The Facts on Homosexuality

The Facts on Homosexuality Author John Ankerberg
ISBN-10 9781937136352
Year 2011-07-15
Pages 64
Language en
Publisher ATRI Publishing

Publicity about the homosexual lifestyle has become so commonplace that many people believe its messages that homosexuality is genetic and that being gay is as natural as being heterosexual. But are these statements accurate? Noted researchers John Ankerberg and John Weldon critique relevant scientific studies & examine gay politics to discuss the social ramifications behind the gay movement: Is the scientific research on homosexuality accurate? How influential is the homosexual community in America? How should the church respond to homosexual issues & arguments? This book will give you the information you need to understand & evaluate the homosexual agenda & how it relates to biblical truth.


Homosexuality Author D. J. West
ISBN-10 9780202366456
Year 1960
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Transaction Publishers

The subject of homosexuality, and especially male homosexuality, has received a great deal of publicity in England and America. The furor began with Kinsey's famous reports on sexual behavior, which brought out the fact that a far higher proportion of the population than was commonly supposed deviated from accepted standards of normality and morality. Taking courage from the apparent safety of large numbers, the sexually unorthodox and their sympathizers began to challenge the criteria of normality, and to question whether sexual habits that were widespread and so deeply entrenched could justifiably be written off as immoral. D.J. West's Homosexuality dissects the myths and paranoia surrounding this topic by examining the nature and roots of homosexuality. The politico-legal controversy has tended to overshadow the more fundamental psychological questions concerning the nature and causes of homosexuality. In this field, no striking discoveries have resulted from the increased public interest. Nevertheless, a body of factual data has accumulated, and a number of theories are available. The author's main purpose is to summarize as clearly as possible what is known, to draw what practical conclusions may be possible, and to point out where we are still groping and ignorant. This book deals mainly with male homosexuality because in men the condition causes more clear cut social problems and has been studied more intensely by psychiatrists. Unfortunately, though strongly held opinions abound, hard facts about homosexuality and its possible causes are difficult to obtain. Even now, serious medical and sociological investigations in this subject are scandalously few considering the importance of the questions in human terms. Until a large section of the public is prepared to face the facts squarely and rationally and to support adequate research, our knowledge will remain rudimentary. This book clears away the debris of myth and misunderstanding in a vital area of social concern. D. J. West is professor at the University of Cambridge. He is the editor of Sociolegal Control of Homosexuality: A Multi-Nation Comparison (with Richard Green) and author of The Other Man, A Study of the Social, Legal, and Clinical Aspects of Homosexuality.

A Biblical Point of View on Homosexuality

A Biblical Point of View on Homosexuality Author Kerby Anderson
ISBN-10 9780736934817
Year 2008-03-01
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Harvest House Publishers

In the last few decades, homosexuality has moved from the margins of society to the mainstream. In response to this cultural shift, Christian apologist and radio host Kerby Anderson sorts through myths to deliver the facts on homosexuality and the social impact it has had on families, the church, schools, and traditional marriage. With a balance of God's truth found in the Bible and a desire to reach out to homosexuals, he answers key questions about homosexuality, including: What percentage of the population is homosexual? Is homosexuality the worst of all sins? Did Jesus remove God's condemnation of homosexuality? Is there a connection between gay teens and suicide? What are the causes of homosexuality? Anderson also looks at the spiritual aspects of homosexuality and offers practical suggestions for Christians seeking to reach out to gay and lesbian friends and loved ones. This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to better understand the roots, goals, and implications of homosexuality and the pro-gay movement.

The Truth about Homosexuality

The Truth about Homosexuality Author Bruce Smith Jr
ISBN-10 1498443168
Year 2016-01-28
Pages 322
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

