Shepherd Leadership

Shepherd Leadership Author Blaine McCormick
ISBN-10 0787966339
Year 2003-10-06
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Jossey-Bass

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me bedside the still waters; He restoreth my soul. Today's professionals need reliable models to teach them how to become better leaders. In this remarkable book, leadership experts Blaine McCormick and David Davenport introduce us to a new kind of leader by offering a new image of leadership— the leader as shepherd. Drawing on the wisdom of the timeless Twenty-Third Psalm, King David's psalm, the authors provide professionals with ancient wisdom for grappling with today's leadership challenges. Shepherd Leadership offers a much-needed lens through which to consider our own leadership as well as the leadership of those around us. This important book teaches us important lessons about leadership: we can be vigilant without being adversarial, we can serve without being passive, and we can guide without commanding. Shepherd Leadership offers a visionary new model for transforming leadership practices in both corporate and small business settings. This is whole-person leadership. It's not just a matter of thinking or doing things a certain way. It's a fully integrated life— a matter of head and hand and heart. It's a way of thinking and doing and being.

The Shepherd Leader

The Shepherd Leader Author Timothy Z. Witmer
ISBN-10 1596381310
Year 2010
Pages 268
Language en
Publisher P & R Publishing

Leaders in the church are called to be shepherds, not a board of directors. This requires involvement in a personal shepherding ministry among the people. The Shepherd Leader unpacks the four primary ministries of shepherds-knowing, feeding, leading, and protecting-on macro (church-wide) and micro (personal) levels, providing seven elements to be incorporated into an effective shepherding plan. Book jacket.

The Shepherd Leader at Home

The Shepherd Leader at Home Author Timothy Z. Witmer
ISBN-10 9781433530104
Year 2012-09-30
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher Crossway

Husbands and dads play a crucial role in the health and survival of the family. That's why leadership expert Tim Witmer has written this book—to strengthen our efforts to lead well. He applies a biblical framework to the role of leadership in the home, showing how effective shepherding involves "knowing, leading, protecting, and providing for your family"; all the while communicating solid principles with a down-to-earth, relatable tone. Find in this book the wise counsel and practical direction that is sure to make a difference in your family today.

The Shepherd As Leader

The Shepherd As Leader Author John MacArthur
ISBN-10 9780736962094
Year 2016-03-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Harvest House Publishers

"The Shepherd as Leader" is a collection of powerful messages on spiritual leadership from proven leaders like John MacArthur, John Piper, Steven Lawson, and RC Sproul, and includes an abundance of guidance on the key essentials of effective ministry.

Shepherds After My Own Heart

Shepherds After My Own Heart Author Timothy Laniak
ISBN-10 9780830826216
Year 2006-04-18
Pages 313
Language en
Publisher InterVarsity Press

Shepherds After My Own Heart is a full-length academic treatment of the theme of the shepherd/pastor throughout the whole of scripture. It comprises a detailed study of Ancient Near Eastern understandings of this powerful metaphor, its uses and development in the Old Testament and its employment by the apostolic writers to describe the messianic significance of Jesus Christ, both in his earthly ministry and in his ascended and apocalyptic Lordship over church and world. In doing so, it articulates key elements of a biblical theology of pastoral ministry and leadership.

Pastoral Leadership Is

Pastoral Leadership Is   Author Dave Earley
ISBN-10 9781433673849
Year 2012
Pages 310
Language en
Publisher B&H Publishing Group

Dozens of brief yet powerful entries for pastors about what it really means to be on-mission, spiritual warriors who lead the local church from a biblical point of view instead of a modern traditional one.

Online Instruments Data Collection and Electronic Measurements Organizational Advancements

Online Instruments  Data Collection  and Electronic Measurements  Organizational Advancements Author Bocarnea, Mihai C.
ISBN-10 9781466621732
Year 2012-10-31
Pages 397
Language en
Publisher IGI Global

"This book aims to assist researchers in both understanding and utilizing online data collection by providing methodological knowledge related to online research, and by presenting information about the empirical quality, the availability, and the location of specific online instruments"--Provided by publisher.

Jesus on Leadership

Jesus on Leadership Author Gene Wilkes
ISBN-10 1414328079
Year 2011-07-14
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Discover the essence of transformative leadership by studying how Jesus led. Gene Wilkes, a popular conference speaker, describes how Jesus led. He identifies seven practical principles for today’s leaders, to assist them with everything from humbling their hearts to building a team for Christ.

