The Drink of a Lifetime

The Drink of a Lifetime Author Marcia Gladwish
ISBN-10 9781683142706
Year 2017-05-01
Pages 30
Language en
Publisher Redemption Press

A unique combination of collaged art and biblical narrative in The Drink of a Lifetime tells the story of the life-changing encounter Jesus has with the woman at the well that crosses cultural boundaries and goes straight to the heart.

Drink Up

Drink Up Author Kathleen S.
ISBN-10 1456710540
Year 2010-11-24
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Author House

A Recovery Road Less Traveled Kathleen S. had tried just about everything to quit drinking. Nothing worked. A binge drinker who felt she was already living on borrowed time (two of her brothers died of addiction-related causes in their 40s), her life and health were rapidly breaking down. Then one day she heard a radio advertisement for a treatment program that promised to take away her cravings... Much of the addiction treatment in the U.S. is based on AA attendance and working a twelve-step program. Physicians, the court system, insurance companies, and members themselves often look at AA as the only legitimate mode of recovery from substance abuse. This book describes another program. “This book says it all. Staying sober has been a piece of cake for me since Schick Shadel.” —Chet “Ten years ago I, too, walked the hallways of Schick Shadel Hospital. I share Kathy’s thankfulness for a life without alcohol and cravings, and for the loving care we received from the staff when we were patients. I validated my complete trust in the success of Schick Shadel’s treatment when I became the majority owner of the Hospital almost ten years ago. Kathy validated hers with the writing of this insightful and motivational book.” —Jim Graham “I am glad that one of our patients, Kathleen S, wrote a book about the treatment from the patient’s perspective. This book is written factually, with warmth and humor. I hope it will encourage others to give up their addiction and regain their lives again.” —James W. Smith, M.D., Chief of Staff, Schick Shadel Hospital

The Risk of a Lifetime

The Risk of a Lifetime Author Rivka Weinberg
ISBN-10 9780190695996
Year 2017-07-03
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Having children is probably as old as the first successful organism. It is often done thoughtlessly. This book is an argument for giving procreating some serious thought, and a theory of how, when, and why procreation may be permissible. Rivka Weinberg begins with an analysis of the kind of act procreativity is and why we might be justifiably motivated to engage in it. She then proceeds to argue that, by virtue of our ownership and control of the hazardous material that is our gametes, we are parentally responsible for the risks we take with our gametes and for the persons that develop when we engage in activity that allows our gametes to unite with others and develop into persons. Further argument establishes that when done respectfully, and in cases where the child's chances of leading a life of human flourishing are high, procreation may be permissible. Along the way, Weinberg argues that the non-identity problem is a curiously common mistake. Arguments intending to show that procreation is impermissible because life is bad for people and imposed on them without their consent are shown to have serious flaws. Yet because they leave us with lingering concerns, Weinberg argues that although procreation is permissible under certain conditions, it is not only a welfare risk but also a moral risk. Still, it is a risk that is often permissible for us to take and impose, given our high level of legitimate interest in procreativity. In order to ascertain when the procreative risk is permissible to impose, contractualist principles are proposed to fairly attend to the interests prospective parents have in procreating and the interests future people have in a life of human flourishing. The principles are assessed on their own merits and in comparison with rival principles. They are then applied to a wide variety of procreative cases.

The Gift of a Lifetime

The Gift of a Lifetime Author Barbara J. Peters, RN, LPC
ISBN-10 1449046576
Year 2009-11-13
Pages 136
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

When was the last time you performed a little maintenance on your marriage? Once many couples say “I do” and return home from the honeymoon, they kick back and put their marriages on autopilot. Then when they hit those bumps in the road, they wonder why their unions are on shaky ground. Marriage maintenance really isn’t any different from anything that needs routine attention. It’s pretty logical, really. If you take care of something, it’s apt to last a lot longer. Peters introduces her formula for building, growing and keeping a marriage healthy and long-lasting. She calls it F.A.C.T.S., a powerful acronym that can strengthen a marriage: F is for Forgiveness, A is for Acceptance, C is for Compassion, T is for Trust and S is for Spirituality. Ideal for: · People who are getting married or engaged. · Already married and renewing vows. · Already married and just need to improve what they already have. · Anyone in a committed relationship who wants it to work for the long haul.