Homosexuality is arguably today s most controversial issue. Some people believe the following: God approves of homosexuality, people are born gay, both same-sex parenting and gay marriage are harmless, and anyone who disagrees is homophobic. Others believe the polar opposite. Ironically, while millions of Christians are reversing their position and embracing homosexuality, millions of homosexuals are reversing their position and renouncing it! So who is deceived and who is not? Whose beliefs are factual and whose are fictional? The answers can be found by examining the facts. Unfortunately, in today s progressive culture, facts are overshadowed by political correctness and popular opinion. Homosexuality, however, is not a matter of opinion; it is a matter of life and death. In addition to suffering from bullying and contracting STDs at astonishing rates, gays all over the world are being murdered, committing suicide, and dying from AIDS by the million. Further, if what the Bible says is true, there is eternity to consider. Given this, as Christians we cannot forsake correctness for political correctness. We cannot afford to be naive, confused, or silent on this issue, especially when lives and souls hang in the balance. Knowing and sharing the truth about homosexuality is more important now than ever before. So whether you wrestle with unanswered questions, you have loved ones you long to help, or you personally struggle with homosexuality, this is the book for you. There is help and there is hope in the truth. In The Truth about Homosexuality Bruce Smith Jr. tackles the most controversial themes, distinguishes fact from fiction, and answers critical questions such as: Is homosexuality a sin? Can a homosexual go to heaven? What is the true Christian position on homosexuality? Is it possible to overcome homosexuality? BRUCE SMITH JR., founder of Purity Quest Ministries, is a Christian virgin with a tremendous passion for God, sexual purity, and people of all walks of life. Bruce is an author, speaker, and apologist who is dedicated to studying and defending the Word of God. Bruce is the eldest son of a Bible-teaching pastor. He is a stickler for truth and a proponent of godliness in every area of life."

Strained Relations

Strained Relations Author Bill Muehlenberg
ISBN-10 1495969436
Year 2014-03-22
Pages 266
Language en
Publisher CreateSpace

This timely, comprehensive and thoroughly documented volume, by veteran Australian family activist Bill Muehlenberg, deals with every aspect of the homosexual debate, including lengthy chapters on homosexual marriage and adoption rights. The book also examines the biblical and theological material on this subject, rebutting the wild theories of the theological revisionists. With over 700 footnotes, this is the most extensively researched and referenced volume on this topic available in Australia.

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth Author Jeffrey Satinover
ISBN-10 9781441212931
Year 1996-02-01
Pages 282
Language en
Publisher Baker Books

A Christian psychiatrist examines the latest research, refuting the alleged genetic basis for homosexuality and assessing the social power homosexuals have gained.

King James and the History of Homosexuality

King James and the History of Homosexuality Author Michael Young
ISBN-10 1781555435
Year 2016
Pages 264
Language en

James VI & I, the namesake of the King James Version of the Bible, had a series of notorious male favorites. No one denies that these relationships were amorous, but were they sexual? Michael B. Young merges political history with recent scholarship in the history of sexuality to answer that question. More broadly, he shows that James s favorites had a negative impact within the royal family, at court, in Parliament, and in the nation at large. Contemporaries raised the specter of a sodomitical court and an effeminized nation; some urged James to engage in a more virile foreign policy by embarking on war. Queen Anne encouraged a martial spirit and molded her oldest son to be more manly than his father. Repercussions continued after James s death, detracting from the majesty of the monarchy and contributing to the outbreak of the Civil War. Persons acquainted with the history of sexuality will find surprising premonitions here of modern homosexuality and homophobia. General readers will find a world of political intrigue colored by sodomy, pederasty, and gender instability. For readers new to the subject, the book begins with a helpful overview of King James s life."

My Genes Made Me Do It

My Genes Made Me Do It Author Neil Whitehead
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105112602367
Year 1999
Pages 233
Language en
Publisher Huntington House Pub

The authors explore the question of whether our sexual orientation is inherited or if it is a product of our upbringing and/or environment. Many people think gays are born that way, and few understand enough about genetics and human biology to mount a thorough defense of the facts. My Genes Made Me Do It explains the role of genetics and biology in human behavior with a particular, though not exclusive, emphasis on homosexuality. Conventional scientific method and research findings are brought together in a fresh, original way to argue that no human behaviors are biologically determined.

Jesus the Bible and Homosexuality Revised and Expanded Edition

Jesus  the Bible  and Homosexuality  Revised and Expanded Edition Author Jack Rogers
ISBN-10 9781611640502
Year 2009-04-14
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press

In this revised and expanded best seller, Rogers argues for equal rights in both the church and society for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people. He describes how he moved away from opposition to support, charts the church's history of using biblical passages to oppress marginalized groups, argues for a Christ-centered reading of Scripture, debunks stereotypes about gays and lesbians, and explores texts used most frequently against homosexuals and gay ordination. In this newly revised edition, he maps the recent progress of major U.S. denominations toward full equality for LGBT persons, adds a new chapter that examines how Scripture is best interpreted by Jesus' redemptive life and ministry, and updates his own efforts and experiences. The book also includes a guide for group study or personal reflection.