The Way of the Shepherd

The Way of the Shepherd Author Kevin Leman
ISBN-10 9780310543121
Year 2009-05-26
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Zondervan

A heartwarming, contemporary parable, The Way of the Shepherd offers a fresh perspective on the art of leadership in this account of a cub reporter who lands the interview of a lifetime with the most respected CEO in America. Through the interview, the businessman shares seven proven management principles that, while ancient in origin, are readily applicable in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. Compelling and challenging, these uncommon, age-old principles require leaders to focus on their own hearts, character, and priorities, and to give their best in order to receive the best from others. Readers also discover insights and techniques for engaging and energizing their workforce, and for leading people in a way that helps them see their work as a calling rather than merely a job, as a place to belong rather than just a place to work. A concise story that’s full to the brim, The Way of the Shepherd is a must-read for busy leaders at all levels who want to call forth greatness from the people around them by cultivating it in themselves.

Process and Qualities for Developing Servant shepherd Leaders Within the Church of Pentecost for Effective Cross cultural Ministry

Process and Qualities for Developing Servant shepherd Leaders Within the Church of Pentecost for Effective Cross cultural Ministry Author Samuel Kwesi Asante
ISBN-10 OCLC:62618260
Year 2005
Pages 526
Language en

"The purpose of this applied research project was to train the Church of Pentecost leaders -- elders, deacons and deaconesses in North America -- with a unique leadership model for effective cross-cultural ministry. The hypothesis of the project was that Ghanaian church leaders can become effective and be able to realize qualitative and quantitative growth in their cross-cultural ministry endeavors in North America by learning and adapting to the process of the Servant-Shepherd leadership model as exemplified by Jesus Christ, and by intentionally cultivating qualities of character, essential ministerial talents and skills for personal and ministry growth. The project addressed the problem of ineffectiveness associated with church leaders functioning in cross-cultural environments. These leaders have struggled over a long period of time with membership stagnation or decline in both human and material resources. In the process of exploring effective solutions to the prevailing leadership problems, the need arose for a viable leadership program to be developed for the training of such church leaders. Hence the reason for the Servant-Shepherd leadership seminar for the elders, deacons and deaconesses of the Church of Pentecost, Houston Assembly in Texas, held on March 19-21 and May 14-15, 2004. Eighteen ordained church leaders participated in a five-evening seminar on leadership. They were accepted based on their current leadership roles and potential for leadership effectiveness. Each session of the seminar covered approximately an hour to an hour and a half, and lasted for a total of twenty hours. The seminar covered these topics: the Image of a Servant and Shepherd in both the Old and New Testaments, the Developmental Process of a Servant-Shepherd Model, the Teachings of the Apostles and the Prevailing Influence of the Servant-Shepherd Model, the Holy Spirit and the Servant-Shepherd Model, Distinctives of the Servant-Shepherd Model, the Nature of Leadership, Diversity of Leadership and Management Styles, Biblical Leadership Styles, the Servant Leadership Style, the Shepherd Leadership Style, Christ-Like Qualities and Cautions about the Servant-Shepherd Model, and Divine Connectives within the Servant-Shepherd Developmental Process. A spiritual priorities questionnaire was given to assess the level of spiritual priorities in the lives of the participants. Also a pre-test and post-test of the same test questions were administered before and after the seminar accordingly. The results indicated that all the participants increased in their overall knowledge on the developmental process of the Servant-Shepherd model and the need to cultivate essential qualities and skills for personal lifestyle and leadership effectiveness was included in the recommendations. Among the other recommendations were the following: (1) the urgent need to train existing and emerging church leaders with this model (stretching the teaching sessions into seven days/evenings) within every six-month period, (2) to broaden invitations to attract Christian leaders from other denominations as well as qualified women leaders who desire leadership training and ministerial effectiveness, and (3) to conduct a real test to measure the direct correlation between the effectiveness of church leaders adapting to such model and balanced growth of their churches"--Abstract.

Leadership Tripod

Leadership Tripod Author Al Long
ISBN-10 9780974839189
Year 2006-05-01
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Power Publishing

Leadership Tripod is designed as a practical approach to studying leadership and identifying the characteristics of effective leadership.