Understanding Homosexuality Changing Schools

Understanding Homosexuality  Changing Schools Author Arthur Lipkin
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048949914
Year 1999
Pages 504
Language en

Scholarship on homosexuality, gay and lesbian identities, history, and culture came to universities too late for most elementary and secondary school educators, leaving them unprepared to deal with these subjects. Veteran teacher and university instructor Arthur Lipkin provides a foundation and models for school reform in these areas.

Understanding Homosexuality

Understanding Homosexuality Author David N. Glesne
ISBN-10 1886513953
Year 2005
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Kirk House Publishers

This book is born out of the experience of one ministering in a congregational setting to the joys and sorrows of people struggling with a variety of life issues— including homosexual experiences. The author addresses the critical questions regarding homosexuality from within the setting of the local church and seeks answers that are consistent with Scriptures and historic Christianity.

The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality

The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality Author Joe Dallas
ISBN-10 9780736925075
Year 2010
Pages 501
Language en
Publisher Harvest House Publishers

Many Christians are grasping for an appropriate response to this hot-button issue. The balance between demonstrating the grace and kindness of God and yet acknowledging biblical truth regarding homosexual behavior is a delicate one. But there are answers to this dilemma. It is possible to extend God's love toward those with same-sex attractions. And a first step toward offering hope and support is learning more about homosexuality. These questions and many more are answered in this authoritative and comprehensive guide to homosexuality from a Christian perspective, written by authors who are not only experts on homosexuality but also have the necessary personal experience to bring the compassionate touch of Christ to their research

Living in a Gray World

Living in a Gray World Author
ISBN-10 9780310752318
Year 2015-12-08
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

In today’s world, the topic of homosexuality seems to be part of everyday conversation in the media, in politics, and even inside churches, with pressure to accept one view or the other. And if you’re a Christian teen, there seems to be few easy answers to the issues you regularly encounter, such as: Can you be friends with someone who is gay? What if your sister is a lesbian, or you sometimes wonder if you might be as well? Does the Bible really say homosexuality is wrong? What does God want us to do and say? Preston Sprinkle has encountered these same questions, and as a theologian and a college professor he has dealt with these issues firsthand. Through honest conversation, real-life examples, and biblical research, Sprinkle unpacks what we can know to be true, and how Scripture’s overall message to us today allows us to move forward and find answers that align with God’s intent.

Understanding homosexuality

Understanding homosexuality Author Helen B. McDonald
ISBN-10 0824512154
Year 1993-01
Pages 186
Language en
Publisher Crossroad Publishing Company

Now in paperback--a sensitive introduction to the issues and challenges which most lesbians and gay men encounter at every stage of their lives. "Although intended for counselors, this book is written in a style that can be understood by most readers who want to know more about homosexuality. Recommended".-- ALA Booklist.

Tritiya Prakriti People of the Third Sex

Tritiya Prakriti  People of the Third Sex Author Amara Das Wilhelm
ISBN-10 1453503161
Year 2010-05-18
Pages 184
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex is a collection of years of research into a topic seldom discussed or easily found within the Hindu/Vedic scriptural canon. Based entirely upon authentic Sanskrit references and modern concurring facts, the book guides us through the original Hindu concept of a "third sex" (defined as homosexuals, transgenders and the intersexed), how such people were constructively incorporated into ancient Indian society, and how foreign influences eventually eroded away that noble system. It discusses how this concept can be practically applied in today’s modern world, the importance of all-inclusiveness in human society, and the spiritual principle of learning to transcend material designations altogether. Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex will be a valuable source of reference for anyone interested in Hindu/LGBTI studies whether they are newcomers to the field or seasoned veterans of Vedic knowledge. It offers a veritable treasure trove of fresh information and ideas that will likely challenge the reader to rediscover and rethink Hinduism’s traditional understanding and treatment of gay, lesbian, and other gender-variant people within its culture. "The recognition of a third sex in ancient India and Hinduism is highly relevant in many ways. Our own modern-day society has only recently begun to understand sexual orientation, transgender identity, and intersex conditions, and our legal and social systems are just beginning to catch up with and accommodate such people in a fair and realistic way . . . yet ancient India had already addressed and previously resolved this issue many thousands of years ago in the course of its own civilization ́s development. Indeed, there is much we can learn from ancient India ́s knowledge regarding the recognition and accommodation of a 'third sex' within society." -Amara Das Wilhelm "In India there is a system where such people (the third sex) have their own society, and whenever there is some good occasion like marriage or childbirth, they go there and pray to God that this child may be very long living." -A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada "Gay and lesbian people have always been a part of society from Vedic times to our postmodern times. They should be accepted for what they are in terms of their sexual orientation and encouraged like everyone else to pursue spiritual life." -B.V. Tripurari Swami "Initially, I did not really allow myself to go deep in trying to understand the third sex. I figured that this was necessary only for those who are insensitive, arrogant and fundamentalist . . . who think that they are compassionate and tolerant while basically being superficial and even condescending. It is quite amazing how most of us can be so prejudiced about so many things and not even know it . . . .I thank you and several others for your compassion and for your tolerance in making efforts to educate your Godfamily, so that we can be more authentic servants of the servant." -H.H. Bhakti Tirtha Swami

Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ

Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ Author A. Dean Byrd
ISBN-10 1555175554
Year 2001-01-01
Pages 110
Language en
Publisher Cedar Fort

This helpful guide is the most comprehensive collection of statements by LDS leaders on the issue of same-sex attraction.# the book is designed to help readers gain a thorough perspective on the subject.# the author provides an overview of the scientific research that argues in favor of the compassionate position taken on this topic by the LDS Church.Understanding Homosexuality According to the Doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Understanding Theology and Homosexuality in African American Communities

Understanding Theology and Homosexuality in African American Communities Author Sana Loue
ISBN-10 9781461490029
Year 2013-10-24
Pages 107
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

​Understanding Theology and Homosexuality in African-American Communities focuses specifically on helping mental professionals understand the scriptural and historical bases for the negative stance of some African American churches towards same-sex relations, and how that understanding is relevant within the context of mental health care. It provides a summary of the relevant professional literature and examples from clinical practice and/or research. This Brief is a basic reference for social workers, psychologists, counselors and other mental health professionals engaged in direct practice with African American clients and families.

Coming Out Straight

Coming Out Straight Author Richard Cohen
ISBN-10 1886939772
Year 2005-02-28
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher OakHill Press

Everyone knows someone with a homosexual orientation: a neighbor, co-worker, relative or friend. "Coming Out Straight" sheds light on a long misunderstood subject. Questions such as what causes same-sex attractions and how one can transition from gay to straight are addressed. Illustrated by those who successfully transitioned, this book is engrossing, illuminating, and for many, an answer to their prayers. Although it may create controversy, it is destined to heal many lives - a loved one...or maybe yours!

Understanding Male Homosexual Problems

Understanding Male Homosexual Problems Author Jason Park
ISBN-10 UOM:39015055925344
Year 1997-01-01
Pages 48
Language en
Publisher Century Publishing (UT)

Help for Those who Struggle with Unwanted Homosexual Problems This booklet presents an understanding of male homosexuality in the context of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It dispels the myth that homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable. The author knows this first-hand because he has experienced such changes in his own life. The booklet focuses on understanding and resolving the inner conflicts that underlie the homosexual struggle. The homosexual impulse will not disappear until the legitimate emotional needs are met. Meeting these legitimate emotional needs is the key to the healing process. The solution to homosexual attractions is not to simply suppress the feelings and control the behavior through willpower. The goal is to resolve the inner conflicts that created the homosexual attractions. Although homosexual behavior can be stopped in the short term by exercising willpower, the unmet emotional and social needs won't go away until they are fulfilled in nonsexual ways. As men resolve the underlying causes, the unwanted impulses will diminish or disappear. This booklet summarizes the information from the books Resolving Homosexual Problems: A Guide for LDS Men and Helping LDS Men Resolve their Homosexual Problems: A Guide for Family, Friends, and Church Leaders.