Roman Homosexuality Ideologies of Masculinity in Classical Antiquity

Roman Homosexuality   Ideologies of Masculinity in Classical Antiquity Author City University of New York Craig A. Williams Assistant Professor of Classics Brooklyn College
ISBN-10 0195354516
Year 1999-05-12
Pages 416
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

This book provides a thoroughly documented discussion of ancient Roman ideologies of masculinity and sexuality with a focus on ancient representations of sexual experience between males. It gathers a wide range of evidence from the second century B.C. to the second century A.D.--above all from such literary texts as courtroom speeches, love poetry, philosophy, epigram, and history, but also graffiti and other inscriptions as well as artistic artifacts--and uses that evidence to reconstruct the contexts within which Roman texts were created and had their meaning. The book takes as its starting point the thesis that in order to understand the Roman material, we must make the effort to set aside any preconceptions we might have regarding sexuality, masculinity, and effeminacy. Williams' book argues in detail that for the writers and readers of Roman texts, the important distinctions were drawn not between homosexual and heterosexual, but between free and slave, dominant and subordinate, masculin and effeminate as conceived in specifically Roman terms. Other important questions addressed by this book include the differences between Roman and Greek practices and ideologies; the influence exerted by distinctively Roman ideals of austerity; the ways in which deviations from the norms of masculine sexual practice were negotiated both in the arena of public discourse and in real men's lives; the relationship between the rhetoric of "nature" and representations of sexual practices; and the extent to which same-sex marriages were publicly accepted.

Unspoken Facts

Unspoken Facts Author Marc Epprecht
ISBN-10 0797434836
Year 2008
Pages 247
Language en
Publisher Galz

Homosexuality. Lesbians. Gay rights. Homophobia. These terms have come up quite a bit in recent years in Africa to the shock, embarrassment and even anger of many people. This book is about that, and about the coming out (into public view) of individuals who in the past tended to keep a low pro?le. What does the history of homosexuality and the reactions against it tell us about African history in general? And how might this knowledge help us in struggles against HIV/AIDS, gender violence and other social inequalities in contemporary Africa? Based on Marc Epprecht's award-winning monograph Hungochani: the history of a dissident sexuality in southern Africa, along with creative contributions from other pioneering scholars in the field Unspoken Facts offers a sympathetic portrayal of the lives of people who do not conform to society's dominant expectations in terms of love and marriage. Additional material includes several fictionalised accounts of same-sex relationships in southern Africa.

A Natural History of Homosexuality

A Natural History of Homosexuality Author Francis Mark Mondimore
ISBN-10 1421401789
Year 2010-12-29
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher JHU Press

D., clinical professor of psychiatry, Cornell University Medical College, and author of Becoming Gay: The Journey to Self-Acceptance

The Pink Swastika

The Pink Swastika Author Scott Eric Lively
ISBN-10 0964760975
Year 2002
Pages 387
Language en
Publisher Old Paths Publications, Incorporated

In 1995, we published the 1st Edition of The Pink Swastika to counter historical revisionism by the homosexual political movement which had been attempting since the 1970s to fabricate a "Gay Holocaust" equivalent to that suffered by the Jews in Nazi Germany. Fifteen years have passed, but our research into this topic has never stopped.


Homosexuality Author Stanton L. Jones
ISBN-10 0830875549
Year 2009-08-20
Language en
Publisher InterVarsity Press

How prevalent is homosexuality? What causes it? Is it a psychopathology? Can it be changed? Questions like these often accompany discussions of homosexual behavior. For answers we naturally look to scientific studies. But what does the scientific research actually show? More important, what place should this research have in shaping the church's response? Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse help us face these issues squarely and honestly. In four central chapters they examine how scientific research has been used within church debates--in particular within Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopal contexts. They then survey the most recent and best scientific research and sort out what it actually shows. Next they help us to interpret the research's relevance to the moral debate within the church. In a concluding chapter they make a strong case for a traditional Christian sexual ethic. Church groups considering these complex issues will find helpful discussion questions at the end of each chapter. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in the church's debate over homosexual behavior.