What the Buddha Taught

What the Buddha Taught Author Walpola Rahula
ISBN-10 0802198104
Year 2007-12-01
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

This comprehensive, compact, lucid, and faithful account of the Buddha’s teachings persistently enjoys great popularity in colleges, universities, and theological schools both here and abroad. “An exposition of Buddhism conceived in a resolutely modern spirit.”—from the Foreword. “For years,” says the Journal of the Buddhist Society, “the newcomer to Buddhism has lacked a simple and reliable introduction to the complexities of the subject. Dr. Rahula’s What the Buddha Taught fills the need as only could be done by one having a firm grasp of the vast material to be sifted. It is a model of what a book should be that is addressed first of all to ‘the educated and intelligent reader.’ Authoritative and clear, logical and sober, this study is as comprehensive as it is masterly.” A classic introductory book to Buddhism, What the Buddha Taught, contains a selection of illustrative texts from the original Pali texts, including the Suttas and the Dhammapada (specially translated by the author), sixteen illustrations, and a bibliography, glossary, and index.

What the Buddha Taught

What the Buddha Taught Author Walpola Rahula
ISBN-10 9781780740003
Year 2014-01-07
Pages 184
Language en
Publisher Oneworld Publications

This clear and informative guide draws on the words spoken by the Buddha to convey the true nature of Buddhist wisdom. It also features an illustrative section of texts from the Suttas and the Dhammapada, a glossary of Buddhist terms and an up-to-date bibliography.

In the Buddha s Words

In the Buddha s Words Author Bodhi
ISBN-10 9780861714919
Year 2005-07-28
Pages 485
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

The works of the Buddha can feel vast, and it is sometimes difficult for even longtime students to know where to look, especially since the Buddha never explicitly defined the framework behind his teachings. Designed to provide just such a framework, In the Buddha's Words is an anthology of the Buddha's works that has been specifically compiled by a celebrated scholar and translator. For easy reference, the book is arrayed in ten thematic sections ranging from "The Human Condition" to "Mastering the Mind" to "The Planes of Realization." Each section comes with introductions, notes, and essays to help beginners and experts alike draw greater meaning from the Buddha's words. The book also features a general introduction by the author that fully lays out how and why he has arranged the Buddha's teachings in this volume. This thoughtful compilation is a valuable resource for both teachers and those who want to read the Buddha on their own.

What the Buddha Never Taught

What the Buddha Never Taught Author Tim Ward
ISBN-10 9781782792024
Year 2013-08-30
Pages 321
Language en
Publisher Changemakers Books

There is still a place in the jungles of Thailand, where you can leave it all behind... A cult classic and bestseller in the 1990s, What the Buddha Never Taught is a humorous “behind the robes” account of life inside one of the strictest jungle monasteries in Southeast Asia. In Pahnanachat, the monks keep the 227 rules laid down by the Buddha, including refraining from all killing. But how does a foreign monk cope with cobra in the outhouse, or the temptation of a Mars Bar in his begging bowl? Find out, in this newly reincarnated 20th anniversary edition, with a new introduction by the author and a new foreword by Wade Davis.


Buddhism Author Kevin Trainor
ISBN-10 0195173988
Year 2004
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

In this strikingly illustrated and authoritative volume, readers have an introduction to one of the world's greatest living faiths. 200 color photos, maps & drawings.

Essential Buddhism

Essential Buddhism Author Jack Maguire
ISBN-10 0671041886
Year 2001-06-01
Pages 262
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

A comprehensive overview of the Buddhist religion discusses the tenets, concepts, and practices of Theraveda, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhism and incorporates a variety of Buddhist stories, Scripture, insights, and more. Original.

An Introduction to Buddhism

An Introduction to Buddhism Author Peter Harvey
ISBN-10 9780521859424
Year 2013
Pages 521
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Extensively revised and updated, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the development of Buddhism in Asia and the West.

