The Homemade Workshop

The Homemade Workshop Author James Hamilton
ISBN-10 9781440341748
Year 2015-10-15
Pages 174
Language en
Publisher Popular Woodworking Books

Less cost! More features! Bragging rights! Let's face it: Woodworking isn't cheap. Wood and materials alone can cost a small fortune. And well-designed commercial woodworking machines are often so expensive that they are beyond the reach of many home woodworkers. So what's a woodworker to do? Do what Stumpy Nubs does and build your own! In The Homemade Woodshop, James Hamilton, creator of the popular Stumpy Nubs website, shows you how to build woodworking machines for a fraction of the cost of store-bought models--and with more features to boot! You'll discover 12 detailed projects for building precise, durable shop-made machines including: Sliding-top router table that makes joinery safe and easy Multi-function downdraft table that combines dust collection with countless workholding applications Sliding crosscut table that gives your table saw the precision and convenience of a high-end European saw 24" band saw that offers all of the throat capacity of an industrial model in a size that will fit on a benchtop Crosscut "super-sled" that allows you to create box joints, splined miters, tenons and more Table saw workstation that affords you a complete workshop in a 4' x 8' footprint And 7 more! The projects in this book not only save you money, but they allow you to add more features and, ultimately, greater precision and more versatility to the machines in your shop. And let's face it: Having a shop outfitted with machines that you built yourself is just cool.

Woodworking FAQ

Woodworking FAQ Author Spike Carlsen
ISBN-10 9781603428316
Year 2012-04-23
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Storey Publishing

Whether you’re a beginner building your first shelf or an experienced craftsman designing a new gazebo, Spike Carlson has the answers to all of your woodworking questions. You’ll find expert advice on setting up your work area, choosing appropriate tools, working with different types of wood, and building furniture, as well as tips on joinery techniques, custom finishes, and much more. Presenting comprehensive information in a friendly question-and-answer format, Woodworking FAQ is like a master carpenter standing at your elbow ready to help whenever the need arises.

Workshop Idea Book

Workshop Idea Book Author Andy Rae
ISBN-10 9781561588756
Year 2007-10-01
Pages 170
Language en
Publisher Taunton Press

Transform every room in your home without spending a lot of time or money. 52 Weekend Makeovers shows you how, with quick yet stylish projects that can be started -and finished - in a weekend. Fool-proof information means you can complete the project right the first time. Design options accompanying each project allow homeowners to select different materials and finishes or to adjust dimensions and construction details so they can personalise the project to their space. An introductory section explains in detail which tools and materials are needed, how to plan out the project and how to complete the project safely.

Fine Woodworking on Making and Modifying Machines

Fine Woodworking on Making and Modifying Machines Author Fine Woodworking
ISBN-10 1631867636
Year 2016-07-15
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher Taunton Classics

Back by popular demand, these classic woodworking titles from Fine Woodworking magazine are filled with first-rate information that is as timeless now as it was when first published. Here at last is a book that shows you ways to make and modify your own woodshop machines. These are real machines, too, not flimsy toys. There are plans for a tablesaw whose cross-cutting mechanism works better than anything you could buy, a slick long-bed jointer, a way to use a router for thicknessing stock, a boring machine for super-precise joinery, shapers, sanders, and even a foot-powered lathe. In 29 articles reprinted from Fine Woodworking magazine, expert craftsmen explain how they make and modify machinery so it does exactly the job they want it to do. Since it began publication in 1975, Fine Woodworking has written about practically every aspect of the craft. The "Fine Woodworking on..." series organizes many of the articles from the magazine into individual volumes by subject. Each book in this series offers an in-depth look at a particular aspect of woodworking, from the perspective of skilled professional and dedicated amateur woodworkers.

Jigs Fixtures for the Hand Tool Woodworker

Jigs   Fixtures for the Hand Tool Woodworker Author Graham Blackburn
ISBN-10 9781440333408
Year 2014-09-09
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher "F+W Media, Inc."

When traditional woodworkers wanted to improve the speed, accuracy and repeatability of their work, they developed clever jigs and fixtures such as shooting boards, a flexible straight edge and a grasshopper gauge. But the vast majority of these devices disappeared when power tool woodworking took over in the 20th century. Jigs & Fixtures for the Hand Tool Woodworker changes all that. It reintroduces traditional user-made devices, and expands upon those with more recent adaptations, and even some manufactured items. Most of the user-made jigs are simple to construct and use and once you've tried them in your workshop you'll quickly see they will make all the difference between frustration and success in your woodworking.

Danny Proulx s 50 Shop Made Jigs Fixtures

Danny Proulx s 50 Shop Made Jigs   Fixtures Author Danny Proulx
ISBN-10 9781440316234
Year 2006-05-12
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Popular Woodworking Books

Any savvy woodworker knows that the right jigs and fixtures can greatly expand your capabilities and creativity in the shop. In fact, they'll allow you to perform many tasks that a basic table saw, router, drill press, band saw, or other machine simply can't do alone. In this book, woodworking expert Danny Proulx presents a superb collection of woodworking jigs and fixtures that you can make yourself. They'll help you with everything from sawing panels, tenons, and tapers to routing dadoes, arcs, and circles. You'll discover jigs for making better frame-and-panel doors on the router table, and fixtures that will make gluing up miters and other difficult-to-clamp joints a breeze. Among other things, you'll find plans for a band saw fence that adjusts for blade drift, and a jig for quickly aligning your table saw fence. All of these invaluable shop helpers are easy to build from commonly available materials and supplies. You make these jigs, and they'll make you a better woodworker. Count on it.