An Italian Cookbook of Family Treasures

An Italian Cookbook of Family Treasures Author Dick Schuler
ISBN-10 9781434394330
Year 2008-07-01
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

Challenges and obstacles that I have encountered in life are the lessons that helped me to discover inner faith and strength. First, fear and insecurity were eating away at me. Over whelmed by the responsibilities that were taking over my life, breast cancer,chemeotherapy, radiation and all that this entails, plagued me. Finding there is always a way out, awakened me to the truth, that faith sustains despite the trails and traumas in life, It's Time to Sing My Song explores the importance of faith and wisdom to achieve success despite distractions during my life's journey. Taking time to reflecton on how God turns things around, his teachings and meditating on his words underscored that he would bring peace and healing to me/ No matter what is troubling, when the earth turns on its axis one more time and a new day appears , it is "a chance to receive that day in all of its glory." I could hear life "whispering and could feel the depth and potential of my own existence." I have one more song; a chance to grow, make fresh impressions and move forward with God's grace. Flowers bloom for everyone to enjoy. The sun rises and set for all to see. Feeling richly and abundantly blessed ;celebrating, overcoming my fears, doubts ,circumstances and breast cancer treatments, I feel really good! During this struggle, I have learned that God empathized with my struggles, understood my doubts and was my strongest supporter when the road was difficult. There is certain comfort in this knowledge. The book becomes a story within a story that unveils kindness, friendship and human enotions that would not have been revealed had not I developed breast cancer, survived chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Celebrating this victory , joy now flows where once there were tears.

A Lifetime of Regrets

A Lifetime of Regrets Author C. J. Rowley
ISBN-10 9781452088259
Year 2011-03-01
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

A Lifetime of Regrets is a true story about a young girl named C.J. who begins her life on a military base in Kansas, then moves to Nebraska where her mother is from. Her father soon tires of city life and yearns to go back to his roots in Missouri. He finds some land in Southeast Missouri and moves his family there to begin a new life in the country. C.J. takes you back through all her childhood memories and adventures she went through growing up. She finds out life is not as innocent and carefree as before. Her school years become difficult to deal with as she tries to cope with her deformity and insecurities. After school she jumps right into the work force and discovers herself in a world of free love and promiscuity. She searches through life for the one man who can give her the love she so desperately needs. As she looks for the life she thinks she wants, she runs head on with one disaster after another. Her addictive behaviors eventually take her to a dark and evil world. Her mistakes lead her to nothing but sadness and shame. She struggles to break free from it and regain her Christian life back.

A River Runs Through It and Other Stories

A River Runs Through It and Other Stories Author Norman Maclean
ISBN-10 9780226472065
Year 2017-05-16
Pages 246
Language en
Publisher University of Chicago Press

First published in 1976, A River Runs through It and Other Stories has become an American classic, touching readers with its recollections of family, flyfishing, and the author's youth in the Montana woods. By turns raunchy, caustic, and elegiac, these are superb tales that express, in Maclean's own words, "a little of the love I have for the earth as it goes by." A first offering from a 70-year-old writer, the basis of a top-grossing movie directed by Robert Redford, and the first original fiction published by the University of Chicago Press, A River Runs through It and Other Stories has sold more than a million copies. For this new edition, Robert Redford provides a foreword that recalls how he persuaded the reluctant Maclean to allow him to make a film of River.

Two Lives One Lifetime

Two Lives One Lifetime Author Patricia A. Reihl
ISBN-10 9781452563039
Year 2012-12-06
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher BalboaPress

Two Lives One Lifetime tells a story about generational addiction, written in a way to pique the interest of all generations. Two Lives One Lifetime chronicles the life of each individual family member and how addiction is the thread that weaves through their lives and intertwines each one. You will be drawn into how upbringing, successes, and failures shaped their lives, all written through the author’s perspective as she lived it. When the cycle of addictive devastation is finally broken, emerge with Pat into a new life of struggles, decisions, and gifts that change a life through a spirituality which passes all understanding.

Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness A Personalized Program

Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness  A Personalized Program Author Wener W.K. Hoeger
ISBN-10 9781133708520
Year 2012-01-01
Pages 576
Language en
Publisher Cengage Learning

LIFETIME PHYSICAL FITNESS AND WELLNESS, 12th Edition, provides students with current information, tools, and guidelines to implement and adhere to a lifetime physical fitness and wellness program. Throughout the text, Werner W. K. Hoeger and Sharon A. Hoeger encourage students to take a critical look at their current behaviors in order to help them identify and abandon negative habits and adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. The authors' emphasis throughout the book is on teaching students how to take control of their personal lifestyles and make changes to promote overall health and wellness. In order to achieve this goal, the authors personalize the information to show students how content relates to their individual lives and provide easy steps to help students begin the process of behavior change. The unique design of this text integrates activities throughout each chapter, which allows students to learn core concepts and immediately apply their knowledge through self-review and application activities. In addition, LIFETIME PHYSICAL FITNESS AND WELLNESS is part of an integrated textbook program that extends beyond the text to online resources within CengageNOW and WebTutor that further students' understanding through personalized learning plans, provide online labs, and allow students to track their behavior change progress. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


