Breeding for Robustness in Cattle

Breeding for Robustness in Cattle Author Marija Klopčič
ISBN-10 9789086860845
Year 2009-01
Pages 281
Language en
Publisher Wageningen Academic Pub

The past decade has revealed unfavourable trends in e.g. fertility, udder health and locomotion in some major dairy cattle breeds due to a large increase in production and insufficient consideration of functional traits in the breeding goals. Such unfavourable trends in some functional traits increase costs. Additionally, the enlargement of herds leads to less available labour time per individual cow. This asks for cows that are easy to handle. At the same time, society is demanding a higher welfare standard of animals. These contradicting developments have increased the desire for so called more robust animals. Robustness can be defined as 'the ability to maintain homeostasis in commonly accepted and sustainable herds of the near future'; or 'the ability of the cow to function well in the environment she lives in as well as in a wide range of climates and production systems'. This book contains a series of articles (26) dealing with the concept of robustness, including aspects like evolution, genetics, environment, animal health and welfare, and integrity. Besides the major functional traits also the links to energy balance, hot climatic conditions, and the attitude and input of stakeholders towards robustness as part of the breeding program are discussed. This book is the first attempt to summarise the available knowledge concerning this topic in cattle, making this book unique. The contributions are from authors of 16 countries from all over the world. However, the focus is presently on farm animal level, while in future robustness of the whole production system may also require additional attention.


Overcome Author Lora Leigh
ISBN-10 9780698181861
Year 2015-02-03
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Penguin

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bengal's Quest ignites the most dangerous instincts known to man, woman, and beast in these Breed novellas, collected in one volume for the first time. The Breed Next Door Lyra thinks her new neighbor looks too good to be true. But Tarek Jordan is even more than he seems: a Breed Enforcer on the run. And even though he wants her, Tarek knows Lyra could get burned—unless she embraces the danger that comes with loving a Breed. In a Wolf’s Embrace Matthias and Grace are meant to mate—until he commits an act too shocking to ignore. Grace knew that the hot Breed was dangerous, but now, she fears for her own life. Yet she wonders: could it be part of some insidious plan? For there are forces determined to tear them apart and destroy what’s left of the man within. A Jaguar’s Kiss Jaguar Breed Saban Broussard has a job to do: guard the first instructor chosen to teach Breed children. But with just one kiss and his touch, the mating phenomena begins that will tie Natalie Ricci to him forever. Unless a shadow from her past gets them both killed.

Farming and Food Supply

Farming and Food Supply Author Sir Joseph Burtt Hutchinson
ISBN-10 052108475X
Year 1972
Pages 146
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

A personal account of the historical evolution and development of agricultural systems. Through agriculture human communities have established a situation in which they are relieved of the need to spend a greater part of their time in pursuit of the necessities of existence. Sir Joseph argues that a rising standard of living has depended historically on the ability of agriculture to release manpower to other more industrial pursuits and with its own reduced human resources to feed the increased urban population. This is a process that has gone on since agriculture began and which continues today. All who are concerned professionally or otherwise with the problem of feeding the world's population will find this a stimulating account. It has the conviction of personal experience. The author hopes that many of his views will gain assent or at the very least generate debate on important issues.

Clay s Handbook of Environmental Health

Clay s Handbook of Environmental Health Author Stephen Battersby
ISBN-10 9781135810337
Year 2012-10-12
Pages 968
Language en
Publisher Routledge

The latest edition of this classic, definitive reference work for all those involved in environmental health, is opened by a new chapter which discusses the changing approaches to Environmental Health. There are other new chapters on risk assessment and the epidemiology of non-infectious diseases with new introductory chapters both for food safety and occupational health and safety which place those activities into the rapidly changing conceptual and organisational contexts. There is additional work on meat hygiene to highlight developments in that area and substantial material on the enforcement function and on air pollution. There are also new organisational case studies.

There Are Many Breeds Of Men

There Are Many Breeds Of Men Author Josephine-de-France MSC MAPM
ISBN-10 9781491879702
Year 2013-10
Pages 158
Language en
Publisher Author House

Writing a book is an amazing reward, and I personally found it quite therapeutic, but at first, it was blooming difficult to start writing. Getting started was hard, but I thought of it like a striptease - as in, the first sentence ought to make you feel compelled to read the next and so on, so much so that when you finish the first page, you ought to feel like nothing short of a house on fire will stop you from turning to the second page and so on. However, once I managed to start, I found it difficult to stop. I was carried away, and I kept amending and could not let go or leave the words alone. Like a roller coaster, life has many ups and downs; however, with true pain and inner strength through travelling the journey, you must remain determined to move towards the light on this roller coaster of life that never stops. So I take you through my journey of that roller-coaster life, moving from the dark with the Sloth, to the retreat with my Rock Bunny, through my soul with the Tiger, to a date and a night with a band and a bunch of flowers, even though I may be referred to as old, fat, and ugly. Then you will see my move across fear with the Hyena, my visit with the Parasite, and finally, at last, my transition towards the light with my Meerkat. Once there at the end of my journey, I reflect upon myself and my own presence and being, and then I move on to question myself. What am I? Am I the Chameleon, the Black Panther, or just your regular everyday Swan, who's a little larger than most birds?

Kiss Of Heat

Kiss Of Heat Author Lora Leigh
ISBN-10 9781419903694
Year 2005-08-29
Language en
Publisher Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc

Kane lost his heart to Sherra and news of her death ripped his heart apart. But Sherra didn't die. Her sadistic handlers have convinced her she was betrayed by Kane. As the deceit and cruelty of the Council that created the breeds escalates, Kane and Sherra learn that there is more to mating than just the "heat." --Publisher's description.

Reworking Authority

Reworking Authority Author Larry Hirschhorn
ISBN-10 0262581736
Year 1998
Pages 132
Language en
Publisher MIT Press

In the old culture of authority, people suppressed disruptive feelings such as envy, resentment, and fear of dependency. Depersonalizing themselves, they became "alienated," and the work of their organizations suffered. In building a new culture of authority, we are challenged to express these feelings without disrupting our work. We learn how to bring our feelings to our tasks.

The Americanization of a Rural Immigrant Church

The Americanization of a Rural Immigrant Church Author Dennis D Engbrecht
ISBN-10 9781351741927
Year 2017-07-06
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

The purpose of this study, first published in 1990, is to investigate the Americanization of an immigrant church in rural North America. The study focuses on General Conference Mennonites who came from Russia and east Europe to settle in central Kansas in 1874. The Americanization of a Rural Immigrant Church will be of interest to students of American and rural history.