The Reference Collection

The Reference Collection Author Linda S Katz
ISBN-10 9781136437878
Year 2013-09-05
Pages 328
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Stay up-to-date with the growing amount of reference resources available online How important is the World Wide Web to information retrieval and communication? Important enough that information professionals have seen students exit from their libraries en masse when Internet service was lost. Internet providers dominate the indexing and abstracting of periodical articles as major publishers now offer nearly all of their reference titles in digital form. Libraries spend increasing amounts of funding on electronic reference materials, and librarians devote an increasing amount of time to assisting in their use. The Reference Collection: From the Shelf to the Web is an essential guide to collection development for electronic materials in academic and public libraries. The Reference Collection: From the Shelf to the Web tracks the continuing evolution of electronic reference resources-and how they’re accessed—in a variety of settings. Librarians representing university, elementary school, and public libraries in the United States and Australia examine how reference collections have evolved over time (and may soon be a thing of the past); how public and school libraries have dealt with the changes; why library research assignments have become more difficult for teachers to make and for students to complete; how to organize online reference sources; and why the nature of plagiarism has changed in the electronic era. The book also examines the use of electronic references from a publisher’s perspective and looks at the most important Web-accessible reference tools—both free and subscription—in the areas of humanities, medicine, the social sciences, business, and education. The Reference Collection: From the Shelf to the Web also examines: issues of authority, accessibility, cost, comfort, and user education in evaluating electronic resources the formation of purchasing consortia to facilitate the transfer of reference materials from print to online formats current literature and research findings on the state of digital versus print reference collections what electronic publishing means to smaller reference books (dictionaries, almanacs, etc.) the need for increased information literacy among students the nature, extent, and causes of cyber plagiarism the use of federated search tools and includes a selected list of the top 100 free Internet reference sites The Reference Collection: From the Shelf to the Web is an essential resource for all reference and collection development librarians, and an invaluable aid for publishing professionals.

Recruiting Training and Retention of Science and Technology Librarians

Recruiting  Training  and Retention of Science and Technology Librarians Author Patricia A. Kreitz
ISBN-10 9781136457432
Year 2013-04-03
Pages 286
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Since the 1950s there has been a persistent shortage of sci-tech librarians, and as more librarians retire or change positions, the prospect looms that the profession will only depopulate further. Tackling this difficult challenge, Recruiting, Training, and Retention of Science and Technology Librarians gathers together into one source the perspectives of top library administrators and managers as well as front-line librarians who present the latest research and practical strategies to find, train, and keep those valuable specialized professionals. This book explores in depth timely issues and presents creative perspectives and innovative solutions to this persistent problem in subject-specialized libraries. As the baby-boom generation of science and technology librarians begins to retire, training and keeping sci-tech librarians will become even more crucial. Recruiting, Training, and Retention of Science and Technology Librarians discusses the “replacement gap” problem in libraries, including who should be recruited, how they should be trained, and how to retain them once hired. Several authors address the field’s long-standing specialist vs. generalist debate, bringing new data and experience-driven perspectives to this challenging issue. Topics in Recruiting, Training, and Retention of Science and Technology Librarians include: updating the cultural image of librarians to make the profession more appealing a comprehensive literature review how to cultivate candidates who are dedicated to service and love research and learning practical approaches to improve the visibility and attractiveness of science librarianship the skills and support needed to become a successful science librarian an innovative program to recruit undergraduates an in-depth survey of practicing science and technology librarians the challenges of science librarianship in Africa library and information science educators as recruiters for sci-tech librarians creative strategies to recruit and retain librarians adapting aspects of first-year student retention programs as a model for library retention programs how professional competencies can be used for recruitment, training, and retention and more Recruiting, Training, and Retention of Science and Technology Librarians is a timely, important resource for college and university administrators, and public, special, academic, and government librarians.