The Noble Eightfold Path

The Noble Eightfold Path Author Bhikkhu Bodhi
ISBN-10 9789552401169
Year 2010-12-01
Pages 148
Language en
Publisher Buddhist Publication Society

The Buddha's teachings center around two basic principles. One is the Four Noble Truths, in which the Buddha diagnoses the problem of suffering and indicates the treatment necessary to remedy this problem. The other is the Noble Eightfold Path, the practical discipline he prescribes to uproot and eliminate the deep underlying causes of suffering. The present book offers, in simple and clear language, a concise yet thorough explanation of the Eightfold Path. Basing himself solidly upon the Buddha's own words, the author examines each factor of the path to determine exactly what it implies in the way of practical training. Finally, in the concluding chapter, he shows how all eight factors of the path function in unison to bring about the realization of the Buddhist goal: enlightenment and liberation.

Being Good

Being Good Author Hsing Yun
ISBN-10 9781932293340
Year 2009
Pages 195
Language en
Publisher Buddha's Light Publishing

Being Good invites readers to consider what it means to lead a good life. In this collection of essays, Venerable Master Hsing Yun offers practical advice on specific moral and ethical issues, using passages from the Buddhist scriptures as points of departure for his discussions.Topics include controlling the body and speech, overcoming greed, ending anger, having patience under insult, getting along with others, as well as what it means to practice Buddhism, and the joys and blessings that can come from that practice.

Buddhism and Law

Buddhism and Law Author Rebecca Redwood French
ISBN-10 9780521515795
Year 2014-07-28
Pages 408
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

This volume challenges the concept of Buddhism as an apolitical religion without implications for law.

Mah y na Buddhism

Mah  y  na Buddhism Author Paul Williams
ISBN-10 0415025370
Year 1989
Pages 317
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

Originating in India, Mahayana Buddhism spread to Central Asia, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Japan and other countries of East Asia. In Tibet and East Asia, Mahayana eventually became the prevalent form of Buddhism. Western interest in Mahayana has increased considerably over the last twenty-five years, reflected both in the quantity of scholarly material produced and also in the attraction of Westerners towards Tibetan Buddhism and r augThis book aims to provide in one volume an up-to-date and accurate account of the principles of Mahayana Buddhism as they are found in both the Indo-Tibetan and East Asian forms of Mahayana. It seeks to introduce and reflect some of the recent scholarly work in the field, and in particular the book is concerned to convey the diversity and richness of Mahayana Buddhism, a diversity which prevents any attempt at simple definition.

A Buddhist Bible

A Buddhist Bible Author Dwight Goddard
ISBN-10 9788892658486
Year 2017-04-06
Language en
Publisher Youcanprint

Another fundamental guide to the Buddhist philosophy and conception of Buddhist philosophy and understanding of the world. Microcosmos and Macrocosmos.

To See the Buddha

To See the Buddha Author Malcolm David Eckel
ISBN-10 0691037736
Year 1994
Pages 262
Language en
Publisher Princeton University Press

Boston University Professor Malcolm David Eckel takes us on a contemporary quest to discover the essential meaning behind the Buddha's many representations. Eckel shows that the dimensions of early Indian Buddhism--popular art, conventional piety, and critical philosophy--all work together to express the same religious yearning for the fullness of emptiness that Buddha conveys.

The Dhammapada

The Dhammapada Author Gil Fronsdal
ISBN-10 9781590306062
Year 2008-01-11
Pages 146
Language en
Publisher Shambhala Publications

The Dhammapada is the most revered sacred text in the Buddhist world. Attributed to the Buddha himself, the inspirational verses that comprise it convey the fundamental Buddhist teachings with great power and simplicity, and with an appeal that extends far beyond Buddhism. As a scholar, meditator, and Dharma teacher, Gil Fronsdal offers a depth of appreciation and reverence for the text that is informed by both academic rigor and the sincerity born from years of spiritual practice.

The Art of Living

The Art of Living Author William Hart
ISBN-10 9781928706731
Year 2011-01-01
Pages 161
Language en
Publisher Pariyatti

This is the classic introduction to Vipassana meditation: a full-length study of the teaching of S. N. Goenka, prepared under his guidance and with his approval. Useful for meditators and non-meditators alike. This was the first book to appear in English that accurately describes the practice of Vipassana at length for the general reader. It includes stories by Goenkaji as well as answers to students questions that convey a vivid sense of his teaching.