PUT    EM IN COACH Author Richard Beach
ISBN-10 9781466920781
Year 2012-04-19
Pages 64
Language en
Publisher Trafford Publishing

I grew up in Washington, DC, in the public housing system. The most positive influences in helping to keep me on the right path were the Police Boys Club and DC Rec Department. I’ve always felt it was important to give to young children what was given to me in my youth.


Trippplets Author Paul Daze
ISBN-10 9781532007224
Year 2017-09-05
Pages 350
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Preaston, California is headed for a staggering shake up unlike no earthquake can create, by virtue of teen identical triplets Terrell, Derrell, and Jerrell Jenkins. However, their road to excellence is paved with many potholes to make their journey jarring and difficult. With each brother having their share of problems, Terrell’s troubles seem to eclipse the others by far. Being overly good-natured brands him an easy target for public harassment, ridicule, and disregard, and if that wasn’t enough, the strong tie he always had with his brothers is quickly unraveling. Terrell feels obligated to preserve unity within the family, since it was the one thing the boys’ father routinely instilled in them, right up until the time of his mysterious death. As Terrell’s optimism declines, his discovery of three mystical stones, which grants the brothers with incredible mental powers, is just the remedy to give his diminishing hope an upsurge. The stones were once owned by gifted Asian children, born over two thousand years ago, and identical triplets as well. The vitality of these extraordinary gems establishes a special meaning for both generations of triplets, and sets the course for adventure that will ultimately change the city of Preaston and mankind’s lives forever.

Larry the Liberal Lawyer Lashes Out

Larry the Liberal Lawyer Lashes Out Author Larry Atkins
ISBN-10 9780595369683
Year 2005-09
Pages 188
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Larry the Liberal Lawyer Lashes Out is a "best of" collection of Op-Eds and essays from Larry Atkins, one of the top freelance Op-Ed writers in America. The issues covered include politics, law, journalism, current events, social issues in sports, humor, and Philadelphia-related topics. Atkins teaches Editorial Writing at Temple University and Journalism at Arcadia University. He has written over 250 Op-Eds, articles, and essays for many publications, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dallas Morning News, Detroit News, Hartford Courant, Indianapolis Star, Jewish Exponent, Kansas City Star, Los Angeles Daily News, National Public Radio (Commentaries for Morning Edition and Only a Game), Newark Star-Ledger, Newsday, Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Metro, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and The Writer Magazine. He wrote a chapter on Op-Eds and essays for the ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing (St. Martin's Press).

Marist Football

Marist Football Author Franklin Cox
ISBN-10 9781614237068
Year 2012-09-25
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Arcadia Publishing

On Fridays in the fall, a fog rises from Nancy Creek behind Marist School's Hughes Spalding Stadium and floats across the football field. The apparition, called "the Ghosts of Marist Football," represents the Great Spirit of Marist High School, a school Sports Illustrated ranked number fifteen in its list of top athletic programs in the country. The War Eagle tradition boasts more than six hundred victories, a trophy case filled with championships and thirty straight years of playoff appearances in Georgia high school football, all while playing much larger schools. Join author and Marist alumnus Franklin Cox for three years inside the Spartan-esque tradition and learn why no team dares allow itself to dishonor the glorious roll call of War Eagle history.

Coach Wooden s Greatest Secret

Coach Wooden s Greatest Secret Author Pat Williams
ISBN-10 9781441212603
Year 2014-02-04
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Revell

At the first practice of each season, legendary coach John Wooden taught his players how to put on their socks and shoes a very particular way. When asked about this, he replied, "The little things matter. All I need is one little wrinkle in one sock to put a blister on one foot--and it could ruin my whole season. I started teaching about shoes and socks early in my career, and I saw that it really did cut down on blisters during the season. That little detail gave us an edge." Coach Wooden knew the long-term impact of little things done well. Now Pat Williams takes Coach Wooden's lesson, along with stories of people whose lives have exemplified the importance of little things done well, and shows readers how the small things one does or doesn't do drastically affect one's integrity, reputation, health, career, faith, and success. People who want to do their best in life, family, work, and faith will benefit from this entertaining and inspirational book.

Black Coach Waiting

Black Coach Waiting Author September Black
ISBN-10 9780595148103
Year 2000-12-01
Pages 520
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

This is the true story of a family tragedy which has carried on for three generations, including my father'show -any generations before his time is unknown. My father was orphaned at age 3. Consequently, when he married my mother he had known way of knowing he was carrying the nucleus of horror!

