Praying for Boys

Praying for Boys Author Brooke McGlothlin
ISBN-10 9781441263445
Year 2014-01-21
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Baker Books

What Are Your Biggest Concerns for Your Son? Instead of trying harder to change your boy's behavior or worrying about his future, enjoy the peace that comes when you pray specific prayers for him straight from the Bible. This encouraging book helps you target your prayers on what your son needs most--from patience and self-control to having a pure heart and making wise decisions. Today you can start giving whatever concerns you have to God and - learn to fight for your son's heart in prayer - look at raising boys as a gift - see how even quick prayers make a difference - understand boys' deepest struggles, no matter their age - rest in knowing that God is the only One who can change your son's heart Written for moms but great for dads (and grandparents) too, this easy-to-use book is filled with uplifting stories and biblical wisdom that will equip you on your journey to raising a godly man. Includes a 21-Day Prayer Guide for Small Groups, in Person or Online! "What a gift Brooke has given us in this wonderfully practical and urgently needed book. We all want the very best for our sons. We invest so much in growing our boys up right, but we must remember that only our prayer partnership with God can mold their hearts. Brooke teaches us mamas how to fill the most sacred spaces of parenting with powerfully effective prayers." --Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries "Praying for Boys is more than a book of prayers or a devotional book for moms. It's a real toolbox that empowers parents to lead, love, and fight for the hearts of their sons."--Amanda White,, author of Truth in the Tinsel "Praying for Boys is profoundly motivating and biblical. Every mom who needs direction in raising boys into spiritually vibrant men will be challenged to embrace this clear strategy that Brooke provides. Highly practical and very encouraging!"--Sally Clarkson, director of Mom Heart Ministries and author of Desperate "I can't think of a greater resource for parents of boys than this book. Brooke McGlothlin has taken her love for all things boy, spelled out the important stuff, and infused a deep understanding of what boys need most in these pages. It is a must-read and pass-it-on kind of book!"--Lisa Whittle, speaker and author of {w}hole "Praying for Boys has challenged me to get on my knees and cry out to God for my sons in ways I never had before--boldly, expectantly, persistently, passionately. My mama heart has been changed."--Erin Mohring, co-founder of Raising Boys Media "As a mom it is a necessity and a privilege to bring our children to God through prayer. Brooke has created a fantastic resource to encourage and help us along the way. Praying for Boys is a must-have for every boy-mom!"--Ruth Schwenk, speaker, writer, and creator of "Brooke's practical book, full of vulnerable sharing and deeply rooted in God's Word, will become a useful tool as you seek to make prayer a priority and model for your boys just how to run hard after Jesus."--Karen Ehman, Proverbs 31 Ministries director of speakers and author of LET. IT. GO.

Gospel Centered Mom

Gospel Centered Mom Author Brooke McGlothlin
ISBN-10 9780735289642
Year 2017-08-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Multnomah

It’s Time to Stop Trying to Be the Perfect Mom You long to be the mom your kids need, but often you’re convinced you come up short. The label “not enough” seems to be stamped across everything you do—and yet parenting is the one thing you want most to get right. What if the solution is simply to embrace the truth that you are not enough—but God is? In Gospel-Centered Mom Brooke McGlothlin reveals how our entire approach to motherhood shifts when we stop chasing our vision of a perfect family and start full-out pursuing God. With refreshing candor, Brooke examines the daunting task of raising children in the light of God’s Word and challenges you to: · embrace your moment-by-moment need for Jesus · release the stress of believing everything is your responsibility · learn to fight for rather than against your child · believe that the story God is writing with your life is worth the sacrifice · practice the daily disciplines that lead to Gospel-centered parenting As you learn to anchor your life in the Gospel, you’ll find increased freedom, purpose, and joy in motherhood. And you’ll discover that Jesus is more than capable of meeting every need, for your children and for you.

Hope for the Weary Mom Devotional

Hope for the Weary Mom Devotional Author Stacey Thacker
ISBN-10 9780736961363
Year 2016-01-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Harvest House Publishers

Jesus promises rest to those who seek Him. But how can a weary mom find rest in Jesus when she doesn't know Him? How can she build her life on the Word when she doesn't know it? "Hope for the Weary Mom Devotional" offers 40 truths every mom needs to know in a devotional format.