How to Design and Build Your Ideal Woodshop

How to Design and Build Your Ideal Woodshop Author Bill Stankus
ISBN-10 9781440316159
Year 2001-10-29
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Popular Woodworking Books

Turn your vision of the perfect woodshop into reality! Picture your ideal woodshop: tools neatly stored within the reach, plenty of space for lumber and materials, ample ventilation, lighting and electrical outlets. Everything you need, exactly the way you want it. Whether your woodshop is in the garage, basement, outbuilding, attic or even a closet, you can make the most of your space and bring your ideal woodshop to life. The invaluable advice, layouts and planning tips inside show you how. From space management and tool setup to noise reduction and dust control, Bill Stankus covers every subject in detail. He takes a logical approach to woodshop organization, showing you dozens of ways to achieve optimum efficiency for less time and money. In this completely revised edition, you'll learn how to: Plan your ideal woodshop--everything from lumber storage and ventilation to dust collection and lighting Avoid potential mistakes and injuries with safety-first checklists Make your woodshop environment comfortable and cozy Maximize space with ideas for building mobile storage units and workstations Create useful storage space and the perfect workbench Customize your woodshop, while considering layout and budget issues Seven examples of actual "ideal" workshops, with insights and ideas from the woodworkers who designed them, help illustrate every guideline and tip. You can begin transforming the space you've got into the shop you dream about--quickly, practically and effectively.

Shopmade Jigs and Fixtures

Shopmade Jigs and Fixtures Author Time-Life Books
ISBN-10 0809495082
Year 1994
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Time Life Education

Geared to amateur and intermediate woodworkers, this series covers everything from using a handsaw to refinishing an antique. Full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions show how to perform specific woodworking tasks.

The Foundations of Better Woodworking

The Foundations of Better Woodworking Author Jeff Miller
ISBN-10 9781440321092
Year 2012-11-02
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Popular Woodworking Books

Woodworking with Mind, Body, and Senses What's the secret to producing beautiful furniture that you and your family will treasure for generations? It starts with the fundamentals--those essential, yet often overlooked principles upon which all of your skills should be based. In The Foundations of Better Woodworking, craftsman, teacher and noted woodworking author Jeff Miller clearly lays out these basic concepts, helping you understand: How proper body position and mechanics improve your ability to cut precise joins, as well as add efficiency and safety. Just what it means to cut a line. How the wood works, so you can avoid such problems as tear out, splitting and warping--whether you use hand tools, machinery or both. How woodworking tools actually cut and work, so you learn to use them more easily, effectively and accurately. Follow the advice in this book and you'll build the foundation for making significant advances as a woodworker. Your time in the shop will be more rewarding, and your results more satisfying.

Care and Repair of Shop Machines

Care and Repair of Shop Machines Author John White
ISBN-10 156158424X
Year 2002
Pages 202
Language en
Publisher Taunton Press

Woodshop tools are a major investment -- so it makes sense to keep them in good running order. This book is a complete reference guide for anyone who owns tools and wants to learn how to assemble, tune, maintain and repair them.

The Bandsaw Book

The Bandsaw Book Author Lonnie Bird
ISBN-10 1561582891
Year 1999
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Taunton

The bandsaw is one of the most widely used woodworking tools, found in 3 out 4 home and professional workshops. Although deceptively simple -- a steel blade rotating around two rubber-clad wheels, the bandsaw does its best work when it's tuned properly. Unfortunately, most owner's manuals provided by tool manufacturers are difficult to understand, and the drawings and photos are unclear. In this book, professional woodworker Lonnie Bird gives all the information bandsaw owners wished came in the owner's manual plus much more -- what to look for when buying a bandsaw and how to tune it up for optimal performance. The information is presented in an accessible, easy-to-understand way, making this a quick reference as well as comprehensive handbook. All the information is up-to-date and thoroughly researched. Excellent color photos by the author and a clean, friendly layout gives this book on a classic woodworking subject a fresh modern look. This clearly illustrated and photographed volume will quickly become the standard reference and is a must-have title for any woodworker.

Woodworking For Dummies

Woodworking For Dummies Author Jeff Strong
ISBN-10 9781118053294
Year 2011-03-08
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

You've seen a few shows on TV, and working with wood looks like it could be quite entertaining and rewarding. After all, you get to create something that you can proudly display to your friends and family. But where and how do you begin to move from expressed interest to hands-on experience? Woodworking For Dummies shows you how your raw building materials stack up, with everything you wood need to know about hardwood, softwood, plywood, veneer wood, plain-sawn wood, rift-cut wood, quarter-sawn wood, solid wood, man-made wood, and more. This down-to-earth guide gives you the goods on how boards are made from trees and the characteristics of hardwood and softwood species, plus all the buzz on Gearing up with the right tools Putting safety first in your workshop Using adhesives and glue Working with wood joints Smoothing it out by sanding and filling Adding color with stains and paints Protecting your work with topcoats Whether you want to put together a simple plywood bookcase or an incredible solid oak dining table, Woodworking For Dummies can help you get organized as you craft your plans for a piece that'll reflect your personal touch. You'll discover how to Measure and mark your wood Distinguish among saw designs Choose and use sharpening tools Hone in on hot melt glue Speed things up with modern frame joints Get down to the nitty-gritty on nails Apply water-based polyurethanes This handy reference packs in essential information for the novice woodworker and some advanced tips and tricks to jumpstart any woodworker's existing skills. Includes detailed illustrations and how-to photos.