Protecting Home

Protecting Home Author Sherri Grasmuck
ISBN-10 9780813537610
Year 2005-04-19
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Rutgers University Press

Goldwater's fantastic photographs merge with the text to produce a documentary account of how we live today in multicultural America, one which takes its place among the finest firsthand studies.”—Mitchell Duneier, Princeton University, author of Sidewalk and Slim’s Table What can neighborhood baseball tell us about class and gender cultures, urban change, and the ways that communities value public space? Through a close exploration of a boys’ baseball league in a gentrifying neighborhood of Philadelphia, sociologist Sherri Grasmuck reveals the accommodations and tensions that characterize multicultural encounters in contemporary American public life. Based on years of ethnographic observation and interviews with children, parents, and coaches, Protecting Home offers an analysis of the factors that account for racial accommodation in a space that was previously known for racial conflict and exclusion. Grasmuck argues that the institutional arrangements and social characteristics of children’s baseball create a cooperative environment for the negotiation of social, cultural, and class differences. Chapters explore coaching styles, parental involvement, institutional politics, parent-child relations, and children’s experiences. Grasmuck identifies differences in the ways that the mostly white, working-class “old-timers” and the racially diverse, professional newcomers relate to the neighborhood. These distinctions reflect a competing sense of cultural values related to individual responsibility toward public space, group solidarity, appropriate masculine identities, and how best to promote children’s interests—a contrast between “hierarchical communalism” and “child-centered individualism.” Through an innovative combination of narrative approaches, this book succeeds both in capturing the immediacy of boys’ interaction at the playing field and in contributing to sophisticated theoretical debates in urban studies, the sociology of childhood, and masculinity studies.


Skedaddled Author Kenton Smith
ISBN-10 9781543428278
Year 2017-07-19
Pages 146
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Both marshals had pledged to one another that not another soul would be injured or killed--not on their watch--by Damien. The urgent questions now are where do we look? How do we find him? What if he is running in the opposite direction? How would we know? The answer is always the same: To catch a criminal one must think like a criminal. That's why Buster Gibbs and Ruston Lovell are now heading back up the Chisholm. The criminal escaped from them in the southern tip of Texas. There was no place else to go. He must be going north back up the Chisholm.

The Urban Ethnography Reader

The Urban Ethnography Reader Author Mitchell Duneier
ISBN-10 9780199325900
Year 2014-01-16
Pages 520
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Urban ethnography is the firsthand study of city life by investigators who immerse themselves in the worlds of the people about whom they write. Since its inception in the early twentieth century, this great tradition has helped define how we think about cities and city dwellers. The past few decades have seen an extraordinary revival in the field, as scholars and the public at large grapple with the increasingly complex and pressing issues that affect the ever-changing American city-from poverty to the immigrant experience, the changing nature of social bonds to mass incarceration, hyper-segregation to gentrification. As both a method of research and a form of literature, urban ethnography has seen a notable and important resurgence. This renewed interest demands a clear and comprehensive understanding of the history and development of the field to which this volume contributes by presenting a selection of past and present contributions to American urban ethnographic writing. Beginning with an original introduction highlighting the origins, practices, and significance of the field, editors Mitchell Duneier, Philip Kasinitz, and Alexandra Murphy guide the reader through the major and fascinating topics on which it has focused -- from the community, public spaces, family, education, work, and recreation, to social policy, and the relationship between ethnographers and their subjects. An indispensable guide, The Urban Ethnography Reader provides an overview of how the discipline has grown and developed while offering students and scholars a selection of some of the finest social scientific writing on the life of the modern city.

The Assist

The Assist Author Neil Swidey
ISBN-10 9780786727025
Year 2008-11-11
Pages 392
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Jack O'Brien is a high school basketball coach extreme in both his demands and his devotion. With monastic discipline, he has built a powerhouse program that wins state championships year after year while helping propel players to college. He does this as a white suburban guy working exclusively with black city boys who make the daily trek across Boston to attend Charlestown High School, where the last battles of the city's school desegregation wars were fought a generation ago. The Assist is a gripping, surprising story about fathers, sons, and surrogates, all confronting the narrow margins of urban life. The book follows the players on their hunt for a state title. But it also stays with them, to see how young men who seldom get second chances survive without their coach hovering over them—and how he survives without them.

Pitching to Giraffes

Pitching to Giraffes Author Tom Puszykowski
ISBN-10 9781483547930
Year 2015-01-15
Pages 321
Language en
Publisher BookBaby

John Light, desperate to escape his introverted ways and fully engage with the excitement, enlightenment, and essential splendor of the early 70's, is a man with a plan. Baseball and academics fail as fuel, but a dorm room challenge to his innate sense of ethics turns him toward the counterculture and friendship with a student activist with militant connections who offers him a solution, at a price. As his involvement deepens, so does his anger toward corruption and injustice, and he grapples with the complications of losing oneself in a just cause. When our institutions fail to convincingly argue why a person should do the right thing, the task falls to the individual, where maybe it belongs, anyway. John and his team's search for answers is compelling but may come too late. As time runs out, can John discover within himself a second fastball, an absolute, organic morality that promises a struggling humanity the ability to move through life with joy, nobility, and evolutionary grace?