Life Creative

Life Creative Author Wendy Speake
ISBN-10 9780825444104
Year 2016-09-27
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Kregel Publications

A celebration of motherhood, creativity, and the faith that binds them In our Pinterest age of handcrafted children's parties, artistic Instagram photos, tutorials for renovating old furniture into new treasures, and blogs filled with poetry, prose, and other creative expression, it is clear that a brand-new generation of creative women is rising up. It is a renaissance born not in Italian cathedrals or Harlem jazz clubs but in kitchens and nurseries and living rooms around the world. But when Christian women become mothers, they often feel expected to lay down their creative pursuits in order to properly parent. Wendy Speake and Kelli Stuart know that struggle. While they acknowledge that some seasons of mothering require setting artistic pursuits aside, they also argue that these seasons don't have to last until empty nest time. Instead, mothers with creative gifts are called to actively use them in order to bless their families, their communities, and everyone they encounter. Inspiring and encouraging, Life Creative celebrates the ways mothers can live their art in the midst of their mothering. They tell the stories of women such as author and speaker Angie Smith, recording artist Ellie Holcomb, and jewelry designer Lisa Leonard who do just that. By following God's leading to embrace His gifts, renaissance moms can model the joy of obedience for their families.

Hope for the Weary Mom

Hope for the Weary Mom Author Stacey Thacker
ISBN-10 9780736960816
Year 2015-02-01
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Harvest House Publishers

Do you ever feel like you're fresh out of amazing? Daily pouring yourself out for your family, you're tired, overwhelmed, and have nothing left to give. Hope for the Weary Mom is an honest look at where you find yourself living. In their new book, bloggers Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin (creators of the online communities Mothers of Daughters and The MOB Society) lead you to the God who meets you in your mess and show you that you don't walk through life alone. You will...invite God into your mess; reconnect with His heart for you; and experience the peace and freedom of walking with Him. It's easy to forget that God knows you by name when you're numb with the daily grind. Join Stacey and Brooke and begin the journey from weariness to hope.

Owen Meany

Owen Meany Author John Irving
ISBN-10 9783257600223
Year 2012-10-23
Pages 864
Language de
Publisher Diogenes Verlag AG

John Irvings Auseinandersetzung mit einem halben Jahrhundert amerikanischer Geschichte, mit der Frage nach dem Glauben in einer chaotischen Welt: die bewegende Geschichte der einzigartigen Freundschaft zwischen Owen Meany und John Wheelwright. Man schreibt den Sommer 1953, die beiden elfjährigen Freunde Owen und John spielen Baseball, als ein fürchterliches Unglück passiert... "

Praying for Girls

Praying for Girls Author Teri Lynne Underwood
ISBN-10 9781441231444
Year 2017-07-18
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Bethany House

Scripture-Based Prayers for Your Daughter's Specific Needs Instead of feeling overwhelmed by concerns for your daughter, enjoy the peace that comes when you pray targeted prayers for her straight from the Bible. No matter your girl's age, pray confidently about struggles she may be facing now and in the years to come. Covering five vital areas of a girl's life--her identity, heart, mind, relationships, and purpose--this easy-to-use book is ideal for anyone who feels intimidated or uncertain about what to pray for the girl they love. Rounding out the book are conversation starters and fun activities to help you guide your daughter into becoming a godly woman.


Jungen Author Steve Biddulph
ISBN-10 9783641141127
Year 2014-07-24
Pages 256
Language de
Publisher Heyne Verlag

Vom Autor des Weltbestsellers "Das Geheimnis glücklicher Kinder" Der australische Familientherapeut Steve Biddulph plädiert für ein neues Verständnis von Jungen: Sie gehen mit Leistungsdruck anders um als Mädchen und geraten häufiger in Schwierigkeiten. Biddulph zeigt Eltern, was in ihren Söhnen wirklich vorgeht, und erläutert, wie sie zu glücklichen und selbstbewussten Männern heranwachsen. «Ein Buch, von dem sich Erwachsene wünschen, ihre Eltern hätten es gelesen.» TZ, München

Prayerfully Yours

Prayerfully Yours Author Benjamin Vima
ISBN-10 9781466910607
Year 2012-01
Pages 232
Language en
Publisher Trafford Publishing

