Breeding and Training Versatile Hunting Dogs for Hunting Hunt Tests

Breeding and Training Versatile Hunting Dogs for Hunting   Hunt Tests Author Bob Farris
ISBN-10 9781940239132
Year 2017-06-06
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Wilderness Adventures Press

Breeding & Training Versatile Hunting Dogs for Hunting & Hunt Tests is the first book covering both breeding and training for your versatile dog for upland bird hunting, waterfowling, shed hunting, blood tracking, along with numerous human interest chapters. This book starts with the most insightful and complete explanation of what a quality breeding program involves: How to breed better dogs, how to achieve genetic diversity, selecting the best stud dog, reading a pedigree including the different breeding coefficients, and how to use Hunt Test information to support breeding decisions. Bob gives outstanding coverage of how to train your dog for a natural ability test and also a utility test. Of the 106 dogs Bob trained/handled in natural ability tests, he earned 81 Prize 1s and of the 49 dogs trained/handled in utility, he earned 15 Prize 1s with all 49 dogs prizing. He has paid his dues in the testing arena and his record speaks for itself. A hunter that sees 80-100 days annually in the field supports his knowledge to training for hunting wild birds. This book gives excellent advice on training your dog for hunting. Bob covers chukar hunting tactics, waterfowling from a blind, duck searches, tracking wounded big game, and off-season shed hunting. You do not want to purchase a versatile pup or plan to test your pup in any of the offered hunt tests without reading this book.

Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting and Home

Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting and Home Author Richard D. Weaver
ISBN-10 0811702596
Year 2007
Pages 116
Language en
Publisher Stackpole Books

Tells how to choose the right breed for your personality and hunting and includes training tips for housebreaking and basic living commands Techniques for introducing the gun, achieving staunchness on point, and advanced field quartering and retrieving Preventing problem behaviors of deer chasing, blinking, gun shyness, hardmouth, short stopping Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting and Home tells how to develop an obedient gun dog that is also an affectionate family companion, with training schedules and advice on everything from handling a newborn pup to teaching advanced field techniques and finely tuned pointing manners. The book presents a simplified, commonsense approach that can be used in its entirety or to troubleshoot individual aspects of your dog's education. Explained is the importance of early obedience training and appropriate transition to the field, including tips for retrieving, quartering, sight pointing, and bird work. With proper care and handling, you can cultivate your pup's natural aptitudes and achieve a rewarding relationship with a healthy, happy gun dog.

Speed Train Your Own Bird Dog

Speed Train Your Own Bird Dog Author Larry Mueller
ISBN-10 0811723046
Year 1990
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Stackpole Books

Offers advice on selecting and caring for a hunting dog, and explains how to train a young dog using food, play and praise to reinforce his conditioning

Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training

Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training Author John Falk
ISBN-10 9781461748977
Year 2006-08-01
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

This classic, practical book on bird dog training is now updated and expanded with material on the latest field-training equipment and live-game training techniques with released quail and recall pens. A useful chapter on the services and guidance offered by organizations for owners, amateur trainers, and those who wish to participate in field trials and other bird dog competitions is also included. The Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training covers all pointing and flushing breeds, and also offers sensible approaches to buying a dog, bringing up a pup, yard and field training, and equipment. In addition, the helpful appendices list recommended books and periodicals, other literature, breed registries, organizations, and suppliers of equipment and accessories to help bird dog owners with all of their training needs. Complete with dozens of instructional photographs throughout, The Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training is a gem of a book that any serious new or veteran owner or trainer of bird dogs should get their hands on.

Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog

Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog Author Bill Tarrant
ISBN-10 0679507507
Year 1977
Pages 186
Language en
Publisher Crown

Expert instructions in the training method of Delmar Smith, winner of ten national championships, are supplmented with photographs of the fine points and problem situations

Tom Dokken s Retriever Training

Tom Dokken s Retriever Training Author Tom Dokken
ISBN-10 9781440224881
Year 2009-06-16
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher F+W Media, Inc.

Hunting Success Begins Here! In Tom Dokken's Retriever Training, America's leading trainer helps you channel your hunting dog's huge ambition so he works for you, the way you want, and does so happily. After using the time-tested methods in Tom Dokken's Retriever Training, you'll have a reliable retriever that: Obeys commands on- and off-leash Retrieves birds to hand Remains steady to shot Quarters and flushes upland game Finds downed birds Takes hand signals

Game Dog

Game Dog Author Richard A. Wolters
ISBN-10 PSU:000032466652
Year 1995-01-01
Pages 207
Language en
Publisher E P Dutton

Now revised, this clear, step-by-step guide shows how to develop any of the popular retriever breeds from a seven-week-old pup into a finished hunting companion. This updated edition includes the use of new training equipment and new findings about a dog's mental development.

The German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer Author David Gowdey
ISBN-10 9780982233009
Year 2008-12-01
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher David Gowdey

Gowdey discusses the history of the breed, selection and care of puppies, and tactics for reading and hunting a pointing dog. This system is designed to help the amateur trainer produce a quality hunting dog and family companion.

Expert Advice on Gun Dog Training

Expert Advice on Gun Dog Training Author David Michael Duffey
ISBN-10 0832904112
Year 1985
Pages 270
Language en
Publisher Academic Learning Company LLC

Ten experts describe their approaches to grooming pointers, retrievers, versatiles, and spaniels for the field

What the Dogs Taught Me

What the Dogs Taught Me Author Scott Linden
ISBN-10 9781620876466
Year 2013
Pages 195
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing Company Incorporated

The creator and host of Wingshooting USA offers advice to hunters of pheasants, grouse and quail to help better train their hunting dogs to improve their efficiency in the sport through respect, communication and maximizing the canines' natural abilities.

Sporting Dog and Retriever Training The Wildrose Way

Sporting Dog and Retriever Training   The Wildrose Way Author Mike Stewart
ISBN-10 0789324466
Year 2012-09-11
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Universe Pub

A guide to training a hunting dog from puppyhood focuses on five key concepts and addresses topics ranging from communicating with the animal to preparing it to encounter any game, terrain, and destination.