Reason and Wonder

Reason and Wonder Author Eric Priest
ISBN-10 9780281075256
Year 2016-08-18
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher SPCK

An introductory chapter by the editor discusses the relationship between science and religion, and provides a summary of the themes of the book. Two chapters follow on a philosophical approach to the field, describing the relation with new atheism and the nature of natural law and reductionism. Then there are two chapters on astronomy and the nature of the universe, and two on evolution and creation. Three chapters follow from the biosciences, one on genes, another on psychology and a third on the nature of the person. These are complemented by two final theological chapters, one on the nature of miracles and another on trusting the New Testament. Contents: Eric Priest - Towards the Integration of Science and Religion Keith Ward - God, Science and the New Atheism Eleonore Stump - Natural Law, Reductionism and the Creator David Wilkinson - The Origin and End of the Universe – a Challenge for Christianity? Jennifer Wiseman - Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life Kenneth Miller - Evolution, Faith and Science Michael Murray and Jeff Schloss - Evil in Evolution Pauline Rudd - Is there More to Life than Genes? David Myers - Psychological Science Meets Christian Faith John Wyatt - Being a Person? - Towards an Integration of Neuroscientific and Christian Perspectives John Swinton - From Projection to Connection: Conversations between Science, Spirituality and Health Mark Harris - Do the Miracles of Jesus Contradict Science? Tom Wright - Can a Scientist Trust the New Testament? Questions for discussion or reflection


Wonder Author Raquel J. Palacio
ISBN-10 9783125781771
Year 2015-06-15
Pages 278
Language de
Publisher Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH

"My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse". Auggie Pullman beginnt bald die fünfte Klasse an der Beecher Prep School, und als 'der Neue' wird er es dort nicht leicht haben. Doch Auggie ist ein ganz gewöhnliches Kind mit einem außergewöhnlichen Gesicht. Kann er seine Klassenkameraden davon überzeugen, dass er genau wie sie ist, obwohl er so anders aussieht?

Reason and Horror

Reason and Horror Author Morton Schoolman
ISBN-10 9781135955793
Year 2004-11-23
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Morton Schoolman develops a fascinating and entirely new interpretation of the work of Horkenheimer and Adorno.

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope Author Jane Goodall
ISBN-10 9781455554485
Year 2014-04-01
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

In this wise and elegant New York Times bestseller, Jane Goodall examines the critical role that trees and plants play in our world. SEEDS OF HOPE takes us from Goodall's home in England to her home-away-from-home in Africa, deep inside the Gombe forest, where she and the chimpanzees are enchanted by the fig and plum trees they encounter. She introduces us to botanists around the world, as well as places where hope for plants can be found, such as The Millennium Seed Bank. She shows us the secret world of plants with all their mysteries and potential for healing our bodies as well as Planet Earth. Looking at the world as an adventurer, scientist, and devotee of sustainable foods and gardening--and setting forth simple goals we can all take to protect the plants around us--Goodall delivers an enlightening story of the wonders we can find in our own backyards.

Reason Diminished

Reason Diminished Author Peter G. Platt
ISBN-10 0803237146
Year 1997
Pages 271
Language en
Publisher U of Nebraska Press

Reason Diminished examines ?the power that wonder wields over reason in [Shakespeare?s] late plays, both philosophically and dramaturgically.? Peter Platt posits that, in these famous plays, wonder and the marvelous are assigned preeminent positions over reason and order. In fact, Platt argues that the marvelous played a crucial role in Renaissance culture as a whole. ø The book opens by surveying theories of wonder from Aristotle?s Poetics and Metaphysics through the writings of Renaissance theorists. A crucial chapter examines the many ways that the Renaissance attempted to bring the marvelous to bear on the world around it. The next two chapters look at the tension between realism and the marvelous in Elizabethan fiction and the theatrical tradition of the masque. ø Part of the book examines the role of wonder and the marvelous in Shakespeare?s ?romances?: Pericles, Cymbeline, The Winter?s Tale, and The Tempest. ?Shakespeare?s romances,? writes Platt, ?represent various experiments with the marvelous.? Platt argues that ?late Shakespeare . . . invites the spectators to engage in?and in some cases to shape?the marvels on the stage before them.? ø A persuasive and resourceful study of some of Shakespeare?s most celebrated works, Reason Diminished will add significantly to the ongoing reassessment of Shakespeare?s plays and the world in which they took shape.

Principles to Actions

Principles to Actions Author National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ISBN-10 0873537742
Year 2014-02
Pages 139
Language en
Publisher National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Incorporated

This text offers guidance to teachers, mathematics coaches, administrators, parents, and policymakers. This book: provides a research-based description of eight essential mathematics teaching practices ; describes the conditions, structures, and policies that must support the teaching practices ; builds on NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and supports implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics to attain much higher levels of mathematics achievement for all students ; identifies obstacles, unproductive and productive beliefs, and key actions that must be understood, acknowledged, and addressed by all stakeholders ; encourages teachers of mathematics to engage students in mathematical thinking, reasoning, and sense making to significantly strengthen teaching and learning.

Descartes Error

Descartes  Error Author Antonio Damasio
ISBN-10 9781407072067
Year 2008-09-04
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Random House

In the centuries since Descartes famously proclaimed, 'I think, therefore I am,' science has often overlooked emotions as the source of a person's true being. Even modern neuroscience has tended until recently to concentrate on the cognitive aspects of brain function, disregarding emotions. This attitude began to change with the publication of Descartes' Error. Antonio Damasio challenged traditional ideas about the connection between emotions and rationality. In this wonderfully engaging book, Damasio takes the reader on a journey of scientific discovery through a series of case studies, demonstrating what many of us have long suspected: emotions are not a luxury, they are essential to rational thinking and to normal social behaviour.

Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys Author Michael Chabon
ISBN-10 9781453234105
Year 2011-12-20
Pages 372
Language en
Publisher Open Road Media

The “wise, wildly funny story” of a self-destructive writer’s lost weekend by a Pulitzer Prize–winning, New York Times–bestselling author (Chicago Tribune). A wildly successful first novel made Grady Tripp a young star, and seven years later he still hasn’t grown up. He’s now a writing professor in Pittsburgh, plummeting through middle age, stuck with an unfinishable manuscript, an estranged wife, a pregnant girlfriend, and a talented but deeply disturbed student named James Leer. During one lost weekend at a writing festival with Leer and debauched editor Terry Crabtree, Tripp must finally confront the wreckage made of his past decisions. Mordant but humane, Wonder Boys features characters as loveably flawed as any in American fiction. This ebook features a biography of the author.

The Wonder

The Wonder Author Emma Donoghue
ISBN-10 9781509818419
Year 2016-09-22
Language en
Publisher Pan Macmillan

An eleven-year-old girl stops eating, but remains miraculously alive and well. A nurse, sent to investigate whether she is a fraud, meets a journalist hungry for a story. Set in the Irish Midlands in the 1850s, Emma Donoghue's The Wonder - inspired by numerous European and North American cases of 'fasting girls' between the sixteenth century and the twentieth - is a psychological thriller about a child's murder threatening to happen in slow motion before our eyes. Pitting all the seductions of fundamentalism against sense and love, it is a searing examination of what nourishes us, body and soul.

The Secret History of Wonder Woman

The Secret History of Wonder Woman Author Jill Lepore
ISBN-10 9780385354059
Year 2014-10-28
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Vintage

A riveting work of historical detection revealing that the origin of one of the world’s most iconic superheroes hides within it a fascinating family story—and a crucial history of twentieth-century feminism Wonder Woman, created in 1941, is the most popular female superhero of all time. Aside from Superman and Batman, no superhero has lasted as long or commanded so vast and wildly passionate a following. Like every other superhero, Wonder Woman has a secret identity. Unlike every other superhero, she has also has a secret history. Harvard historian and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore has uncovered an astonishing trove of documents, including the never-before-seen private papers of William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman’s creator. Beginning in his undergraduate years at Harvard, Marston was influenced by early suffragists and feminists, starting with Emmeline Pankhurst, who was banned from speaking on campus in 1911, when Marston was a freshman. In the 1920s, Marston and his wife, Sadie Elizabeth Holloway, brought into their home Olive Byrne, the niece of Margaret Sanger, one of the most influential feminists of the twentieth century. The Marston family story is a tale of drama, intrigue, and irony. In the 1930s, Marston and Byrne wrote a regular column for Family Circle celebrating conventional family life, even as they themselves pursued lives of extraordinary nonconformity. Marston, internationally known as an expert on truth—he invented the lie detector test—lived a life of secrets, only to spill them on the pages of Wonder Woman. The Secret History of Wonder Woman is a tour de force of intellectual and cultural history. Wonder Woman, Lepore argues, is the missing link in the history of the struggle for women’s rights—a chain of events that begins with the women’s suffrage campaigns of the early 1900s and ends with the troubled place of feminism a century later.

Moral Tribes

Moral Tribes Author Joshua Greene
ISBN-10 9781782393382
Year 2014-01-02
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Atlantic Books Ltd

Our brains were designed for tribal life, for getting along with a select group of others (Us), and for fighting off everyone else (Them). But modern life has thrust the world's tribes into a shared space, creating conflicts of interest and clashes of values, along with unprecedented opportunities. As the world shrinks, the moral lines that divide us become more salient and more puzzling. We fight over everything from tax codes to gay marriage to global warming, and we wonder where, if at all, we can find our common ground. A grand synthesis of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy, Moral Tribes reveals the underlying causes of modern conflict and lights a way forward. Our emotions make us social animals, turning Me into Us. But they also make us tribal animals, turning Us against Them. Our tribal emotions make us fight, sometimes with bombs, sometimes with words, and often with life-and-death stakes. Drawing inspiration from moral philosophy and cutting-edge science, Moral Tribes shows when we should trust our instincts, when we should reason, and how the right kind of reasoning can move us forward. Joshua Greene is the director of Harvard University's Moral Cognition Lab, a pioneering scientist, a philosopher, and an acclaimed teacher. The great challenge of Moral Tribes is this: How can we get along with Them when what they want feels so wrong? Finally, Greene offers a surprisingly simple set of maxims for navigating the modern moral terrain, a practical road map for solving problems and living better lives.

The Romance of Reason

The Romance of Reason Author Montague Brown
ISBN-10 0932506968
Year 1993
Pages 177
Language en
Publisher St Bede's Publications

A study of reason, not as the last word, but as an invitation to explore and discover a new life of meaning. The Romance of Reason is an attempt to put the philosophical basis of Aquinas' thinking into nontechnical language, making it accessible to the average reader.

The Will to Believe and Human Immortality

The Will to Believe and Human Immortality Author William James
ISBN-10 9780486119076
Year 2012-05-23
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Courier Corporation

Two books bound together, from religious period of one of the most renowned and representative thinkers. Illuminations of age-old religious questions from a pragmatic perspective, written in a luminous style.