The truth on the Power of Prayer is Biblical, historical and experiential. Every religion recognizes it; every human that needs support to rise up and walk, to think positively and live fruitfully will testify to the usefulness of prayer. The Biblical testimony on the efficacy of prayer is: As God's Word will not return to Him void but shall achieve the end for which He sent it (Is. 55: 11), so the prayer of the lowly does not rest till it reaches its goal. (Sir. 35: 17-18) The author of this book, having been a 'prey of such powerful tool' in the Vineyard of the Lord, shares his personal and experiential thoughts and convictions about prayer. According to him only through prayer humans can build up and manage a qualitylife as the disciples of Jesus. Through this book he shares with readers some of his findings of the method of qualityprayer which is simple but productive, containing little nuance but with admiration of existing Traditions, and exclusive with its unique approach to prayer but inclusive of all possible saints' efforts over the centuries in praying fruitfully. The author compares qualityprayer-process to the 'walking through' inside portions of a Catholic Church building. He tries to walk with us through the four phases of qualityprayer and make us perceive clearly our actions and God's own as well, at each phase. The book asserts that though prayer is not a resource and support in the natural process of human development, it is by all means an indispensable source and basis for developing a matured 'Christian personality'. However, mere formal or traditional prayer would do no good in this regard. It would help keeping up our status quo. It will not contribute much to our growth of Christian personality. Even the prayer of the intellect, namely prayerful meditation or reflection would not do that much help, as it should. This kind of prayer would meet its immature death as I had gone through sometime back. Once the intellect gets more truths and facts about life, God, religion and universe it would surely put a full stop to any kind of prayer. "But if the same prayer is experiential and personal," the author writes, "if it is intensively connecting the soul to its God, the Ground of being, the Beyond of everything, if it accelerates the process of intimacy between the human and the Divine, then surely prayer becomes the primary source of change, growth and development in human personality and through him/her influences the entire universe. This is what happened in Jesus and so in His disciples and godly people of today. I dare to name this kind of prayer as QualityPrayer."

Weekday Liturgies for Children

Weekday Liturgies for Children Author Mary Kathleen Glavich
ISBN-10 1585958824
Year 2012
Pages 219
Language en
Publisher Twenty-Third Publications

This all-inclusive resource has been revised and updated with additional themes and saints feasts. Sister Kathleen offers Scripture suggestions, an introduction to use before the liturgy, intercessions, extensive homily/teaching ideas, and practical suggestions for making the celebration special.

God Gave You the Special Needs Child for a Purpose

God Gave You the Special Needs Child for a Purpose Author Kalee Miles
ISBN-10 9781512739169
Year 2016-06-27
Pages 170
Language en
Publisher WestBow Press

Although Brave was a surprise four-week premature baby, he weighed way more than many of the full-time babies. Thankfully, he was in great shape and was able to come home like a normal baby. He was a happy boy hitting time lines until he hit age one. At that point, the Pediatrician referred Brave to a program where Kalee finally realized how behind he was in many parts of the body. From that time until he went to kindergarten, she would soon learn so many different procedures and different types of doctors, specialists, therapists, tests, and diagnoses; many times the hard way. Insurance wouldn’t help her, they would just put off paying for a procedure. Helping get Brave the most assistance and diagnosis was only the beginning. Kalee would have some of the same procedures to keep track of her own serious medical issues and her other son, Timber’s, diagnosis. Having God lead her each day and provide her with hope, love, and grace truly kept her going. Without the Lord at her side, she may not have seen that God selected her to have two special needs kids. It’s a blessing she doesn’t deserve and just prays that God shows her each day what she needs to be doing for Him.

Life Changing Thoughts

Life Changing Thoughts Author Gary W. Smith
ISBN-10 9781438970578
Year 2009-07
Pages 688
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

LIFE CHANGING THOUGHTS is a book difficult to put down. One moment you will find yourself laughing; the next moment, you find yourself in deep meditation. The book contains thousands of inspiring, life changing, worshipful and humorous thoughts. There are nearly 700 pages with almost 500 different topics categorized alphabetically. Some of the book's topics are God and the Bible, character, faith, fullness, the family and home, leadership, patriotic thoughts, prayer and victorious living. The book even contains great seasonal thoughts for thanksgiving, Christmas and the Resurrection. As a young man, the author began collecting life-changing thoughts for his own personal use. It was not long until he was using the thoughts and poems within his own writings and sermons. Over a thirty-five year period, the collection of inspiring thoughts grew from only a few to number into the thousands. As the collection grew so did the author's ability to compose and write his own thoughts and poems. Many of these are included within this book. The book is a great resource for pastors, teachers, speechmakers, communicators and leaders. You will find the life-changing thoughts beneficial for your own edification and enjoyment. In addition, the book provides you with a wealth of inspiring and motivating thoughts to share with other people. The author hopes you are blessed by reading and sharing these thoughts, as he has been from compiling and writing them. "A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good it is!" (KJV, Proverbs 15:23)