Lifetime Author Christopher Silas Neal
ISBN-10 9781452129747
Year 2013-09-24
Pages 40
Language en
Publisher Chronicle Books

In one lifetime, a caribou will shed 10 sets of antlers, a woodpecker will drill 30 roosting holes, a giraffe will wear 200 spots, a seahorse will birth 1,000 babies. Count each one and many more while learning about the wondrous things that can happen in just one lifetime. This extraordinary book collects animal information not available anywhere else—and shows all 30 roosting holes, all 200 spots, and, yes!, all 1,000 baby seahorses in eye-catching illustrations. A book about picturing numbers and considering the endlessly fascinating lives all around us, Lifetime is sure to delight young nature lovers.

A Lifetime Burning

A Lifetime Burning Author Ellen Douglas
ISBN-10 9781617036026
Year 2012-09-25
Pages 212
Language en
Publisher Univ. Press of Mississippi

So spontaneous is the writing in A Lifetime Burning, one might believe these are indeed words of a woman desperately trying to understand what has happened to her life, beginning with the fact that her husband has stopped sleeping with her. Why? Is there a rival—perhaps “The Toad,” the unattractive housewife next door—or someone else, who will completely surprise the reader, as do many of the events of the protagonist’s story? At age sixty-two, Corinne must grapple with the most painful truth that her lifelong passion—which is anyone’s passion, to love and be loved, body and soul—could burn unquenched forever. Her imaginative narrative even when she is lying is as revealing as bedrock truth. A Lifetime Burning is as real as life itself—a novel shimmering and vital and recognizably true. Gripping, smart, suspenseful, and at times, wonderfully witty, Douglas’s widely acclaimed book forms a searching and searing record of love, anger, confession, and discovery.

A Day in a Lifetime

A Day in a Lifetime Author Alannah Raymond
ISBN-10 9780615183121
Year 2007-12
Pages 76
Language en

Alley lives with her mother, in a constant state of pain. Two deaths in her family so close together. Alley's heart had been broken so many times. It was hard for her to show her emotions except.....

In Her Lifetime

In Her Lifetime Author Institute of Medicine
ISBN-10 9780309175883
Year 1996-03-06
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher National Academies Press

The relative lack of information on determinants of disease, disability, and death at major stages of a woman's lifespan and the excess morbidity and premature mortality that this engenders has important adverse social and economic ramifications, not only for Sub-Saharan Africa, but also for other regions of the world as well. Women bear much of the weight of world production in both traditional and modern industries. In Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, women contribute approximately 60 to 80 percent of agricultural labor. Worldwide, it is estimated that women are the sole supporters in 18 to 30 percent of all families, and that their financial contribution in the remainder of families is substantial and often crucial. This book provides a solid documentary base that can be used to develop an agenda to guide research and health policy formulation on female health--both for Sub-Saharan Africa and for other regions of the developing world. This book could also help facilitate ongoing, collaboration between African researchers on women's health and their U.S. colleagues. Chapters cover such topics as demographics, nutritional status, obstetric morbidity and mortality, mental health problems, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

The Trip of a Lifetime

The Trip of a Lifetime Author Monica McInerney
ISBN-10 9781743772300
Year 2017-07-03
Pages 528
Language en
Publisher Penguin UK

'I always thought memories were unchangeable. Set in stone, shaped by the years. But there are always others too, ones you haven't let yourself remember . . . ' The wilful and eccentric Lola Quinlan is off on the trip of a lifetime, taking her beloved granddaughter and great-granddaughter with her. More than sixty years after emigrating to Australia, she's keeping a secret promise to return to her Irish homeland. But as she embarks on her journey, the flamboyant Lola is still hiding the hurtful reasons she left Ireland in the first place. What - and who - will be waiting for her on the other side of the world? The Trip of a Lifetime is a big, bold, beautiful book about the light and dark times of life, and all the wonders in between. Moving from the Clare Valley of South Australia to the lush Irish countryside, this is a delightful, emotional story about a colourful and huge-hearted family that you'll want to call your own.