Censorship and Selection

Censorship and Selection Author Henry Reichman
ISBN-10 0838907989
Year 2001-01
Pages 223
Language en
Publisher American Library Association

Censorship! The word itself sparks debate, especially when the context is the public school. Since the publication of the second edition of this landmark book in 1993, wired classrooms, legal challenges, and societal shifts have changed the landscape for the free exchange of ideas. Completely revised and updated, this new edition remains the most comprehensive guide for protecting the freedom to read in schools: For school librarians and media specialists, teachers, and administrators, Reichman covers the different media (including books, school newspapers, and the Internet), the important court cases (including recent litigations involving Harry Potter, the Internet, and Huck Finn), the issues in dispute (including violence, religion, and profanity), and how the laws on the books can be incorporated into selection policies. An entire chapter is devoted to troubleshooting and answering the question of What do we do if...? Look no further for the best and most specific information on providing access and facing challenges to intellectual freedom. You'll find answers if you are asking questions like these: * What is the distinction between making selection decisions and censoring?

Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley

Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley Author Georgiana Kotarski
ISBN-10 0895873265
Year 2006
Pages 217
Language en
Publisher John F. Blair, Publisher

Georgiana Kotarski is a collection of stories that focuses on ghosts in the region of the southern Tennessee River Valley, which includes southeastern Tennessee, northern Alabama, and northwestern Georgia.

Tennessee State Parks

Tennessee State Parks Author Lori Jill Smith
ISBN-10 9781439659625
Year 2017-02-20
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Arcadia Publishing

The story of Tennessee’s state parks began more than 80 years ago when New Deal agencies worked to rebuild portions of Tennessee’s eroded landscape. Along with these conservation measures, the state’s early parks were created through the development of recreational areas. The Tennessee Valley Authority built dams that contributed to recreational attractions, and the Division of State Parks was started in 1937. All of these efforts in addition to Tennessee’s natural beauty have resulted in 56 state parks. Through their postcard collections, the authors invite readers to discover each park’s special place in Tennessee’s history and landscape.

The History of Hamilton County and Chattanooga Tennessee

The History of Hamilton County and Chattanooga  Tennessee Author Zella Armstrong
ISBN-10 0932807992
Year 1993-01-01
Pages 343
Language en
Publisher The Overmountain Press

This second volume of Armstrong’s history covers 1861–1940, beginning with the Civil War, continuing on with activities during Reconstruction through the end of the century, and concluding with the feeling of optimism upon entering the 20th century. Full of details about the subsequent growth––of banks, newspapers, education, communication, transportation, and industry––and all the happenings and people involved, this history is a truly comprehensive resource.

Global Librarianship

Global Librarianship Author Martin A. Kesselman
ISBN-10 9781420030631
Year 2004-07-23
Pages 344
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

Providing new insights into the role of librarianship in an age of socioeconomic, environmental, and political transformation, Global Librarianship illustrates how globally networked environments promote and increase the sharing and dissemination of ideas, information, and solutions to obstacles affecting libraries. This reference showcases methods to tailor and build collections and technologies that continually support worldwide scholarly and business communities through the utilization of digital tools and electronic media. It Illustrates breakthroughs in the organization, management, and dissemination of information to facilitate easy access to libraries anywhere in the world.

Functioning Of Regional Public Libraries In Andhra Pradesh A Study

Functioning Of Regional Public Libraries In Andhra Pradesh  A Study Author Rao
ISBN-10 8178356821
Year 2008-01-01
Pages 346
Language en
Publisher Gyan Publishing House

This book is a comprehensive study and discussion about the functioning of the Regional Public Libraries in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It has laid its major emphasis on the functioning of the Regional Public Libraries, functioning and the views of the commissioner of public libraries, renowned libraries of different Regional Public Libraries in the state. This book gives an understanding between the functioning of Regional Public Libraries and social issues, different social aspect and their influence on the society. It discusses about public libraries movement in Andhra Pradesh and their present need. And also reviews earlier studies and methodology. The readers will find this book useful in historical, sociological and educational aspects in the fields of Library and Information Science.