08-26
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

This major study of Hobbes' political philosophy draws on recent developments in game and decision theory to explore whether the thrust of the argument in Leviathan, that it is in the interests of the people to create a ruler with absolute power, can be shown to be cogent. Professor Hampton has written a book of vital importance to political philosophers, political and social scientists, and intellectual historians.

Social Contract

Social Contract Author Sir Ernest Barker
ISBN-10 0195003098
Year 1960
Pages 307
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

Provides essays by each of these 18th century philosophers concerning contracts of government.

Justice and the Social Contract

Justice and the Social Contract Author Samuel Freeman
ISBN-10 9780199725069
Year 2009-04-24
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Samuel Freeman was a student of the influential philosopher John Rawls, he has edited numerous books dedicated to Rawls' work and is arguably Rawls' foremost interpreter. This volume collects new and previously published articles by Freeman on Rawls. Among other things, Freeman places Rawls within historical context in the social contract tradition, and thoughtfully addresses criticisms of this position. Not only is Freeman a leading authority on Rawls, but he is an excellent thinker in his own right, and these articles will be useful to a wide range of scholars interested in Rawls and the expanse of his influence.

The Social Contract Theorists

The Social Contract Theorists Author Christopher W. Morris
ISBN-10 9780585114033
Year 2000-01-01
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

This reader introduces students of philosophy and politics to the contemporary critical literature on the classical social contract theorists: Thomas Hobbes (1599-1697), John Locke (1632-1704), and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778). Twelve thoughtfully selected essays guide students through the texts, familiarizing them with key elements of the theory, while at the same time introducing them to current scholarly controversies. A bibliography of additional work is provided. The classical social contract theorists represent one of the two or three most important modern traditions in political thought. Their ideas dominated political debates in Europe and North America in the 17th and 18th centuries, influencing political thinkers, statesmen, constitution makers, revolutionaries, and other political actors alike. Debates during the French Revolution and the early history of the American Republic were often conducted in the language of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Later political philosophy can only be understood against this backdrop. And the contemporary revival of contractarian moral and political thought, represented by John Rawls' A Theory of Justice (1971) or David GauthierOs Morals by Agreement (1986), needs to be appreciated in the history of this tradition.